Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 815

This man probably is a person of mixed blood, moreover puts on likely is not the appearance of China person, the ten points gentleman who he puts on, probably an aristocrat feels to be the same to the person, he is also very polite, partly bows, but he actually extended the right hand to hold the hand of Ye Qingxue, probably must carry on to kiss the hand ritual. bo! On the male face shows a faint smile, the feeling that although he kisses is glossy, but he opened that leafed door. Oh, this that in my hand moistens lubricated to make you kiss.” A Xia Tian face shuts out looks at that man, his hand ate various types of roast chickens a moment ago, the roast duck, pig's feet also had the pig elbow wait / etc., is the mixtures of various types of food. On the face of man changes, he saw, the hand of Ye Qingxue has not lifted, what in other words he a moment ago own is the hand of that man. Sees in that male manpower is various types of oil, he feels specially disgustingly. He unexpectedly kissed a moment ago on these oil, he has put out an upscale handkerchief from the pocket hurriedly, has wiped the mouth. Ai ya mother, my this, but can also want, was too disgusting.” Moreover one side, a Xia Tian face shuts out looks at own left hand, he probably must cut his left hand to be the same directly: Really is disgusting TM opens the door disgustingly, disgustingly to family.” Xia Tian took up scratches own hand that the paper goods kept, the hand scratches red, he still scratched in that. Was too disgusting, my blade? It is not good, this had been arched by pig, cannot want.” Xia Tian said loudly. After that man has cast aside Xia Tian one, looks once more to Ye Qingxue: Your long before looking like me, very much girlfriend.” Very the saying something to smooth things over method of hackneyed stuff, whom but this must look at to use. If Nicolas Zhao four pairs of your beauty spoke this saying, that definitely will come up is a palm of the hand, but this man's to his charm and demeanor has the self-confidence, he believes that his these words can move the opposite party absolutely. „, Your long looks like that two fools in our village very much.” Xia Tian whole face surprised looks at that man. Does not have the quality!” After that man stared Xia Tian one, looks once more to Ye Qingxue: Madame, can I invite you to have the supper? I know a specially good restuarant, outside school.”

That is I opens.” Xia Tian sits there light saying. Depends on you? Have you entered the restuarant? That restuarant builds according to the British Imperial family scale completely, depends on you also to match to enter that place?” Very the men disdain looked at Xia Tian one, he has sized up on the body of Xia Tian, the clothes that Xia Tian wears were really too casual, radically was the clothes of that not being able to amount to something. Such person unexpectedly also dares saying that dining room is he opens. This is too not concerned about face simply. Outside Jianghai University 80% constructions now are my.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he does not know where took a kitchen knife, is gesticulating own left hand in that he as if really must cut his left hand to be the same. You were not the paranoea, was the neurosis.” That man thinks that Xia Tian is a neurosis. This you looked, you were really too quick-witted.” A Xia Tian face admiration looks that man said: I also saw two to look like you such quick-witted person before, is in a report looks.” Said that Jin announced: 10 years, must make the North Korean astronauts land Sun! The reporters in America asked: Is the solar temperature so high comes up? Immediately complete silence. Everybody does not know how to reply. At this moment General [gold/metal] saying slowly: Our darkness goes! Immediately the audience North Koreans break out slating applause, was looking that the television direct transmission ao Pama sneered to the surrounding colleague said: These two B, the darkness absolutely did not have Sun! In the White House has also broken out the slating applause!!” These two people are I have seen intelligently, you are probably more intelligent than them.” Xia Tian worship looks at that man. That man just started to listen has not thought anything, like listening to a joke, but the Xia Tian following words, make his thorough was angry, he understood, front fellow is changes to the insult he. How this lets him to endure. Especially is working as the beauty front, how he possibly bore. Your unexpectedly dares to scold me, you know that who I am?” That man gave to put aside gentry demeanor all of a sudden, whole face angry looks at Xia Tian. Your this is not good.” Xia Tian consoles to say.

„Do I get along to have any relations with you.” The anger of that male whole face. Your such temperament is easy to suffer a loss outside.” Xia Tian said. I told you my temperament not to be good.” That man wishes one could to kill Xia Tian directly. Changes!” Xia Tian very optional saying. I, if doesn't change?” That male coldly looks at Xia Tian. ! A kitchen knife has placed on his neck: Can change?” On the forehead of that man has flowed off the cold sweat immediately, too quick this blade, moreover this blade has stuck to his neck, he felt that his fine hair cut off by the kitchen knife. This sudden scene frightened him to jump immediately. His anything has not thought that the opposite party said begins to begin, moreover takes the kitchen knife. This thing is very dangerous. He thinks that thought the real man is not at a disadvantage from the outset, this matter first this, waits a while he to find the person to come to revenge again: Can change, can change!” This was not right, I was the neurosis, killed people does not pay with a life!” Xia Tian has put down the kitchen knife, sat has eaten there once more. Bing Xin felt one were loves dead Xia Tian simply, installed a neurosis to install was so charming.

This simply was good. That male directly dingy escaping. Your Ah! Ye Qingxue helpless shaking the head, which Xia Tian arrives, the matter must have, issue that can solve well in a moment, he must such violence, moreover unexpectedly is also taking the kitchen knife. rascal meets the martial arts, no one can block, rascal understands the culture, you said that feared, I am meeting martial arts, understands the cultural senior big rascal.” Xia Tian very proud saying, he continues to eat afterward. The Xia Tian table manners must ugly ugly. Good that however the old saying said that in sweetheart eyes Xi Shi, so long as likes you, regardless of you are what kind, even if you dig out the foot guy, the opposite party visits you is also very graceful, if not like you, even if you are driving the BMW, thinks your clown. This time Bing Xin is this, although Xia Tian eats is so distressed, but she is felt that Xia Tian was cool, very has executed, is unable to analogy simply. Was less than ten minutes, Xia Tian also finished eating. When they plan to leave. Snort, has not walked, happen.” The entrance presented more than ten individuals, was that person of head is that gentry man.