Almighty Student - Volume 8 - Chapter 797

This all shocked all people. Southern Kill Wei Guang apprentice Chen azure defeated the poisonous gate to be old with this sword a moment ago, but this sword unexpectedly double was referred to by Xia Tian at this time directly gripping. A same sword! Two finger unexpectedly can grip famous sword day error. This can only describe with the shock, below all of a sudden complete silence. Xia Tian that a moment ago looked down upon, unexpectedly only uses two fingers to grip Chen azure the sword now. That two fingers look like supporting-heaven pillar are also at this time same. Let the person seem feels the infinite pressure. The right hand double refers to! Had Xia Tian of giant silkworm glove naturally to believe that his strength, he directly used the right hand double to refer to gripping famous sword day error. How is this possible?” Chen azure whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, he is very self-confident to his strength, he has not thought that some people of unexpectedly can grip his day error with two fingers. This regarding the matter that him is unable to understand simply, this has surpassed his cognition completely. This. This. His unexpectedly is really Expert.” Black silk female eyes stare in a big way. Quite fierce!” South of the Yangtze River ten old all with total concentration looks on the stage. How does finger possibly grip famous sword day error?” Deeping frown of Mei Zhushuang sword, they to the present thought that this is a dream is probably same, is not real, this has given to shake completely them. I said that definitely possibly is not I makes a mistake, his unexpectedly so is really fierce, no wonder my toxin has not had an effect to him.” The poisonous gate old monster deeply inspired, saw that Chen azure sword was gripped by Xia Tian, his is quite at heart crisp, after all he defeated a moment ago really loses face. Let that Chen Qingke cow B go bad, now was good, a same sword, unexpectedly direct Xia Tian gripping. I am not will be having a dream, I noticed probably Chen azure sword was used two fingers to give to grip, this matter is how possible, I quickly reminded that awakes.”

I am also having a dream, this matter is unlikely.” But did I see? Are we having a dream?” These people have pinched themselves, they discovered that is hurts, in other words, they are are not having a dream, present all these unexpectedly real, Chen azure sword unexpectedly was used two fingers to give to grip. This sword a moment ago directly a sword that the poisonous gate old wounded strangely. The poisonous gate always blamed big figure also to be given to solve by a Chen Qing's sword like this, but at this time the person unexpectedly on stage only with two fingers this sword gripping, this is unscientific. Famous sword day error is sharp, do not say that pointed , the giant stone can also cut open. Moreover Chen azure added very big strength on the sword, does not cut off, that formidable strength shook also the finger of person breaking. But now this on pendulum in everybody at present. Although they many are not willing to believe this real, but is beyond control they not to believe now, because the present all these too have really exaggerated, exaggeration keeps them from saying a word. Is Chen azure of litigant does not know that should say any was good. Yeah, is really bored, below, do you have the liquor and meat?” Xia Tian loosened Chen azure sword, then turns head to look to the person under stage. I have the liquor!” A person has thrown the liquor directly. I have the roast duck!” Another person has thrown the meat, Xia Tian both hands meet, opens directly eats! Now elects the hegemon at the martial arts contest. Very serious time, but his unexpectedly has eaten directly, the left hand is taking the roast duck, the right hand drinking foreign wine. Wild! Xia Tian was really too wild.

He such does is disregarding Chen azure simply. Who Chen is azure? Of Southern Kill Wei Guang China four big Expert apprentices, a famous sword ju que move in his hand defeated the poisonous gate to be old, moreover he is very young, can say that he now is youth one generation of leading figure. But at this time unexpectedly has one person who he is younger, with double referred to gripped his famous sword ju que. Is that eats that person who the roast duck is drinking on the stage. Top Grade! Xia Tian is Top Grade in legend, looks that all people who he eats were not cruel enough to break him. Actually are you who?” Chen azure turns the head to look that asked to Xia Tian. Xia Tian stopped the movement in hand, has shown a charming posture, then flings the hair: Do not be infatuated with Elder Brother, Elder Brother is only a legend.” Volume! Falls one piece. The person under stage instantaneously by his thunder but actually a big piece. Quick, he was satiated with food and wine. Xia Tian will wear the eye-shade on left eye to pick: „After this thing, can keep act high and mighty to use.” „Do you hit?” Chen azure looks angrily to Xia Tian, he is angry now, his unexpectedly by one compared with he also young person gripping sword, this regarding him is the shame, moreover opposite party unexpectedly, when competes with him eats the thing to drink, this simply is to his disregarding. Xia Tian is optional, his exceed is angry. Because Expert to war, both sides may very attach great importance, then optional situation, only then copes with strength low time will appear. Now Xia Tian copes with Chen azure time, is very optional.

Hits, the Wei Guang apprentice naturally must hit, moreover I may have a grudge with Wei Guang, therefore you must be careful, incautiously be not killed by me.” Xia Tian very extremely arrogant saying. Snort! Extremely arrogant!” Great sword in Chen azure hand pats directly to Xia Tian! Day error are least also 70-80 jin (0.5 kg) weights, is this time day error in Chen azure hand, seems a wooden club equally is light. Day Que sword is vigorous and resolute! Above has strong striking power. The Xia Tian left leg moves slightly, his body has shunted the opposite party at strange a very angle the strikes. Chen azure strikes has not gone well fast changes incurs, punctures once more to Xia Tian. The right foot of this Xia Tian moves, has shunted the opposite party with ease the strikes. As soon as they attack hide. An attack speed, might is fast greatly strengthened, another Movement Technique is exquisite, fends with ease. Good exquisite Movement Technique, I felt that he probably is an immortal is now same, walks walks with light.” His unexpectedly is so fierce, Chen azure in 20 seconds unexpectedly punctured several hundred swords, but that person unexpectedly can also so relaxed fending.” Normal person one second punctured a sword to be considered as on is a skilled person, but Chen azure unexpectedly can one second puncture eight swords, worthily was the Southern Kill Wei Guang apprentice.” Following person very surprised, at this time the two on stage are Expert in Expert. Has to plant you not to run!” Chen azure angry saying. Good, does not run does not run!” Xia Tian has stopped own body directly, at the same time a Chen azure sword chops to the head of Xia Tian.