Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 803
This cool feeling has nourished his whole body instantaneously. Quite comfortable.” Xia Tian looks to own chest: Meteor tears, are the meteor tears.” He has not thought that will play the role since meteor tears unexpectedly of oneself within the body, now he felt that he has the comfortable feeling of not being able to say from top to bottom, this feeling makes him only want sleeping now well. This thinks that he does not know how long has rested, he only knows one rest is very fragrant. In a hotel in Shenzhen. Chief orders you to go back immediately, the matter that white tiger abstains cannot you mix, moreover wins your person is Xia Tian, this matter we reported to Chief, Chief is very disappointed.” Two black-clothed person look that Chen azure said that was they had saved Chen azure a moment ago last night. Em, was I have made a mistake, I sat the well view day, told Master, after going back, my well cultivation, next time will certainly come out, I have certainly killed Xia Tian.” Chen azure has gotten hold of own fist, this time matter regarding him is the shame. He lost miserably, moreover his unexpectedly has lost to Xia Tian, one of lists that he must kill. Xia Tian was the Yin Nie apprentice, Yin Nie and his master has hit these many years, this worked as unexpectedly of apprentice to lose to the apprentice of opposite party. This time Yulong mountain village. Lord Zhuang, we what to do? Although Yulong mountain village defense is very strong, however the person of opposite party were too many, moreover there are many Expert, they composed one to extinguish Dragon Meng, the hegemon was Earth Grade Expert that Wudang sent, we could not block them.” Yeah! Hands over the jade Xiao dragon and white tiger abstention, our Yulong mountain village has spelled does not get up.” Lord Zhuang of Yulong mountain village sighed to say. At this moment out of the door walks one person: Sorry, Big brother, was I have implicated the Yulong mountain village.” This person jade Xiao dragon. Yeah! The goods that you create, oneself solve, this is the white tiger abstention, regardless of the life and death, later you did not want your precious reply Longshanzhuang.” Lord Zhuang of Yulong mountain village threw the white tiger abstention to the jade Xiao dragon. Is unfair to the big brother.” Bang! Bang! Bang! After the jade Xiao dragon has knocked three, stands up directly, walks toward outside. Stop!” The person in Yulong mountain village with extinguishing Dragon Meng the person fight. Jade Xiao dragon, you came out finally.” The south of the Yangtze River ten always see jade Xiao dragon time, on face one happy.

Is on good terms with the demon respect building, is my matter, with the Yulong mountain village irrelevant, I work a person to work as, you draw back, I follow you, moreover white tiger abstains on my body, if anyone of you dares to go forward, I have destroyed the white tiger abstention.” The jade Xiao dragon shouts loudly. Although the people do not know that he can destroy the white tiger abstention, but nobody dares to experiment. Draws back!” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang waved. All person all retreat, little withdrew from the Yulong mountain village. Quick, they withdrew from the Yulong mountain village. „My jade Xiao dragon person works a person to work as, do not enforce justice on behalf of Heaven? I help you.” In jade Xiao dragon hand presented a dagger, he punctures directly to his chest. dāng! The dagger in his hands immediately must jab into his chest, gravel hit on his dagger. The dagger falls on the ground. I do not permit you dead!” Drinks to transmit greatly, a man of whole body black clothed appears before the people. This male Zichang is very white, however his eye is all black, does not have the white pupil, the lip is also black, even links his fingernail to be black, moreover around his body braves the black air/Qi. Demon respect building! Although they have not seen, but they can confirm at this time very said that front person is the demon respect building. „Do you do? A bit faster walks!” Jade Xiao dragon anxious saying. My remaining your such friends in this world, I did not only permit you dead.” The demon respect building looks that jade Xiao Dragon said. I asked you, you walked quickly, their people are many, you could not hit.” The jade Xiao dragon makes an effort pushes the body of demon respect building, how regardless of he pushes, pushes motionless. „Are you demon respect building?” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang has sized up an demon respect building. I am your father!” The demon respect building gives a loud shout. Snort, courts death!” Clear water sword Saint cold snort, the right hand long sword has selected directly. !

Together sword air/Qi direct direction of fire demon respect building. Inner Strength manifestation! Bang! Demon respect building both hands present one group of black air/Qi, pounded directly above the sword air/Qi. Counter-balanced! His unexpectedly broke Earth Grade Expert Inner Strength manifestation. Em?” The clear water sword Saint stares slightly, he heard before this demon respect building is just a Profound Grade person, does the Profound Grade person possibly break his sword air/Qi? The surrounding person also all slightly stares. They have thought invincible Earth Grade Expert, unexpectedly let slip. Before dealt with a severely wounded person to let slip, now coped with demon respect building unexpectedly to let slip. Earth Grade Expert is also mediocre.” Very the demon respect building disdains looked at a clear water sword Saint. All Profound Grade late stage Expert and I get rid together, encircle the demon respect building, dealt with this person not to need to speak any Jianghu morality and justice, if made him run away, you later perhaps continually think that could not have a good sleep.” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang gives a loud shout: Other people catch the jade Xiao dragon, wants the living witness!” Snort! This is the so-called famous family is honest.” Demon respect building disappointed shaking the head. You a bit faster walk, otherwise without enough time.” Jade Xiao dragon anxious shouting. The opposite party has killed, over a thousand Expert cope with them. All Profound Grade late stage above Expert encircle the demon respect building together. The demon kills! In within the body in demon respect building presented one group of black air/Qi, the black air/Qi all wrapped his whole person, at this time the people can only see one group of black air/Qi, looked to disappear including the person. Bang! The clear water sword Saint gets rid, other people also follow.

The both sides first round hit. retreat that the demon respect building keeps. Hateful! Cannot spell hardly!” After the demon respect building cursed angrily one, fast fires into these Profound Grade late stage people. Puff! Profound Grade late stage person head high Gao Fei gets up! The clear water sword Saint follows in behind, but when his sword must puncture fascinated respect building within the body immediately, the demon respect building vanished in once more same place, presented again time, was Profound Grade late stage Expert is cut to kill by him! Demon respect building, you stop to me, otherwise we have killed him.” At this moment, suddenly some people shout. Is the Wudang double variant. Originally was they have gone well, at this time the jade Xiao dragon was held by them. Puff! Demon respect building god time, was sneak attacked successfully by a clear water sword Saint sword, this pierced his shoulder. Do not manage me!” The jade Xiao dragon saw that demon respect building is injured, the body direct revolution, his neck delimited on Zhuo Shaoxia sword blade. Bang! The body of jade Xiao dragon but actually. I must kill you!” White tiger abstention!”