Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 818
A Jiang Hai City outdoor Basketball field. Here every day to this time, person increased on the violent, because most people liked going out in the evening. The surrounding lamp is very bright, makes here dim also bring luminously. The place that surroundings these sit sat many people at this time, they are the elites of heads and major Basketball teams in other locations, reason that today gathering here, because of a man. His name nobody knows, but everybody called him for the ball tyrant. This man is very mystical, the ultra stick that his ball hits, he has swept more than 20 locations now. City team and Jianghai University team also planted in his hand, therefore periphery gathers many people to watch the ball game now. Ball tyrant, I must collect you more materials, then poaches you, I am talent scout Yang Buhai.” This time Yang Buhai sits in corner, she has wanted to dig Xia Tian before, but she how, regardless to look, could not find the Xia Tian whereabouts, finally can only , but gives up, now her unexpectedly had discovered endures compared with the Xia Tian monster, she will let how possibly off. Eldest sister head, that fellow was too strange, plays a ball game with him is I also will feel very tremendous pressure.” Star player Fang Li lazily saying. Favored, you of previous losing are bewildered, you have not summarized to teach to me to the present.” Tang Yan very discontented saying, Fang Li is also when extracurricular plays a ball game with the person bumps into the ball tyrant, the ball tyrant ended them oppressively. Moreover the bewilderment that Fang Li loses, the audience he felt that own imposing manner was being suppressed by the opposite party, probably comes up to know one are not the match of opposite party is the same. Eldest sister head, this person is very monster, his fighting method has every so often is above my anticipation, moreover plays a ball game with him is very uncomfortable.” Star player Fang Li lies down in a there lazily appearance. Good attractive this ball, to go back to make to report to me.” Tang Yan said. Eldest sister head, here person may not be possible to lose, what here town gathering place is a nickname Flash fellow, his one meter six, but the speed is actually quickly like the lightning, moreover he jumps to be able relaxed Slam Dunk.” Star player Fang Li does not think that ball tyrant is ever-victorious. I also know that everywhere is the crouching tiger , hidden dragon, but can make you feel person who pressure, is not absolutely good to cope!” Tang Yan brow tight wrinkle.

The surroundings watched the person of competition to be getting more and more, they to ball Ba to come. At this time that red No. 1 Flash, anxious looks at the entrance. „Can he come, less than five minutes.” Wait / Etc., and so on, he mentioned, definitely will come.” The red No. 1 Flash believes Xia Tian. Their opposite this time sits four people, women and three men, in three men two heights, only then one meter about eight, third has two meters 15 head, his skin is swarthy. At this time on him is throwing over a towel, closes one's eyes, nobody knows that he is sleeping or is doing. Time little past. „Can he come, how this person such does not have the prestige, making us wait in vain.” Do not speak at a venture, possibly had the matter to delay.” Red the Flash said on the 1st. Looked quickly that he came, followed two beauty.” At this moment, they behind suddenly some people shout, their here all people all looked to the entrance, saw their here situations, the surrounding person also all looked to the entrance. Xia Tian!” Yang Buhai has stood directly, sees Xia Tian time, she wanted to be excited simply, she looked for Xia Tian to be very long, but Xia Tian has not appeared, now Xia Tian unexpectedly came, moreover probably was helping the red No. 1 Flash. Elder Brother Tian, the eldest sister head, is Elder Brother Tian!” Star player Fang Li saw Xia Tian time sat directly. I saw.” Tang Yan frowns saying that she once thinks Xia Tian has been missing, because she very long had not seen Xia Tian. „, I thought any person, one meter more than eight point, red No. 1 their unexpectedly and other people.”

Is, this fellow long fair and clear, the body Lian Dian muscle cannot see, how possible line to play a ball game.” „The sportswear that his unexpectedly wears came out, moreover does not have the backpack, this is non-specialized.” The person who surroundings these watch the fun is very discontented, they discovered the red No. 1 Flash in and the others, because they have kept looks at the entrance, they think Flash certainly is any star player or Expert. This can resist the ball to dominate. But they see Xia Tian that moment, simply was too disappointed. Solely from the wear, Xia Tian is a very optional person, is non-specialized, goes to play a ball game with the ball tyrant with such person, this simply in insult ball tyrant, female brow slightly wrinkles in opposite party that four people: Where I have seen him probably.” Time.” The ball tyrant opening eye of slowly. You came finally, gives you fall clothing!” Red threw to a Xia Tian red 3rd sports attire on the 1st, the Xia Tian direct set outside of clothes, Bing Xin and Ye Qingxue they stands in the surrounding. We also think that you can't come? Had complained a moment ago also about you, now gives you to apologize.” The following that several people said. „, All right, I have not heard in any case.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he took a fast look around in the surroundings the vision afterward: How to come these many people.” Majority by the person who ball tyrant defeats, part is the person who then must be challenged, how some of them want to take a look at itself are lose, actually some want to take a look at strength what of ball tyrant, goes back to think the countermeasure.” Red the Flash said on the 1st.Plays a ball game, why does resembles to result in everybody. Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Such scene seems even the ratio fights is terrorist. Bang!

At this moment, the sound transmits together, is the ball tyrant, he made an effort to step on two feet in the ground a moment ago, caused very big sound, at this time their three members have all stood. Your two individual general ideas, have the ball to pass to the ball tyrant.” The females said. Em!” They also nodded. Relax, I will not lose!” Ball tyrant light saying, he takes the big towel on shoulder afterward, walks directly to the middle position, his behind that two person also tight following in his. They are the blue sides. Xia Tian this group is the red. The Flash is red 1st, Xia Tian is red 3rd. Everybody keep it up, cannot certainly lose!” The red No. 1 Flash hits the gas channel, afterward he also moved toward the middle position. Red No. 1 extended the right hand in a friendly way. Snort!” Ball Ba coldly snort, looked that has not looked at red 1st, the manner very arrogant.