Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 805
Actually reason that Xia Tian hits is so relaxed , because clear water sword Saint Wanglang has flustered, his innermost feelings one hurried, he can only display 80% skills now, Inner Strength manifestation that in addition he relies on is invalid to Xia Tian. He has flustered, does not know that should use any means to cope with Xia Tian. So long as his ponder well, will respond, although Xia Tian has explained his Inner Strength manifestation, however his Inner Strength are much more than Xia Tian, the release sword air/Qi that so long as he has kept, died of exhaustion Xia Tian tired. He just entered Earth Grade less than one week, therefore he has not adapted to the present strength, this made his strength weaken a point once more. Moreover he does not adapt to the fight between Earth Grade Expert, he also with oneself, when Profound Grade Expert fights. Therefore he links six points of strength unable to display now. Quite fierce! His unexpectedly can kick Earth Grade Expert.” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang had been restrained by him probably completely, the present clear water sword Saint Wanglang does not even know how should hit.” Was too terrorist, he so is young, unexpectedly can with Earth Grade Expert to fighting.” The surrounding people all are worships looks to Xia Tian, their this time saw anything is really the true talent, if Xia Tian said one were the world next day the talent, then nobody dares to say absolutely one were first. The clear water sword Saint also felt one lost face too, therefore he has stood the body, coldly looks to Xia Tian: Your talent is truly good, I appreciate you very much, you walk now, I can not kill you.” Oh lying trough, you made into this by me ***, but also TM act high and mighty.” Xia Tian feels speechless. Do not compel me to get rid to kill you, if not look in your father's face, I already left Assassins.” The complexion of clear water sword Saint changes mean saying. I asked you, other your act high and mighty, your whose face has not needed to look that hit me.” Xia Tian soon was collapsed to the lane by clear water sword Saint, he does not dare to hit, then finds these useless excuses. Hid the Wudang double sword in crowd has looked at each other one, then quietly dived to behind. Xia Tian had been sufficed, this clear water sword Saint unexpectedly linked heart of the Expert to lose, such person did not match to be his match, moreover his later strength is unable to be progressive. Lost the person of heart of Expert, the strength forever is unable to promote. Xia Tian extended the left hand double to refer to! He double referred to aiming at clear water sword Saint Wanglang! Finger of Consonance Second Layer!

A giant finger empty shade appears in the front of Wanglang. Bang! Sword air/Qi! Wanglang uses the sword air/Qi instantaneously! Hurried that however he uses, his a little surprised Xia Tian unexpectedly can use Inner Strength manifestation in addition, therefore his sword air/Qi might insufficient usual 50%. Bang! His sword air/Qi and Xia Tian Inner Strength manifestation hits in the together instance, the sword air/Qi of Wanglang collapses instantaneously. Wanglang lifts the sword to keep off hurriedly! Flickers the body technique! The Xia Tian form disappeared in same place, presented again time, his double referred to the fast point in joint place of Wanglang, Wanglang is resisting Xia Tian Inner Strength manifestation fully, he is unable to turn head. Bang! Xia Tian selected instantaneously more than 20 times, finally his foot trampled directly in Wanglang. Meanwhile, his right hand searches, a ring appears in his hands. White tiger abstention! White tiger abstains does not know that builds with any material quality, Xia Tian with feels in the hand is very heavy, the place above of ring is a white tiger head. Won! Xia Tian won. He succeeds has defeated Earth Grade Expert clear water sword Saint Wanglang! This abstention object of common purpose I, did anyone of you have the opinion?” Xia Tian wore the ring directly above the finger.

The surroundings do not have anybody to dare to answer. Earth Grade Expert is not the Xia Tian match, how they possibly also dare to speak. Saves me!” Clear water sword Saint Wanglang said to the crowd that he hopes the Wudang double variants can save him, but he looked to the crowd, has not discovered the Wudang double variant: Is small ****, didn't reach an agreement must make each other angel? Running of your unexpectedly TM.” Xia Tian looked at one to lie down in shaking the head of the ground clear water sword Saint Wanglang disdained: Looks in you are in the share of Wudang disciple, I do not kill you, but, do not let me see you again.” Big windmill squeek long extension, here scenery really attractive, the day is attractive, attractive, one group of joyful little friends. At this moment, Xia Tian cell phone sound Hears this cell phone ring tone time, heavy lines of surrounding these person of faces. No matter what Xia Tian was also considered as is Expert, but his cell phone ring tone was really too ridiculous. Xu, how?” Department Head Lin has had an accident, her was seized.” What? Who does?” Forest eating delicacies day.” Mahler desert, you book an airplane ticket to me, my this goes back!” Xia Tian said that complete individual disappeared in directly same place, ran to the distant place. At this time here has left behind that group of people same place in disorderly. Extinguishing dragon congress of reaching an agreement? Reaching an agreement encircling demon respect building? Treasure of reaching an agreement? Their anything has not obtained finally. Airport?” In the crowd the person's shadow hurried runs together to distant place. Although these person of anything of scene have not obtained, but at this time they still one's blood bubbles up to the brim, their this times may see the magnificent scene, after they go back, started to indulge in unbridled propaganda Xia Tian.

Suddenly Xia Tian once more turned into the celebrity. Xia Tian after massacring Quicksand Yin Fu , achieves the good result. He has defeated Southern Kill Wei Guang disciple Chen azure. A move cuts off the poisonous gate old monster arm. And hit remnantly Earth Grade Expert clear water sword Saint Wanglang. Snort!” Quicksand Wei Guang hears this news time, but cold snort had not spoken. It seems like you exceed your father really hopefully.” Yin Nie when hears these words, the vision looked that said to the sky. Imperial capital Xia Family. Accepts Quicksand all conditions, this person cannot remain, otherwise he will certainly turn into second Xia Tianlong.” In Hidden Sect! Jiang Shao, he has defeated Earth Grade Expert.” Yu He arrives at the Jiang Tianshu front to say. Has not thought speed unexpectedly that he grows is so quick.” Jiang Tianshu opening eye slowly. Em, his growth is truly quick, but all are still grasping, Hu Fangye died, now also misses Wen Ya.” Yu He light saying. Wen Ya must die, her ability was too special, I do not want to keep a bomb in the side.” Jiang Tianshu said that has closed the eye. This time Xia Tian rushed to airport. What Xu subscribes to him is the earliest flight, is still the economy class cabin, this is the Xia Tian custom, makes the first-class cabin not to have any necessity regarding him. A female follows quietly in Xia Tian behind, with Xia Tian on same flight.