Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 821

Seethed with excitement! The surroundings seethed with excitement all of a sudden. The ball tyrant is two meters 15 head, he added the upper arm show soon to arrive at the position of basket, in addition he was the jump shot, such high distance unexpectedly by person block. Moreover is most overbearing positive block! Bang! The body of ball tyrant falls on the ground, on his face has written all over inconceivable. This regarding him, simply is the unlikely matter, but unexpectedly occurred now, his unexpectedly by person block, moreover was one meter about eight person block. „Is this possible? Possibly how some people can Ge Qiuba, the ball tyrant be so high, moreover they were away from a moment ago are so far.” Was too inconceivable, this person puts on amateur, looked that likely will not hit the Basketball appearance, but his unexpectedly can Ge Qiu dominate.” „Is this person? The ball dominates unexpectedly by others block, moreover frontage big sealing.” The surrounding person all could not sit still, they stand there are specially excited, looked like takes the stimulant to be the same, is unable to control own mood, during they fell into to be crazy. This type keeps them from controlling itself crazily. Big sealing, this has gone simply beyond their cognition range. What situation?” Blue team there that woman deeps frown, she has not looked at the clear outcome to the present what's the matter, the ball dominates unexpectedly to be sealed, this returns the news compared with the news simply. Explosive news. She is unable to imagine one meter eight person unexpectedly to dominate block the ball, this simply was too terrifying. This is Elder Brother Tian that I know.” Star player Fang Li very proud saying. This his unexpectedly can block, whom really not have.” Shaking the head that Tang Yan keeps, she does not know how should describe Xia Tian, that ball of ball tyrant is unable a moment ago in her opinion by block, but Xia Tian unexpectedly has succeeded, moreover greatly seals.

Really this Xia Tian is fiercest.” Yang Buhai excited saying. Was too graceful, was too graceful.” Bing Xin could not bear in oneself heart was excited, at this time in the field the focal points in that all person eyes are her boyfriend, how she can not be excited. Quite fierce!” Ye Qingxue has not thought that Xia Tian such unexpectedly can cover. Red No. 1 Flash and the others in the mouths can put an egg, they saw most made that they are unable to believe that Xia Tian unexpectedly sealing that terrifying big monster. Scene except for surprised, is surprised! Just started Xia Tian to come time, they also looked down upon Xia Tian, thinks that Xia Tian was an amateur player, but was this amateur player unexpectedly has created the miracle now, his unexpectedly that ball tyrant sealing. In the field all people do not know that should say any was good. Moreover ball tyrant also insulted Xia Tian to say a moment ago that he lifts hand Xia Tian not to suffice the ball, finally now on Xia Tian unexpectedly directly his block. Person who he most looks down upon, unexpectedly stiffly sealed him greatly. He felt that his face had been hit a palm of the hand by oneself probably! Yeah, my shortcoming is long is too graceful, the merit is too TM is honest!” Xia Tian stood there pendulum has thought very charming posture! Surrounding had almost not been fallen by the Xia Tian narcissism. Volume!” The red No. 1 Flash scrambles for the ball hurriedly, preventing the ball to be out-of-bounds! Afterward he came a quick attack directly, rushes to under the basket! Frame! Slam Dunk! 1 : 0.

The red takes a ball, moreover slamdunks, the Flash slamdunks with one meter six. The red three people of imposing manners rise suddenly instantaneously. Saw the ball to enter, ball tyrant responded from the matter, after he stood up, looked angrily at Xia Tian: Your unexpectedly dares to cover me to brave!” Em! How? Doesn't let? I do not know that I cannot play a ball game, the custom does not understand.” Xia Tian bewildered saying, saw that his appearance ball tyrant was angry, Xia Tian is very obviously fierce. However he actually must fit out anything not, anything does not understand, this is playing the role of the pig to eat the tiger obviously. Snort! I told you, you left are too wild, I was just a moment ago negligent.” The ball tyrant truly was a moment ago negligent, he does not believe that some people cover him, therefore he throws a ball is very optional. This has happen to given the Xia Tian opportunity, making Xia Tian give him to come big sealing. „, Negligent, is quite fierce.” Saying of Xia Tian face admiration. Fuck! saw the expression of Xia Tian that empty boasting, the ball tyrant almost must be wild with rage. Quality, you quite do not have element qualitative, the unexpectedly speech is so uncivilized, I am so delicate, what to do do you frighten me?” Xia Tian pretends very suffering from injustice appearance. Irritated me, irritated me, started!” The ball tyrant fell into crazy Realm! The red serves, red has issued red 1st the ball on the 2nd once more! Red No. 1 dribbles fast! Bang! This ball tyrant has attacked on own initiative, his speed is quite fast, probably compares the red No. 1 Flash the speed to be quick, the Flash just caught a ball by the ball tyrant being cut off, after the ball tyrant has been cut off the ball, provokes looks to Xia Tian. Comes Ah! Why to go?” Xia Tian doubts looks to ball tyrant.

Nonsense, naturally was grabs my ball.” The ball tyrant said. Bang! His voice just fell, ball broke. What's the matter?” The ball tyrant looks the own completely empty hand, he a little hoodwinked, afterward he looked up to Xia Tian puzzled asking: „Are you doing?” Scrambles for the ball, isn't you make me pass to scramble for the ball? I snatched!” Xia Tian very optional saying. Around this these people have not all responded, because Xia Tian started to be too quick, the ball tyrants have not responded that he has not started to dribble, he very optional hit a ball there, finally was stolen by Xia Tian. Does not calculate that you are sneak attack, I have not attacked.” Saying of ball tyrant very rascal. Bang! Xia Tian the ball in a ground ball, the ball recoiled directly in the hand of ball tyrant. The ball tyrant radically is not this meaning, what he said is the attack does not calculate that has not made Xia Tian pass on the ball, but Xia Tian unexpectedly passed directly the ball, this looks down upon him simply. Hateful!” The ball tyrant looks at Xia Tian angrily: I do not need your pitying!” I have not pitied you, you cannot pass in any case my this.” Xia Tian is very optional. You court death!” Ball tyrant that ball has fired into Xia Tian directly, this time was angry , the Xia Tian speech said was really too optional, this manner was he usually treats others. But now some unexpectedly people dare to treat him with this manner. All people all excitedly looked to the ball tyrant and Xia Tian. This was the collision between King, if before , nobody can think highly of Xia Tian, then Xia Tian turned into the King in their heart now.