Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 814

The Xia Tian performing skill do not say that takes Oscar, even if with the world-class movie king, that were also has more than enough to spare, the ground was lying down that Literature and Art Department male student was the performing skill is also full, when should spit blood spat blood. Xia Tian said that he is quickly incorrect the time, his mouth spits the foam, then the whole body twitches. You looked quickly, this was not good, was too ruthless, this group of experts simply were too ruthless, they were completely mindless, come up making into this healthy , studious , and helpful student.” Xia Tian more said is more suffering from injustice, a moment ago the several drops of eye drops of corner of the eye drop were also falling that kept. Sees his appearance, the surrounding these students, are the full anger, they have given all round surrounded these experts. When these result in specially now do not know what to do should, some behind people shouted suddenly the police came. Heard the police to come, these experts relaxed finally: „Do you do? Draws back to me, the present is the society under the rule, we are the experts, you such are me to consider your.” Who is causes trouble here?” Behind walked one group of policemen. Police gentleman, you may be came, you must take responsibility for our these poor students, we were very poor, now must be bullied, you have a look at our schoolmates, had made into this by these experts, spits blood, cramps, now returned roll one's eyes.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Heard Xia Tian to say roll one's eyes. The ground that Literature and Art Department male student turned the supercilious look immediately. The police of leading saw Xia Tian time stares slightly, this police are not others, is money Captain, sees Xia Tian time, he knows that Xia Tian has been acting in a play, who was Xia Tian? His person may be hit how. However since Xia Tian such likes developing, he must accompany to develop. What's the matter? unexpectedly can make into this person.” Money Captain angry looks to these experts: Your these experts, are usually all right always stir up trouble, now your unexpectedly that ate to the full supporting dares to hit including the students, do you know that what they are? They are Sun of motherland 89 o'clock, the flowers of motherland, your unexpectedly dares to Sun and flowers of motherland begins, moreover makes into this, today I must punish you.”

Right, must punish, does not permit to bully the innocent student.” „The police are just, must take responsibility for our innocent student.” Severe punishment nonsense expert, takes responsibility for our students.” The surrounding these students shout loudly, they by Xia Tian the deep exaggeration, they are just, they do not allow these experts to persecute the person. We have not hit the person, he is throws down, we are the experts, your police should maintain the interests of our expert.” These experts said hurriedly that they think the police came definitely to cooperate with them, but has not thought that Captain unexpectedly of this leading started Yan Ze the indictment to them directly. Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin almost on laughter during a performance. Xia Tian they acted in a play to suffice, has not thought that money Captain that developed came also to coordinate to act in a play continually. Our police only spoke the evidence, only looked at the facts, did not look at the person, no matter I you were any experts, hit the person to violate the law, moreover this person currently is anytime in danger, once he has had an accident, you murdered, premeditated murder.” Money Captain looked that said to these experts, hears money Captain words, on the foreheads of these experts is the sweat, on this brought in money Captain to buckle a charge of premeditated murder to them. Who you are, I told you, I in Wang Dui with your bureau knew.” That expert looked that the situation is not good, hurries to bring a prisoner before a court, he knows that the people in police station lower the head do not see to gain ground to see, generally knew, so long as brings a prisoner before a court, that more or less must give a face. His unexpectedly started to bring a prisoner before a court, what is this? He was saying that he knew the police, even if caught him not to have any to use? The surrounding reporter friends, you may probably report well, where making the society have a look to be fair, natural justice where.” Xia Tian is shouting to the surrounding these people. Heard Xia Tian saying that everybody understood, these expert unexpectedly is carrying out the relations. Snort, knew that no one is easy-to-use, what we take is the salary of country, we are the police, all catches to me them.” Money Captain shouts loudly, his these people under have put out the handcuff directly, gave the handcuffs these experts, saw that the police have made an arrest, these reporters and students also followed.

Quick, here person almost all walked not to have. Was good, do not develop, the person walked not to have.” Xia Tian looked at one to lie down in that Literature and Art Department male student of ground said. „, This finished up, has not challenged.” That Literature and Art Department male student stands up directly. You should develop to Film and television, after you graduate, goes to Xia Group, said that is I makes you go.” Xia Tian appreciation looked at a that Literature and Art Department male student. One hear of Xia Group, the male student mouth of that Literature and Art Department could not close: Elder Brother Tian, I loved you.” But Xia Group present nation most famous company. The domain that it involves are getting more and more, can enter Xia Group is everyone Jianghai University student's dream, no, is the entire China student's dream. „, I only like the woman.” Xia Tian.” Ye Qingxue looks to Xia Tian. older female cousin, how?” Xia Tian doubts looks to older female cousin. How is shameless to write?” Ye Qingxue asked directly. Shameless? What is the shamelessness? I have not heard, ka-beng crisp, chicken taste?” Xia Tian face naive vacant asking.

Not most shameless, is shameless.” Ye Qingxue had defeated by Xia Tian thoroughly. Good, let alone, I had not eaten any thing a moment ago, by these broken experts disturbing, I was now hungry, I must eat the thing.” Bing Xin said loudly. Goes to the cafeteria in school to eat a thing, there thing is also very good.” Ye Qingxue proposed. Good! Walks!” Bing Xin takes the lead to walk toward the cafeteria directly, now crosses the meals and snacks, the person in cafeteria should unable to be too many. Xia Tian has not eaten to the full, happen to walks toward the Jianghai University cafeteria with two females. After arriving at the cafeteria, they have selected many things. Two tables that puts together both chocked up. When they eat hi. beauty, when my first time sees you, I felt that this is the collision of destiny, beat that my heart keeping, I felt that our ancestors knew certainly, moreover lover, no, perhaps are ten lifetime, 100 lifetime, we are the lovers, today meets again is the heaven bestows our fates simply, today's reunion, enabling us to continue the predestined affinity again.” A man of ten points gentleman arrives in front of Ye Qingxue to say.