Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 812

You simply were good.” Bing Xin clashes, has kissed one on the face of Xia Tian directly. The skill that Xia Tian paints pictures was simply superb. The words that he draws can be possible be called the miracle simply, the picture is lives, the people on the scene first time see this mysterious picture, this picture probably is live, moreover this picture looks from the different angles, completely is the different scenes. This technique only then on Da Vinci's Mona Lisa can see. But is in Mona Lisa also can only see the slightest change, but Xia Tian the clarity that marks can actually look, moves slightly little, can see very big change. „It was good, the miracle, Elder Brother Tian, you were really too fierce.” Elder Brother Tian, you in the painters compared with these fables are simply fierce, I admired you.” Such picture was used to make blackboard newspaper too to waste.” Literature and Art Department these people soon by the Xia Tian mysterious blackboard newspaper scaring, such blackboard newspaper their this whole life first time saw, the innovation, innovates absolutely. Hangs, now hangs to the blackboard newspaper of school comes up, you give me to guard in turn, hang uppermost, place that others cannot suffice.” Ye Qingxue excited saying, she believes that this time blackboard newspaper first they settled on. Relax, Section Head, we definitely favor it.” Literature and Art Department these people guarantee to say. Walks, older female cousin, my mission has completed, we eat meal.” Xia Tian looked that said to Ye Qingxue. Young fellow, nice, just came to help older female cousin I solve one greatly troublesome.” Ye Qingxue satisfied nod, also has Bing Xin to walk toward outside with Xia Tian afterward directly. Their several had not seen for a long time, naturally must in gather together well, as for attending class, simply curled upwards. The Literature and Art Department person just spoke the blackboard newspaper to hang, the surroundings attracted many people. Whish! What is this? Actually is the Literature and Art Department blackboard newspaper what? So is why mysterious, regardless of I from any angle looked that is different.”

Flood dragon goes to sea, flood dragon unexpectedly gains ground to go to sea, is the implication of this picture the dream? Is the flood dragon wants the incarnation for the dream of dragon.” „Is this blackboard newspaper? This stems from the writing skill of famous expert obviously, this is actually can Master of what rank draw such words?” Saw these people who blackboard newspaper were shocked completely, they all put out the cell phone to carry on the photograph and video recording, then sent to the picture online, the picture was just sent online has caused the stir. The leadership of school first appears in the blackboard newspaper place. From is the leader, arrives at institute leader, finally the chiefs and these shareholders also all ran, the people of major television stations also ran, finally these painters in Jiang Hai City also all specially caught up. But is this matter's litigant Xia Tian, is bringing Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin eats and drinks extravagantly in the hotel. Bites dīng! Ye Qingxue cell phone sound. Section Head, is not good.” What happened? Slowly said.” Was the blackboard newspaper, the blackboard newspaper has brought in the attention of many person, now outside has encircled several thousand people, was the leader, the school leader also had also has the principal, Reporter, the painters specially ran, now our blackboard newspaper, but given name.” „, That is the good deed.” Is the good deed, but came any painter association now, did not say that our blackboard newspapers are the cultural relics, must carry off.” What? This was Western Paradise drew obviously a moment ago, they must select the face.” I also said that but they do not believe that they said this certainly is some Master authentic work, even might be the picture of Tang Dynasty.” They are SB, blackboard newspaper that which Tang Bohu that time comes.”

Section Head, you a bit faster come back.” Good, before I come back, you do not permit to make anybody take away the words.” After Ye Qingxue has hung up the telephone, looked directly to Xia Tian, Xia Tian was helpless shaking the head, he did not have to think one drew a that simple picture, unexpectedly has also been able to annoy to trouble. Walks! Goes back to have a look.” Xia Tian said. Naturally must go back to have a look, some unexpectedly people dare to ask us to snatch our Literature and Art Department thing, must tidying up well.” The Bing Xin beforehand temperament is not quite good, since she was changed the physique by Xia Tian, that was fearless. Their Literature and Art Department does not annoy others, then on the dog show due respect for the feelings, some unexpectedly also people dares to snatch their blackboard newspapers now. Good!” Actually Xia Tian wants saying that a blackboard newspaper, does not have anything at the worst, at the worst he drew one to be good again, actually Bing Xin cared was also not that picture, but was the Literature and Art Department dignity. If this time made their these so-called experts take away the picture, they will take next time perhaps away was other. This appears their Literature and Art Department is good to bully to be the same. Three people go ahead, they at this time in extracurricular, the situation worries, therefore they have hit the rental car directly. This can also save the time. Had the opportunity, I test certainly a driver license, which arrived to drive.” Xia Tian finally realized now had the advantage of car(riage), now under the big crowd of people, their speeds are fast enough, impossible to use before the people. Otherwise was discovered may trouble. Perhaps when the time comes will be regarded Superman to dissect. Therefore they can only ride the rental car. At this time Jianghai University.

Cannot touch, no one must touch our blackboard newspapers.” The Literature and Art Department person blocks together in front of blackboard newspaper. You quickly make way, we must carry off the thing, this thing is very likely the miracle that some well-known painter left behind in the ancient times.” These experts are the so-called any painter associations. They usually specially in all directions review painting. At this time sees this miracle, how they possibly let off, this treasure has surpassed their cognition. If made them study to understand. That may discover that very much a Mona Lisa also good picture, they left the given name. They even may become famous in the world. This picture is they have never seen, that flood dragon is lifelike, probably is live, regardless of looks from any angle that this flood dragon can give them the different feeling. Reason that the picture was called the picture , because the picture cannot move, but at this time this flood dragon actually probably is live is the same. „Are your experts the brain are sick? What do you have a look at the blackboard newspaper behind are? Was the plastic film, your family had the plastic film in the ancient times? Moreover the plastic film does not corrode after these many years.” Literature and Art Department these people soon were irritated. What do you understand? The charm of art is will be forever without limits.” These expert very proud saying. Idiot is the sickness, must govern.” At this moment, behind the crowd broadcasts together sound.