Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 793

Mei Zhushuang sword unexpectedly accepted the challenge. Actually is they do not accept challenge, the poisonous gate old monster also takes them not to have the means finally, because their person are many, moreover Mei Zhushuang the sword and south of the Yangtze River ten old are topest Expert. If their 12 people collaborate, that poisonous gate old monster share that only then escapes. Moreover poisonous gate old monster reputation is not very good, so long as the south of the Yangtze River ten old say again, everybody will agree finally also makes the bamboo double sword work as this hegemon, but is not the poisonous gate is old. After all the reputation of Mei Zhushuang sword is very good, but poisonous gate old monster reputation that was misses to not side. Stops at no evil simply. If this person becomes the hegemon, everybody did not tow at heart on the contrary, if he bumped into the demon respect building time directly what to do ran? Moreover he definitely will misappropriate treasure finally! Although who has the opportunity to obtain treasure definitely to misappropriate. However here person definitely has leaving things to chance. Thinks that the honest public figure will speak Jianghu morality and justice. But now Mei Zhushuang the sword complied with the poisonous gate old monster challenge, that this war was avoidless. Good, is refreshed enough, I already heard that the skill of Mei Zhushuang sword was very strong, today I must experience actually.” Poisonous gate old monster excited saying, his sound just fell, in both hands has two centipedes to depart. These two centipedes a moment ago of poisonous gate big Senior Brother use, but poisonous gate old monster centipede is bigger, the speed is faster. Puff! Mei Zhushuang a sword person of sword, cuts off the poisonous gate old monster centipede directly. But at this moment, in within the body of centipede has projected two green lines, these green lines are the blood of centipede.

This blood corrosiveness is very strong, moreover it after poisonous gate old monster meticulous care, violently poisonous incomparable. Mei Zhushuang the sword is unhurriedly, their sword cusp in the same place, both sides fast retreat, has evaded the blood of centipede, what they use is rebounds the strength that. Kill! Afterward long sword direct thorns in two people of hand are old to the poisonous gate, their swordsmanship are very exquisite, blocks the poisonous gate old monster escape route completely. Good quick sword!” Xia Tian sat slowly. Puff! The shoulders have scratched the poisonous gate old monster arm directly. Quite fierce, fights one round, poisonous gate old monster unexpectedly was injured.” Worthily is Mei Zhushuang the sword, the poisonous gate old monster was also considered as is resounding big figure, but he and Mei Zhushuang the sword fought just round injured.” Quite fierce.” Following these person of surprised saying. In the crowd two brow slightly wrinkles, they are the Profound Grade greatly complete strengths. That two women lost!” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, if to putting together the strength, the poisonous gate old strangely independent combat may not win, the strength of Mei Zhushuang sword is Profound Grade greatly is all complete, their two have swordsmanship of one set of jointly attacking, uses this swordsmanship, it can be said that under Earth Grade does not have the rival. How do you know?” That black silk female whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian to ask, she naturally also knows that Mei Zhushuang the sword must lose, but this is reason that because she grows up side the master since childhood. She knows that the master has a secret weapon, a moment ago in her master attacked instance, that secret weapon was successful.

Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The poisonous gate old monster said with a smile suddenly loudly: It seems like the Mei Zhu double sword in legend is also mediocre.” Hears poisonous gate old monster words, the people under stage thinks that he was insane, unexpectedly will say such words, he one round had been wounded obviously, but also dares to say such words. But they discovered that Mei Zhushuang the sword maintained this posture three seconds. Afterward their two have taken back their sword: Mean!” Mean what does this have? All people know that I with the toxin, I just have used my skill.” Poisonous gate old monster very natural saying. Poisonous gate is old, quickly hands over the antidote, your this method was too mean, does not match to work as the hegemon.” The south of the Yangtze River ten old people stand angry shouting. I have won, why couldn't I work as the hegemon? No matter I use any method, winner you should understand for the truth of king.” Saying that the poisonous gate old monster disdains, he already expected these people definitely to lose does not acknowledge mistakes: Also matches to call chivalrous person on you? Had said the words do not dare to cash, you such quickly lost to me, that faced the demon respect building time, what did you depend on to go to the ratio? You will not always make the demon respect building also hardly spell with you!” Mei Zhushuang the sword was said by the poisonous gate old monster words at heart. We admit defeat!” Mei Zhushuang the sword understands that they do not lose on Martial Arts, but lost in the general idea. If they continue to pester, that will only lose their reputation. Good! This is the antidote!” The poisonous gate old saw strangely Mei Zhushuang the sword admitted defeat, has thrown the antidote directly. Mei Zhushuang the sword specially cares about the reputation, therefore they from now on will definitely not renege on a promise. Poisonous gate immortal, Martial Arts hegemon!” The disciple of poisonous gate shouts loudly. Poisonous gate old monster face happy expression looks at the following these people, the feeling of he at this time ten shares by this feeling, this type flattered is very crisp, moreover this time his unexpectedly must sit the position of Martial Arts hegemon.

Regardless of then this time he can obtain the white tiger abstention, his reputation will make a sound China. Mei Zhushuang the sword from stage, has stood below directly, since they admitted defeat, naturally cannot sit in the above that position again. Snort!” The south of the Yangtze River ten old are also cold snort one, together has stepped down. the stage The poisonous gate old monster has not cared. Also has the person to come out to challenge my? If no, the position of this Martial Arts hegemon were my, when the time comes I will get rid to cope with the demon respect building personally.” Poisonous gate old monster excited saying, copes with the demon respect building is just a pretence, his true goal or white tiger abstention. So long as he obtained the white tiger abstention, can perhaps obtain the strength in legend. If white tiger abstains looks like in legend to be so fierce, he will turn into China fourth largest Expert, thinks of here him specially excitedly. Demon respect building is my!” At this moment the coldly sound reached in the ears of all people together. What person?” The poisonous gate old monster complexion changes, looks to the surroundings that his unexpectedly had not discovered person who that speech in, this showed that opposite party strength cannot be underestimated absolutely. I above you!” All people all follow that sound to look to above, right, there this time really sat a person, at the back of the man of great sword, but why did nobody discover his existence a moment ago? „Who are you?” The poisonous gate old frowns to look that asked strangely to that person. Bang! That person of body fell on the stage directly. Southern Kill Wei Guang disciple, Chen azure!”