Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 794

Southern Kill Wei Guang disciple. Time all people who hears these characters were all shocked. Southern Kill Wei Guang. This is China one of the four big Expert, Expert in legend, so long as is the name that the person of practicing martial art all knows. The celebrity in celebrity. If these south of the Yangtze River ten old, Mei Zhushuang the sword and poisonous gate old monster are the star in Expert, then Wei Guang is the well-known Son of Heaven. But the celebrity in this legend, no, was disciple unexpectedly of celebrity arrived here. Humph! The scene blasted out directly. All people all could not control their mood. Of disciples China four big Expert, I have not misunderstood, my unexpectedly saw of disciples China four big Expert, was really too lucky, moreover was the Southern Kill Wei Guang disciple.” Southern Kill Wei Guang unexpectedly has the disciple, was really too extraordinary, certainly was Quicksand inside talent rank figure, had the opportunity becomes the Wei Guang disciple.” Certainly was the Quicksand person, how otherwise possibly became the Wei Guang disciple.” The following person whoops, all people cannot conceal surprised on face, Xia Tian on tree also jumped down, when he hears Wei Guang disciple these characters, he soon could not control his mood. The Wei Guang disciple, Wei Guang unexpectedly also has the disciple.

Between he and Wei Guang does not die the continuous scene. Now he saw the Wei Guang disciple, how possibly to let off. I am not the Quicksand person, although I am the Southern Kill Wei Guang disciple, but I have not joined Quicksand.” That man hears the following words, saying of coldly. Wei Guang unexpectedly looked for one not to join the Quicksand person to work as the disciple. „Do you come to here to do?” The poisonous gate old deeps frown strangely. I heard that the demon respect building must come to here, therefore joined in the fun.” That male very optional saying. „Are you friend in demon respect building?” The poisonous gate looks at the man old strangely vigilantly, the following person also all was instantaneous retreat several steps. No, do not misunderstand, I am not the friend in demon respect building, he must kill in the list to arrange second in me.” That man beckoned with the hand. Hearing must kill the list time, the following person relaxed, but the poisonous gate old may not be happy that strangely, he now was half hegemon, suddenly rushed out such a person to come, he could not master any meaning. Moreover this person or Southern Kill Wei Guang disciple. Most main his unexpectedly said that the demon respect building is one of people he must kill, now the following all people understand that the demon Venerable is the match of hegemon, but the hegemon is just is responsible for blocking the demon Venerable, when the time comes all people on, kill the demon Venerable together. But now this male kills Wei Guang disciple Chen azure unexpectedly saying that he must kill the demon respect building, the meaning in this saying is not he must work as the hegemon. Meanwhile everybody also has doubts another issue. Demon respect building such Expert unexpectedly in he must kill the list to arrange second, who is that platoon in the first outcome?

„Does demon respect building arrange second? Who arranges first?” Below has the People sound to shout. Arranges first named Xia Tian.” Saying that Southern Kill Wei Guang disciple Chen azure has not concealed slightly, reason that he regards Xia Tian must kill in the list to arrange the first reason is Xia Tian is the Yin Nie disciple, with his master is the Senior Brother younger brother, moreover is the inborn sworn enemy, next Xia Tian or the China four big Expert Western Hidden Xia Tianlong sons, the status is also coordinated with him. The Xia Tian recent reputation is not in addition small, unexpectedly was killed by him including Quicksand Yin Fu . Although Chen azure is not the Quicksand person, however the Quicksand person has a kindness to him, therefore he must be Yin Fu revenges. Xia Tian!!” This name also likes thunder reverberating in one's ears now. Because of the homicide Quicksand Yin Fu , therefore became famous overnight. Demon respect building, but the match of future hegemon, wants to fighting the demon respect building must be a hegemon, if now nobody challenges the poisonous demon to be old, he was a hegemon.” At this moment, the south of the Yangtze River under stage ten old shout suddenly loudly. Hears the south of the Yangtze River ten old words, the poisonous gate old has criticized one strangely, he most is worried some people said this. Although he does not know that actually this Chen azure is the person of any rank, but can become the Southern Kill Wei Guang disciple, the strength affirmation did not miss. „, Such being the case, I worked as this hegemon to be good.” Chen azure very optional saying, as if the position of this hegemon regarding him casually can bring to be the same. Kid, looks in the face of your master, I am willing to feel embarrassed you, you get down.” The poisonous gate old monster reminder said. Does not need to look in the face of my master, there is any skill to come!” Chen azure right hand has put out a great sword from back directly, this great sword length one meter five, 50 cms in width. The thickness also more than 20 centimeters, seem very unwieldy. This weapon people first seeing, when he places on the great sword that platform, the platform was penetrated directly, if not he holds on the great sword, the great sword directly fell to the platform under.

This platform temporarily builds with the blockhead. Cannot withstand the might of Chen azure that great sword, his great sword not only heavy, but also exceptionally sharp. Good, I teach you for your Master!” The poisonous gate old monster also put out two from behind to is the armed forces punctures the same weapon, but these two weapons puncture the armed forces are longer. My master does not need others to teach the disciple for him, I reminded your first, do not meet my sword hardly, otherwise I cannot guarantee that you can be killed by my sword.” Chen azure reminded. Although his words in the reminder of good intention, but others listen to his words very extremely arrogantly, the especially poisonous gate old listened to Chen azure words strangely, felt that Chen azure is insulting him. He is Profound Grade greatly complete Expert, although he is not good at wrestling, but no matter what he was also one becomes famous for a long time Expert, but opposite party unexpectedly so was looking down upon him. Said that a sword can solve him. Snort! The big tone, I meet your sword to try why not!” Poisonous gate old monster cold snort, he has thought that he must kill this not to know the profound brat with the toxicant instantaneously, although cannot kill, but he must teach the opposite party well. Yeah, did not listen to advice, my God Que Ke was no one can block.” Chen azure sighed holds up day Que sword in right hand afterward single-handed, directly to thinking the poisonous gate old cuts strangely. The poisonous gate old has been ready strangely! He believes that he can block of opposite party absolutely. Bang! In the day Que Za when poisonous gate old monster hand weapon, old pounded to fly the poisonous gate vigorously directly strangely, the armed forces in his hand punctured directly are also broken by smashing with stone.