Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 801

Ultimate collision! The person under stage has polished own both eyes, they do not dare to miss any little fight. They have fought close 20 minutes, now finally must carry on the final showdown. Chen azure used hundred swords to fire, instantaneous, everybody saw 100 famous sword day error dense and numerous shooting at probably really Xia Tian. Xia Tian does not hide does not dodge, because hundred swords have all blocked his all escape routes, even if he runs away backward definitely also quickly the sword fast. Therefore he stretched out directly double has referred. Moreover is the left hand double refers. Finger of Consonance Second Layer erupted finally fully. Inner Strength manifestation! After having the crystal jade bone, his left hand double refers to with Finger of Consonance Second Layer, endures to compare Earth Grade Expert Inner Strength manifestation. Bang! In the style of both sides collides in together, gale all blew under the surrounding stool the stage. Chen azure body fell down directly, he was spitting the blood in gulps. But Xia Tian is single-handed forwards, entire body straight standing there. Won! Xia Tian won. This ultimate to fighting was Xia Tian wins finally. After he has used the strength of left hand, he won, but his present situation is not very good, his face whiten, has consumed many Inner Strength obviously, the hard victory, can only describe the present war with the hard victory.

„If not crystal jade bone, perhaps I now am a deceased person.” Xia Tian secret says with emotion, reason that he can also stand here because of the eruption of left hand crystal jade bone. If no crystal jade bone, even if he can change the body also without enough time. Whistling! Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath, sat on the ground directly. Has won, his unexpectedly has won, Southern Kill Wei Guang China four big Expert disciple unexpectedly lost, has lost to that the person who he is younger.” Actually is this person who? He so will be why strong!” This simply was too inconceivable, I have not seen such strong person.” The people under stage all deep shock by the Xia Tian strength arrived, that several Profound Grade greatly complete Expert also all swallows the saliva, that situation changed into a moment ago is their words, definitely must die without doubt! The Chen azure final hundred swords fire are almost may be called invincible! They do not have any person to have the confidence to meet under! However at this time stood that youth on stage catches. Ha Ha Ha Ha! The brat, do you currently have strength and I hit one? If no hands over that glove and treasure, I can forgive your life!” At this moment the poisonous gate old laughs strangely was saying that at the same time he rushed to the platform directly. Hands over your younger sister, you had not heard camel of skinny is big?” The body of Xia Tian vanished in directly same place. Flickers the body technique! Puff! golden light flashes dodges, the poisonous gate old monster left arm throws directly! Ah!

A pitiful yell sends out from poisonous gate old monster. Also act high and mighty not?” Xia Tian looked that old asked to the poisonous gate strangely. You are waiting to me, I will certainly kill you.” The poisonous gate old picks up the ground the arm to open strangely directly runs away, he by the blade deep shaking of Xia Tian, these disciples of poisonous gate is also abandons the sedan chair to turn the head to run. They are only one crowd of mob. Absolutely does not have any cohesive force. Whistling! After Xia Tian deeply inspired, walks toward Chen azure directly, he planned to kill Chen azure, Chen azure was the Wei Guang disciple, solely this is the capital crime, moreover Chen azure had also said Xia Tian was he top-quality must kill the person, therefore Xia Tian did not plan to let off Chen azure. Teacher's younger brother, is he!” At this moment the rear area of crowd presented two familiar forms. Paternal grandmother, you early do not come late, at this time.” Xia Tian has criticized one, that two acquaintance Wudang double variants who at this time the distant place walks, at this time Wudang double variants behind with one about 40 -year-old man. „The Wudang double variant, is the Wudang double variant!” Their unexpectedly also came, it seems like that this extinguished the dragon congress is really more and more lively.” Teacher's younger brother? You heard the Wudang double variants a moment ago before their bodies that person of name? unexpectedly is a teacher's younger brother, in other words that person before their body is Expert of Wudang.” Surrounding people surprised saying, they may be today experience to the magnificent scene, big figure appearance one after another. Now the unexpectedly continually Wudang double variants and their teacher's younger brothers also appeared. The teacher's younger brother of Wudang double variant, that certainly is ten points extraordinary figure. The people think that their three are also calls out pitifully this extinguishes the dragon congress, but they discovered immediately the situation is not right, at this time because these three people threaten looks at that person on stage. That had just defeated youngster of Wei Guang apprentices China four big Expert.

Teacher's younger brother, was he has injured Junior Sister, moreover he added that the skill of our Wudang in his eyes was just the superficial knowledge, any Wudang Expert, was just has unearned reputation.” That Zhuo few variants in Wudang double variant look that his teacher's younger brother said. Strength that shit, this distorts the facts was really good.” A Xia Tian face admiration looks to that Zhuo few variants. Hears the words of that Zhuo few variant, everybody understands coming why the people in Wudang can threaten. Snort, the boy, you lives is really impatient, the person including our Wudang you also dares to hit, moreover unexpectedly also dares to be so wild, who no matter you are, my clear water sword Saint Wanglang must teach you today well.” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang cold snort, the right foot at a ground point, the whole person has flown on the stage directly. Hey, your in any case is also Expert, a celebrity, you thought that you do bully an injured person to be very honorable?” Xia Tian very discontented looked that said to clear water sword Saint Wanglang. Em?” A clear water sword Saint Wanglang brow wrinkle, took a fast look around on the body of Xia Tian, now Xia Tian dozens wounds, so long as the person of long eye can see that he just had experienced a war. Teacher's younger brother, do not listen his, he was crafty, said that does not permit him is resorting to any method now.” The Wudang double variant under stage shouts hurriedly. What did you call?” Xia Tian looked that asked to clear water sword Saint Wanglang, but he was suddenly enlighted immediately: Right, you is a celebrity, I remembered you to call anything, you called Nicolas Wanglang was right!” Em?” Clear water sword Saint doubts looks to Xia Tian. I know your brothers, is that Nicolas Zhao four, you visited us is a friend, this weaponry did not need to hit!” Xia Tian very earnest saying. You court death!” The clear water sword Saint has understood what is heard, front fellow unexpectedly is provoking he, unexpectedly four is the comparison him and any Nicolas Zhao. Lying trough! Said that hits hits, real man is not at a disadvantage from the outset, I run!” Meanwhile, two black clothed wearing a mask everybody are in the corner. Meets you to look at my complexion conduct, they hit, we save others.” I look at Damn B, you are hoodwinking the face.” „! Excuse me, made a mistake.”