Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 804
The demon respect building saw jade Xiao dragon dies, the whole person fell into the crazy condition. He now only then a jade Xiao dragon such friend. But now the unexpectedly Lian Yuxiao dragon also dies. The jade Xiao dragon does not want to see the demon respect building, because he has been injured again, he knows, if turn into the person qualitative words, that demon respect building will certainly give up resisting for him, this is he most does not want to see. Therefore he suicides directly! The friendship of demon respect building nature bright white jade Xiao dragon, therefore he anger. Clear water sword Saint Wanglang saw time that the jade Xiao dragon pours, in the hand has a ring, immediately flushes away to the position of jade Xiao dragon. Succeeded in obtaining!” Sees the white tiger abstention in own hand, on the clear water sword Saint Wanglang face had the happy expression that is hard to conceal. They come to here to exterminate jade Xiao dragon and demon respect building that are just the excuses, their true goals or white tiger abstentions, because this thing is symbolizing China four big Expert. I must kill off you!” The black eye of demon respect building turned into the red! Within the body continuous has the black air/Qi to emit. Fascinated! Demon respect building true was fascinated! Kill! He was fascinated, everybody on, has killed him together.” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang shouts loudly, hears the hegemon to speak, all people have all fired into the demon respect building, anyone, so long as can kill the demon respect building, that can praise to set up ten thousand immediately. Saw that these people rushed, clear water sword Saint Wanglang waved to the Wudang double variants, their three quietly sneaks off to behind! The thing has succeeded in obtaining, they also go all out, isn't that the brain is sick? „To walk? It is not easy!” At this moment, the rear area of crowd hears one to drink greatly. The vision of people was attracted the past immediately! What? Hegemon clear water sword Saint Wanglang unexpectedly must run away, his unexpectedly gave to sell us, I saw him to take the white tiger abstention a moment ago.” Mean, solemn Earth Grade Expert unexpectedly was so mean, takes the treasure to run away, then made us work oneself to death to him, was really too mean.” He also made us clash a moment ago, originally he is thinks that a person brings the treasure to escape.”

The people responded immediately, cursing angrily that keeping. At this time behind the crowd is standing a person, he has blocked clear water sword Saint Wanglang and the others the ways. Leave to me!” A clear water sword Saint Wanglang sword punctures! dāng! Double refers to! Also is that two familiar finger. The sword in clear water sword Saint Wanglang hand like this by two fingers gripping. Finger of Consonance! You are.” I am Xia Tian, the first under Heaven sword Saint Yin Nie apprentice, Western Hidden Xia Tianlong China four big Expert sons, do not kill me? Comes Ah! saying of Xia Tian coldly. Humph! Hears the Xia Tian words, all people were all shocked! Puff!! At this moment, following one group of black fog raid, more than ten people die in the hand of that group black fog instantaneously, that group black fog holds the ground already died the jade Xiao dragon, then turn around leaves: I certainly will kill sooner or later off you.” The demon respect building walked, nobody blocks him. Because everybody is caring about the front that person now. Xia Tian! This defeats Wei Guang apprentice Chen azure man unexpectedly is Xia Tian in that legend. Has killed Quicksand Leader Xia Tian. Moreover his unexpectedly has such status, the first under Heaven sword Saint Yin Nie apprentice, Western Hidden Xia Tianlong China four big Expert sons, such status was really too terrifying, his so was no wonder young, had such terrifying strength. His unexpectedly is Xia Tian, no wonder he can escape from Earth Grade Expert, Chen azure are not his match.” Was too fierce, his unexpectedly is the Western Hidden Xia Tianlong son!”

first under Heaven sword Saint Yin Nie unexpectedly is his master!” A people dumbfoundedness, this time situation has surpassed their cognition completely! I, no matter you are, quickly leave to me, otherwise I have killed immediately you!” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang coldly looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian extended own left hand. You think really I have feared you? The white tiger abstention is my father's relic, nobody can lecture of it carry off from me!” The Xia Tian left hand double refers to direct directional clear water sword Saint Wanglang. Snort, courts death!” The long sword in clear water sword Saint Wanglang hand punctures directly to Xia Tian! Sword air/Qi! The sword air/Qi shoots at Xia Tian together directly. Inner Strength manifestation! Earth Grade Expert Inner Strength manifestation! Xia Tian unexpectedly has not dodged, but flushes away directly forward, his left hand double referred to direct above that sword air/Qi. Bang! Formidable air current scatters in all directions. Anything!” The clear water sword Saint Wanglang whole person stares. All people can look, Xia Tian is just a Profound Grade late stage person, but his unexpectedly can break the sword air/Qi of clear water sword Saint Wanglang directly. This too exaggerated simply. Jumps the ranks the challenge! Others jump the ranks the challenge, is the Profound Grade intermediate stage to fighting late stage, once succeeds, that suffices to boast for several years, but Xia Tian unexpectedly by the Profound Grade late stage Earth Grade Expert clear water sword Saint Wanglang of strength to fighting. Profound Grade late stage, to fighting Earth Grade. This became the legend. Moreover Xia Tian only used two fingers on neutralize the sword air/Qi of opposite party, Inner Strength manifestation.

The Earth Grade Expert biggest skill is Inner Strength manifestation, they deal with the Earth Grade following person, very relies on Inner Strength manifestation, because of Inner Strength manifestation, the speed is quick, lethality . Moreover the deterrent force is very full. So long as the average people saw the leg that Inner Strength manifestation can frighten is soft. Therefore Inner Strength manifestation is used to kill people, is act high and mighty, skill that has been equal resulting. At this time Xia Tian stands there, it can be said that shows disdain for the outstanding heroes simply! Formidable! The attack of Earth Grade Expert clear water sword Saint he can catch. „Do you know? I am very tired, I have been withstanding my this age improper to be charming and quick-witted!” Xia Tian very charming shaking of sends. Hateful! I must kill you!” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang looks at the calm of Xia Tian, he is angry, he is Earth Grade Expert, but Xia Tian is actually only a Profound Grade late stage boy. He facing own time, unexpectedly is not anxious, moreover appears that calm. This makes him feel that Xia Tian has not paid attention to be the same him probably. His Earth Grade Expert, unexpectedly was despised by Profound Grade late stage Junior, how this lets him not to be angry. Do not be angry, if you have irritated, whose I also take act high and mighty.” Xia Tian consoles to say. Dies!” The body of clear water sword Saint dodges directly! Wudang ladder Yun Zong! A sword chops! dāng! Two fingers, was in the swords of that two finger his hand gripping. The left hand of Xia Tian double refers, without any deviation grips the sword of clear water sword Saint Wanglang. Hey! Your in any case is also Earth Grade Expert, can come to select the pressure.” Xia Tian said that an attractive maneuver kicked directly kicking Wanglang.