Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 795

Strikes! Has merely strikes! The poisonous gate old monster was ended oppressively. All people have all been shocked, this Chen is azure Earth Grade Expert? How or possibly to strike old strangely defeats the poisonous gate, this was also too terrifying. Such strength has gone beyond the expectations of all people. Humph! All people have all held breath cold air. Defeated! Poisonous gate old monster unexpectedly struck has defeated, this simply was too inconceivable.” Mei Zhushuang the sword defeated in the poisonous gate old monster hand, but this Chen azure unexpectedly move defeated the poisonous gate to be old, really worthily was the China four big Expert disciples.” Although the poisonous gate old wins Mei Zhushuang the sword strangely time is a little mean, but his in any case is also Profound Grade greatly complete Expert, how so to collapse at the first blow?” Following person all by Chen Qing's strength deep shock. Puff! A blood spouts from poisonous gate old monster! Master!” Poisonous gate big Senior Brother and the others ran over hurriedly, old held eight to lift the big sedan the poisonous gate strangely. The poisonous gate old monster puts out under a compounded drug clothing hurriedly: Has remembered to me, later do not offend him.” Chen Qingying. The poisonous gate always blames the defeat, moreover was frightened, before the poisonous gate old is strange, has thought Expert of any rank wanted to him the opportunity, that must die without doubt, but his unexpectedly is given to defeat one move now. Chen azure has shouted on the shoulder famous sword day Que Kang loudly: Also who?” His entire air/Qi field is suddenly full.

I! I!” When all people think he became the hegemon, some below people shout suddenly, hear this sound everybody to look that to person who that shouted. „Were you insane?” Silk stockings female complexion changes, including her master by Insta-kill, this fellow unexpectedly also had been dared on. Xia Tian! The person of speech is Xia Tian. Had few people to know Xia Tian a moment ago, although nobody knew him to name, but he truly met the poisonous gate old monster fist to be all right a moment ago. However saw person who that fight has a small part, most people do not know Xia Tian. The south of the Yangtze River ten old and Mei Zhushuang sword and the others do not know Xia Tian. You?” Chen azure vision took a fast look around on Xia Tian, has not discovered any special place, moreover Xia Tian seemed too young, even also took young young compared with him, person who he thought below 30 non- rivals. The talent in talent, but currently unexpectedly has one to challenge him compared with he also young person. Em, is I.” Xia Tian walks toward front directly. All people started to admire his courage, clear(ly) knows that the opposite party was so fierce, unexpectedly also dares to come up the challenge. „Who is he? Also dares to come up the challenge facing such powerful enemy unexpectedly, was he insane?” No, he may be Expert.” Right, he is Expert, I saw him to catch a poisonous gate old monster fist a moment ago.” The following these people whoop, but some people saw the Xia Tian strength a moment ago, therefore he thinks that Xia Tian certainly is Expert. The south of the Yangtze River ten old and Mei Zhushuang the sword deeps frown, they have not thought that today unexpectedly has brought in these many youth talents, came Southern Kill Wei Guang disciple Chen azure a moment ago, now unexpectedly came a young young fellow. Suddenly all people all anticipate looks to Xia Tian. Xia Tian stride walks toward that platform. The platform has one meter five altitude, does not have the staircase, because here person is Expert, one meter five altitude regarding them is not anything.

Quick, Xia Tian before the people anticipated in the vision arrived. The people were all waiting for looked he comes up with any qing gong. The Xia Tian vision looked in the surroundings, then flexure scratching the head, looked up to Chen azure on stage: Hey, throws two stools to me.” Em?” Chen azure has doubts looks to Xia Tian. He does not understand that what meaning Xia Tian is, for the stool that Mei Zhushuang the sword does want? However when he comes kicked two stools directly, his footwork was very good, placing of two stool entire simultaneously in the front of Mei Zhushuang sword, Mei Zhushuang sword appreciation looked to Xia Tian, they also think that Xia Tian for the stool that they wanted. When Mei Zhushuang the sword must sit the stool. Hey, do you want to do? The buttocks so are how big, this stool is I wants.” Xia Tian very discontented saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, on two faces one red, their unexpectedly original work was sentimental, stool that they thought Xia Tian for their two wanting a moment ago, but has not thought that their unexpectedly has misunderstood, moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly uses that coarse glossary they. On the face of Mei Zhushuang sword has written all over disgruntledly. Xia Tian took two stools directly, all people all puzzled looked to him. Saw only Xia Tian to place another above of stool a stool, a stool probably was 60 centimeters, two stools were one meter two, his such thousands of staring eyes has stepped in the stool, like this he was away from the platform to have 30 inside altitudes. „!” A fate hiss piece. They were look at Xia Tian that the whole face anticipated a moment ago, anticipated that what qing gong he can use, but now their thorough was disappointed, Xia Tian unexpectedly stepped on the stool to come to power. My Fuck! silk stockings female has covered her face, she was unable to continue watching. Disgraced, the Xia Tian procedure was really too disgraced. Actually she could not master Xia Tian how to catch that fist of her master really a moment ago.

shit, did this also call Expert? Are you flickering I? His unexpectedly steps in the stool, was really too disgraced.” Volume, a moment ago was not such, was my admitting mistakes person?” Certainly was your admitting mistakes person, such person perhaps did not have including the Yellow Grade Initial Stage strength.” Surrounding person very discontented saying, they think this can be a war, finally this fellow pure is two B. Chen azure on stage also collapsed. Just started him not to understand that actually this young boy wanted the stool to do, but he understood now, unexpectedly must step on the stool to come to power. Xia Tian crawled for a half minute to step on the above of stool, moreover he half of the day had not jumped there gesture. Jumps, less than 30 centimeters distance you have not dared to jump.” Following person discontented saying. Jumps jumps!” Xia Tian suddenly jumps, one jumped. Bang! His body unexpectedly knocked in the arena edge, half body in the below of arena, 30 centimeters distance, his unexpectedly has not jumped, sees only Xia Tian the both arms to support the edge in arena now. Bit by bit crawled. The time of crawling, he lay down above the arena directly: Died of exhaustion me, had red cow anything, making me supplement stamina.”