Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 819

Arrogant! The manner of ball tyrant was really too arrogant. The handshake in the Basketball field represents the peaceful manner, but opposite party unexpectedly looked continually had not looked, such action makes here person very discontented immediately. However actually and nobody said anything. Because this they do not have anything to relate. Moreover understood the people who ball tyrant know, he is this arrogant manner, does not pay attention to anybody, in his eyes as if there is victory or defeat, does not have other things, when his is very high, stands the red No. 1 Flash front, the red No. 1 Flash knows the position of his waist. He also pretends not to see to be the same, stands in the Flash side intentionally. His is in an insult Flash head. Even if the Flash is also the brow tight wrinkle, this fellow was really too extremely arrogant, kept person some from accepting extremely arrogantly, the Flash complexion was very cold, his innermost feelings pledged that must to this fellow lesson, making this fellow know own fierce. Flash title is not Bai to come. Quite high.” Xia Tian looked up an eyeball tyrant. A two meters distance such near time, seems is truly high, even if Xia Tian also reluctantly arrives at his shoulder position! Ball tyrant too can insult the person simply, he stands in the Flash intentionally, for a shame Flash head.” Moreover he also pretends not to see the Flash to be the same.” Flash definitely soon is irritated now.” The surrounding these people have seen through the meaning of ball tyrant.

How do you have two people to participate?” The ball tyrant a moment ago was silent shame, but his unexpectedly spoke now, moreover how he said the red two people. Is three people, the Flash stands in her side obviously. Mouth puts cleanly.” Saying of Flash coldly. Em?” The ball tyrant seems follows sound lowering the head of slowly: You are the child of which family, on plays at the same time, here must carry on the competition.” Hears the words of ball tyrant. Flash behind these human spirits must directly clash simply. The ball tyrant simply was too excessive. His unexpectedly so is supercilious, moreover he insulted the way of person simply is good. All people know the Flash short, but everybody praised his speed to be quick, with spring, no person said his height intentionally, but the ball tyrant came up unexpectedly is the Flash is a child. However the Flash stands in the front of ball tyrant, the disparity between both is truly big. The arm of ball tyrant soon both were thicker than the Flash two legs. Ball tyrant, you leaves goes too far, has the skill in our field to see.” Flash angry looks at the ball tyrant! Plays a ball game with you? Isn't will crack a joke? Plays a ball game to have any meaning with you, others will say I bully the child.” Very the ball tyrant disdains looks at Flash saying that he not minces matter oneself to look down upon the Flash the vision. „! The big fellows, I could not listen, did not play a ball game, you on a high spot, how you did not resemble felt one were the country Patriarch seat is the same.” Xia Tian coughing suo gently two, he could not listen: Tree does not want Pi Bi dead without doubt, person not being concerned about face unmatched in the world.” Yeah, does not know really you hit, your one meter about eight? Is used to play the center? Do you jump to have my arm show to be high?” The ball tyrant sees Xia Tian to speak, immediately has approached Xia Tian the adjust fire.

Definitely cannot suffice, you are so big, put out a hand to touch the person to dragon tower, how I can compare with you, you have a look at your this muscle from top to bottom to shear to sell the meat more valuable than us, moreover you purebred, the pure natural nature is black! We want black to become your such are not easy, you may not go out in the evening, is easy to frighten the person, others looked that also thinks the tooth became a ghost.” Xia Tian said. Hears the Xia Tian words, their behind these people have not smiled. Snort, long white extraordinary?” Ball Ba coldly snort said. Long must not have any extraordinary in vain, is actually much longer does not have anything, but your black tooth chen.” Shaking the head that Xia Tian keeps. You court death!” The ball tyrant lifts the hand to hit the person! Hits, a bit faster hits, my physique was not good, in family also poor, cannot afford the nutriment, does not have the car(riage) not to have the room, perhaps you hit my me to make one's own way to rush well-off.” Xia Tian excited looks that the ball tyrant said. Snort! Starts to play a ball game!” The ball tyrant could not bear finally. Great.” Red 1st and the others have all raised up the thumb to Xia Tian. „To compare with my husband, your length is to open mouth again insufficiently.” Bing Xin very proud saying. Ye Qingxue is the heavy line of whole face, this also has the worship. This fellow is such shameless.” Yang Buhai still remembers that now just knew Xia Tian time, Xia Tian is such shameless. Elder Brother Tian is Elder Brother Tian, is blacker the face that big fellow is mad.” Saying of star player Fang Li face worship. This you can also worship, is shameless!” Tang Yan stared Fang Li one to say. The ball dominated their behind that women to stare in a big way the eye: Originally is he, if not he exposes oneself that shameless natural disposition, I have not thought him, he is not that steps on the person of my foot in Jianghai University.” The competition must start finally.

Whom they use the coin to choose to serve first, tied to win annato red on the 1st, red No. 2 served directly. Snort! Has any skill to use, really hopes that your strengths are fiercer than the mouth.” Very the ball tyrant disdains looked at one three people, he looked three people of times is to look down, moreover in the look all taunted. Boss, you stand there, they cannot see the ball frame.” The other two of blue team are also the speech taunts that keeps. Who hits Basketball also with looking at the ball frame.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Really speaks irresponsibly and sarcastically, your mouth is so fierce, when the time comes do not play a ball game, that may disgraced lose to the family.” The ball tyrant remembered Xia Tian to dirty his words is very angry a moment ago. Your mouth is so inexpensive, you did not fear that I fear anything!” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. You.” The ball tyrant looks at Xia Tian angrily. You said that has the blade to have the sword you to practice the sword, the sword divides on the sword and under the sword, you must practice the sword, you have practiced highest Realm now, the person the sword have united, no, is the person unites inexpensively.” Xia Tian light saying. „Do you want to fight are?” The ball tyrant walks toward Xia Tian directly. „, You can win continuously by fighting to win, is quite fierce, your long is so strong, in Basketball fights definitely is fiercest, is fighting Basketball certainly is best.” Xia Tian commended looks that the ball tyrant said. Ball tyrant, rubbish with him, with skill in ball games Insta-kill he.” The following that female said.