Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 820

Hears the words of female, ball tyrant nodded, he listens to that woman probably very much. The true competition can start finally. The surrounding these people also enlarged the eye, the fear have missed any faint trace the detail, because of this competition, but the competition of ball tyrant, moreover opposite party that Flash was also the rapidness that became famous, the body of ball tyrant was too high, moreover was too strong, should unable to defend the fast Flash. Therefore this competition is doomed is very splendid. At this time most people's vision gathers at the ball tyrant and red No. 1 Flash body, but also has few few people to look at Xia Tian. Tang Yan, Fang Li and Yang Buhai, Bing Xin and Ye Qingxue. They may have experienced the person of Xia Tian strength, therefore they were waiting for Xia Tian gets rid. Red No. 2 serves directly, he has issued red 1st the ball, after red catches a ball on the 1st, starts to dribble directly fast. Do not want to pass.” Blue No. 2 goes forward to defend directly. Depends on you, cannot block me.” The body of red No. 1 Flash has passed through the blue 2nd defense fast, breakthrough perfect of , blue on the 3rd is also fast to clamp to guard. ! Crossed! Also. Red has the Flash title on the 1st worthily, he has passed through that person of defense once more. I come!” The ball tyrant arrives at the Flash instantaneously front. Snort!” Flash cold snort, the ball tyrant that insulted him a moment ago, he must give the ball to dominate a lesson, he has wanted the ball tyrant, because only then he can feel that like this he vented anger. With most direct means attack ball tyrant! He is confident to his speed. Looks quickly, single Tiao, the Flash wanted the ball to dominate.” Really splendid, comes up is such showdown of violence, the ball tyrant can defend the fast attack of Flash?” I look cannot, the Flash speed is fast, the ball tyrant was too high, the body is not definitely flexible.” The surrounding these people started to analyze their strength, in the field several other people have not come up the disturbance, left a piece of space to them, this was single Tiao the time.

You cannot defend me!” Red No. 1 Flash self-confident saying. You cannot pass I.” Ball tyrant light saying. Bang! The red No. 1 Flash moved, his speed is fast, passed through from the left of ball tyrant instantaneously. Crossed! He passed! When all people think he passes through, the ball dominated, the left leg of ball tyrant to retreat one step, his one step was too big, blocked directly in red No. 1 Flash front. Bang! The ball broke! Good. Quite fierce!” Broke, the ball dominated unexpectedly to give the Flash ball, a moment ago that was really too fierce, he used his height superiority, to retreat one step, has been equal to the Flash goes forward three steps, happen to have been cut off the Flash ball.” Splendid, was really too splendid, the ball dominated unexpectedly fiercely to this degree, he will not come out from NBA.” The surrounding these people all were inconceivable of whole face, of ball tyrant are really too fierce. Snort! This just started.” That side blue side that woman light snort. Eldest sister head, you saw! This fellow simply is a versatile player, before his skill in ball games is me, has not bumped into, any match, he can think the method of dealing with.” Star player Fang Li said. This is the NBA technique!” Tang Yan light saying. What? NBA? He will not come back from NBA?” Inconceivable of star player Fang Li whole face. That actually, but he definitely together has played a ball game with the NBA person!” Tang Yan answered. Quite fierce! unexpectedly has played a ball game with the NBA person together!” Saying of star player Fang Li admiration. Practices well, later I also lead you to go to and NBA person play a ball game!” Tang Yan said. Real? The eldest sister head, you were too graceful.” Star player Fang Li excited saying.

This fellow is very fierce, his skill in ball games has surpassed these ordinary players by far.” Yang Buhai is recording the material of ball tyrant. The person of blue side overtook the ball, then has passed to the ball tyrant the ball directly! Blue side attack! Hateful, I must steal ball!” The red No. 1 Flash is staring at the ball in ball tyrant hand, he decided that this time must grab the ball, won the face, this time must grab the ball. Gives back to the opposite party to strike. Small fellow, you cannot snatch!” The ball tyrant disdains looks at Flash one. Saw the look that his disdains, the red No. 1 Flash was angry. Blue team another two players have not come up the meaning of help, they are confident to the ball tyrant, they believe that the ball tyrant will certainly win. The second collision! One time is the Flash dribbles, the ball tyrant defends, finally the ball tyrant won. This time is the ball tyrant dribbles, Flash defense! Two both are the celebrities! This outcome is the ball tyrant can succeed excellently, does the Flash take revenge successfully? Bang! When all person gods, the ball tyrant started to dribble, he flushes away to the Flash direction directly! ! Change hands! Changed hands in instantaneous ball tyrant who the Flash scrambles for the ball, his changing hands only then poly two meters, the Flash goes back to scramble for the ball hurriedly. ! Right hand changes hands. Bang! Crossed!

The Flash has not waited to stand firm the personal appearance time, the ball tyrant crossed him, the arm show of ball tyrant was too wide, buys time dribbles suffices the Flash to run several. Therefore he such relaxed has given the Flash. Was too fierce, his height absolutely is the superiority, moreover his arm show was really too long, others changed hands generally are 50 centimeters, his unexpectedly changed hands two meters, this was the need how formidable ball control ability.” Flash lost, he passed, nobody can block the ball to dominate, the first ball must be clear finally.” If such hits, the Flash they have possibility one point unable to obtain very much.” Surroundings these people already by the skill in ball games of ball tyrant deep has shocked, long high of ball tyrant, the arm lengthens, the skill in ball games is good, this simply was perfect, his such person simply was fierce too did not make sense. These people sigh with emotion perhaps also only then the people of national sports team can with him one high under. Waste!” Very the ball tyrant disdains looked was jealous of No. 1 Flash. Quite fierce!” The Flash stands is in a daze same place! „This first ball I took!” The ball tyrant said the direct jump shot. His height was very high, his jump shot was higher. When all people think this ball definitely entered. Bang! A bang reached in the ears of all people. What?” On the face of ball tyrant has written all over inconceivable, presented all people to stand, the present all these were really too astonishing. block. The ball dominated unexpectedly by person block. Excuse me, I jump is not high.”