Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 808

Although Lin Bingbing does not know that Xia Tian must do, but she sees the Xia Tian firm look, knows one did not have the means to urge Xia Tian. As for her father, gave Xia Tian to process. Xia Tian little moved toward Lin Xiaotian, when he arrives at Lin Xiaotian the side, sat in Lin Xiaotian the side directly. Father-in-law Sir, I should respect very much your, what a pity you bring about own destruction.” Xia Tian by said on a box that he has not worried to begin now, because Lin Xiaotian had been sealed up all acupoint by him. I have a dream do not have to think on own unexpectedly your working as, early knows that I should kill you directly.” Saying of Lin Xiaotian face hate. Corrupt, has killed you corruptly, before to covet you killed mother who the police have spent the elder sister, now your unexpectedly also vital point police spend the elder sister, this made me probably kill you.” Xia Tian has taken up the [gold/metal] blade in hand. to become Wang defeats the invader, must kill kills!” Lin Howl god knows begs for mercy, Xia Tian will not let off him. Do not worry, you unexpectedly dare to spend the elder sister to the police a moment ago, I have forgiven how possibly you.” The [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian hand on the forest eating delicacies day body has cut a blade directly gently: I heard that a body of person can cut 36,000 blades, I do not believe that I want to try.” Hears the Xia Tian words, Lin Xiaotian the complexion drastic change, he does not fear death, however the Xia Tian method was really too cruel: Xia Tian, you die like a dog!” How I die, you are look to disappear, but I definitely cannot die is more miserable than you.” Xia Tian on a such blade then blade opens the forest eating delicacies day cuts, cautious and solemn that he cuts. Regarding this shameless degenerate, Xia Tian does not plan softheartedly. When he seizes Lin Bingbing, Lin Bingbing and he thoroughly is not father and daughter, when he hits Lin Bingbing, in the eye anything does not have, he just takes Lin Bingbing to regard is a chip. Time little past. Xu Dechuan and Lin Bingbing patient is waiting for outside. Several Lin Bingbing wanted, but finally by Xu blocking. They waited for five hours. After five hours, Xia Tian walked from inside, his body is the blood, nobody knows that his blood is he or Lin Xiaotian. Lin Bingbing looked at Xia Tian, has not gone to ask Lin Xiaotian!

Goes to the hospital?” Xu inquired. Did not need to go to the hospital, Xu you went to the mental hospital to help me inform the Fire Cloud evil god, told him seven days later in my family set.” Xia Tian said that he by fell asleep on the chair directly. Lin Bingbing sits in his side calmly visits him. After proficient, Xia Tian lay on bed has fallen asleep directly, a Lin Bingbing night has not rested, has sat in the Xia Tian side visits him. Xu has prepared some medicines for them! Next morning, Xia Tian gets up time, Lin Bingbing has not rested. You, as soon as Su hasn't rested?” Asking that Xia Tian cares about. I feared that you have an accident!” Lin Bingbing said. How I possibly have an accident, my silly police spend the elder sister.” Xia Tian slowly from the bed, his within the body had a cool feeling, is the meteor tears, he can feel that his wound is healing slowly, although the speed is not too quick, but should be able tonight good was similar. After they have tidied up one next, Xia Tian plans to exit to take a stroll. He so was not for a long time idle, finally these seven days regarding him, possibly were most relaxed days. Lin Bingbing wants to accompany Xia Tian to take a stroll together. However Xia Tian has rejected, he knows that Lin Bingbing there is very busy, this time had this matter, special Operations Office there randomly has definitely made one group. Now is morning ten o'clock, Xia Tian walk on the avenue, looks at the prosperity of Jiang Hai City, his innermost feelings also a little chuckle to oneself, present Jiang Hai City almost law and order prevail. Moreover some people of wallets fall to the ground do not need to be worried, because the police will contact with you immediately. Naturally here law and order prevail is not in the family does not close, but was the roll-up door black days of outside these shops almost does not need to draw, because Jiang Hai City everywhere monitors now, moreover in the evening also some people went on patrol, once held, punished. Well! That side is quite lively.” Xia Tian gains ground to think that the front looks.

He has also collected to there. Basketball. Street Basketball! Although Xia Tian will also hit Basketball, but he has not hit street Basketball. However at this time here dozen of street Basketball person is truly graceful. Grotesqueness that here most people put on, either is the young female student of dyeing, wears the normal clothes like Xia Tian, cuts the person of normal hair, stood appears specially is here special. However here and nobody care about him, everybody is paying attention to the field, because this street Basketball match is very splendid. The strength of both sides is very strong, three pairs three! In the red person has one meter six, his speed is fast, transports the balloon to come is nobody may work as simply. Bang! Slam Dunk! One meter six unexpectedly Slam Dunk. shit, this fellow is not simple.” Xia Tian surprised boy who looks at that red, he absolutely is not the person of practicing martial art . Moreover the person of practicing martial art cannot casual jump is so high. His present qing gong is so good, on the tree also needs to borrow the strength. However the spring of this fellow simply may be called the monstruous talent, instantaneous explosive force also very fierce. The person of blue side lost! Red and won!

They won one after another a morning, here basic can block their footsteps on nobody. Also who gets up?” That small fellow more hits is more excited. He is red 1st. Nearby person looks at each other in blank diamay, nobody dares to stand, because comes up at this time is looks simply oppressively. Yeah, feels disappointed.” That small fellow looks at nobody to come out, disappointed saying. „Can I on?” Xia Tian has raised own hand, although he puts on is not the sportswear attire, but he one meter eight many image point appearances. Good, but also misses two, comes up again two.” The small fellows looked at a surrounding person. Our two join in the fun.” Lost a moment ago in that team of people went out of two people, the third person took off outside number clothing to throw to Xia Tian, Xia Tian directly that blue number clothing set outside. 3rd! Blue side 3rd! What position do you play?” The blue side opens the mouth to ask on the 1st. I have not hit street Basketball, you select.” Xia Tian said. Your good, you play the inside connection!” The blue side said on the 1st that hits street Basketball not too to be high, naturally also had high, but now in these people on Xia Tian is highest, therefore the blue side proposed that on the 1st makes Xia Tian play the inside connection.