Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 802

Xia Tian without demur, turn around runs away, in the instance of escaping, his vision took a fast look around a Chen azure position, he discovered that Chen azure disappeared there, by the Chen azure injury, oneself escaped is absolutely not possibly, certainly quietly was rescued by the Quicksand person. However he now has not been rescued, how Xia Tian does not dare him, because his behind that Wudang Expert was one entered the Earth Grade fellow now. Although the opposite party just entered Earth Grade, but disparity between Earth Grade and Profound Grade is very big, he consumes is very big, that especially a moment ago and poisonous gate old monster put together hardly, although seemed very graceful, actually his Inner Strength and stamina have soon consumed up. Chen azure, will notice next time you cannot certainly make you run away again.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, escapes afterward fast. That Wudang Expert pursues in behind. Sword air/Qi! Inner Strength manifestation! Sees Wudang Expert Inner Strength manifestation time, under the stage all people have all been shocked, this time Inner Strength manifestation has cut off three trees directly, such formidable might was needless saying that also knew. This is true Inner Strength manifestation. This is true Earth Grade Expert. Earth Grade Expert, this time, unexpectedly had Earth Grade Expert to appear really, Earth Grade Expert is only the legend, has not thought that this time I see Earth Grade Expert really fortunately.” Wudang worthily is the school in legend, was too fierce, unexpectedly has Earth Grade Expert to appear, a moment ago had won Chen azure that person on the stage, looked at Earth Grade Expert also directly to escape.” „, You understand anything, that person hit a moment ago was so long, Inner Strength consumed was similar, therefore he runs away, you have a look at the speed that he escapes, unexpectedly unable to overtake including Earth Grade Expert , said that if they fight directly, that also perhaps who wins.” Hears the words of this person, the people under stage nodded, truly so, they a moment ago saw the consumption of Xia Tian in a big way, Wudang is the famous family is authentic, but unexpectedly is so mean, solemn Earth Grade Expert unexpectedly takes advantage of somebody. Flickers the body technique!

Xia Tian flickered the body technique to evade the sword air/Qi of opposite party. Old fogy, you are mean and shameless, solemn Wudang Earth Grade Expert unexpectedly take advantage of somebody simply.” Xia Tian runs while shouts. Snort, copes with your this dishonest ways, does not need to speak any Jianghu morality and justice.” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang cold snort, continued to pursue forward. I go to the NM weird outlet, is really with a wish to incriminate has no lack of a pretext!” The Xia Tian speed is getting more and more fast, however his consumption was too big, therefore is unable to launch full speed, even if the present such runs, he also felt own within the body transmits an intermittent severe pain. Kid, you must die today!” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang gives a loud shout, is a sword punctures. Excuse me, should not be angry, I cannot speak, if there is anything to offend your place, your TM hits me actually.” Xia Tian words almost clear water sword Saint irritating. Sword air/Qi! Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step! A Xia Tian under foot revolution, has shunted the sword air/Qi directly. „It is not good, must result in thinks words that means that such got down, he will sooner or later overtake my, although took off to carry a heavy load my speed to change quick, however my body could not withstand a quicker speed.” The load of Xia Tian obvious feeling body is very big, although he can also accelerate, however his body could not withstand. His speed is one bucket of water, but his body is only a small cup, this bucket of water now radically but actually. Was right, flame!” Xia Tian at present one bright, both hands presented one group of flame to pat directly above the big tree, afterward right hand golden light flashes dodged, the big tree cut directly but actually, both hands made an effort to throw to clear water sword Saint Wanglang. „It is not good!” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang saw that one group of flame raid, had a scare, hides hurriedly to behind! !

The sword air/Qi also projects together! Ha Ha Ha Ha, clear water sword Saint, mediocre, takes advantage of somebody's precarious position, finally cannot overtake.” Xia Tian laughs was saying that his voice is very loud, even if participates to extinguish that group of people of dragon congress also in the forest to hear clearly: Father will kill you sooner or later.” Ran away? Is this possible? His Inner Strength consumes that many, unexpectedly can also run away from a hand of Earth Grade Expert.” Any clear water sword Saint, is mediocre, takes advantage of somebody unexpectedly not to be good.” Is, pursues one injured . Moreover the person who Inner Strength exhausts cannot overtake, this is any Earth Grade Expert.” Surrounding people are very discontented saying, just starts them to see Earth Grade Expert time, but also is very excited, but this excited vigor all did not have now, because this Earth Grade Expert was really too disgraced. You shut up to me, who dares to speak irresponsibly again, I have killed him.” Zhuo few variant vision coldly of Wudang double sword periphery looks said. Really nobody dares to say anything again, after all the opposite party is the illustrious Wudang double variants. However they were more disappointed. The image of Wudang in their hearts all destroyed instantaneously. Before regarding them, Wudang, but sacred place, because in China four big Expert, three have studied some Kungfu in Wudang, but now looks like, Wudang is also not genuine sacred place, inside also had the good person, with person who this letting person was looking down upon. Quick! Clear water sword Saint Wanglang came back, his complexion is very ugly, saw that his complexion knew, he had not overtaken a moment ago. Although the person under stage has not spoken, shaking the head that but keeps.

Well one extinguishes dragon congress, at this time turned into this to touch the type. Everybody, since clear water sword Saint came, then I thought that our extinguish the position of dragon hegemon is the clear water sword Saints, on the scene should not have other to propose?” The south of the Yangtze River ten old shout loudly. They know that now makes the bamboo double sword work as this hegemon is obviously impossible. Might as well sells a clear water sword Saint favour. Snort! The status of this hegemon, nature, only then my teacher's younger brother had the qualifications to work as.” Forest female hero cold snort of Wudang double variant said. Her manner is very arrogant, the surrounding person is the unusual disaffection, but also nobody dares to stand to say anything now, because the clear water sword Saint after is Earth Grade Expert, kills them is relaxed. Good, since everybody so modestly declines, I work as this hegemon, early tomorrow morning attacks the Yulong mountain village!” The clear water sword Saint has not modestly declined, direct shouts loudly. This time Xia Tian escaped was very far, his present condition is not good. Hateful!” Xia Tian cursed angrily one, he has not thought that the clear water sword Saint will come finally also such one, that sword air/Qi has happen to hit a target his chest, if not gold thread soft armor, his body was shot thoroughly. Now his on body, although does not have wound, but in the truly unusual pain, his big mouth breath does not even dare. ! At this moment a cool feeling erupts from the chest.