Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 822

Surroundings these people all stand there, nobody sits down, they now specially excited. The ball tyrant has swept away more than 20 gathering places, he has not bumped into the match, but his unexpectedly by peon block, he must carry on the positive showdown with this person today now. Can he hold the enmity of braving. The matter that other surroundings several people have forgotten to defend, they will have regarded the audience, presently turned into single Tiao the aspect in the field. Xia Tian VS ball tyrant! Ultimate big showdown! The ball tyrant dribbles, Xia Tian defense! Dribbling of ball tyrant, was a moment ago red No. 1 Flash unable to defend, now Xia Tian wanted on. Fang Li, you know why you play a ball game with him will think very constrained?” Tang Yan looked that asked to star player Fang Li. Does not know!” Fang Li said. Is the imposing manner! Although your skill in ball games is good, but you can only calculate that now a talent, but is not the King, after you , when has the opportunity and NBA that group of people play a ball game, you know that who they were, had the air/Qi of King, Zhan Huang and Kobe this big figure, they stood before you, you did not even have including the courage of shooting.” Tang Yan light saying. Imposing manner? Listens to be very mysterious, has this type of thing really?” Fang Li doubts looks to Tang Yan. Naturally had, which can enter NBA is not the King in King, on each of them has the different imposing manners, why this these just entered the reason that the NBA players could not attain the good achievements.” Tang Yan answered. Originally is this, that Elder Brother Tian? Why doesn't he fear this imposing manner?” Fang Li asked. On him has a more special imposing manner, therefore counter-balanced mutually.” Tang Yan very optional saying. What imposing manner?” Fang Li curious looks to Tang Yan. „The imposing manner of not being concerned about face!” Tang Yan said. Fang Li has wiped the sweat on forehead, he understands finally Elder Brother Tian was why invincible. Xia Tian VS ball tyrant! This is the ultimate collision, their physical qualities not in a scale, but Xia Tian is an unknown.” Yang Buhai looks data that one this on record, the analysis of ball tyrant done was similar, but on Xia Tian that page is the question mark. This time I must give you a lesson.” The ball dominates coldly looks at Xia Tian. Quite sleepy, hurry up, fires off me quite to go home to sleep!” Xia Tian very optional saying. Is now!” The ball tyrant saw that moment that Xia Tian relaxes overruns directly forward, his left hand and right hand trade the ball fast, to Xia Tian side time, makes an effort, this position is away from Xia Tian enough three meters far, he does not believe absolutely that Xia Tian can also steal.

Bang! When ball tyrant thinks one passed Xia Tian, he felt suddenly the ball in own hand did not have. Bang! Bang! Xia Tian stands in him behind, there very optional is patting the ball: Does not have the meaning.” What?” The ball tyrant looks at own hand, looks to the ball in Xia Tian hand, all these were too inconceivable, rapidness that too has, he has to accept after checking unable to bear, he just obviously passed. But actually Xia Tian steals? Quite fierce, did you see a moment ago? unexpectedly this can also steal.” Right, he is counter- step, he just started to see through the strategy of ball tyrant, then the counter- step stands there, making the ball tyrant have the misconception, felt that they are away from are very far, actually wants his turn around, has stood the ball position.” Was too fierce, I was have grown today also in experience, has learned one move.” Surroundings these person of excited saying, Xia Tian stole a moment ago is not very mysterious, but is too close to the problem, the ball tyrant has not seen through. ! The ball entered! 2 : 0. Shooting of Xia Tian is very optional. single Tiao, I must with your single Tiao.” The ball tyrant thinks one were a moment ago negligent. „! Gives you ball!” Xia Tian threw the ball to the ball tyrant once more. After the ball tyrant catches a ball, returned to the median line directly. This time I want you to be attractive.” He passes to Xia Tian the ball, Xia Tian also goes back, then the ball tyrant dribbles. Bang! ! When ball tyrant wants to dribble past the defense, the ball entered.

Did the ball enter? What's the matter? He has not thrown, did ball enter? „Is ball tyrant, you doing?” Blue side there that woman was also again unable to continue watching. A moment ago what happened?” Ball tyrant puzzled asking. I scored point!” Xia Tian very optional saying. Goal, do you throw in this? Median line?” The ball tyrant looked that asked to Xia Tian. Em!” Xia Tian said. ignorant? This is the median line.” Ball tyrant very puzzled saying. I do not know that I throw in any case, the ball entered, probably is the automatic GPS localization is the same.” Xia Tian helpless saying, his words probably are he do not want to let the meaning that the ball enters, then the ball entered. You.” The ball tyrant looks angrily to Xia Tian: Comes again!” The following some people passed the ball! Bang! ! With a moment ago exactly the same aspect! So is optional, Xia Tian helpless shaking the head of: Yeah, this can also enter.” He was just the right hand casually threw a moment ago, ball unexpectedly entered. This.” The people a little hoodwinked, if the first time can say that was the coincidence, that second time can also say that was the coincidence? Coincidence?” The ball tyrant a little hoodwinked, he rather believes that this was the coincidence. Behind some people passed the ball.

! Also entered! Was too skillful, today.” Xia Tian light saying. Elder Brother Tian started mischievously, his ultra far shooting average was 100%, this ball tyrant this time was scared.” Fang Li excited saying. If some people go to against him, he definitely cannot enter.” Tang Yan light saying. Hey, big fellow, but also hits, did not hit me to go home.” The Xia Tian right hand takes the ball to look that said to the ball tyrant. Volume!” The ball tyrant has forgotten this has been playing a ball game, what he has forgotten playing a ball game is one, he felt that he probably is an audience is the same, sees a play there. Xia Tian will be red the 3rd ball clothing to take off, then threw to No. 1 Flash, afterward walked toward outside, the ball in right hand threw backward. ! Also entered! The back to the basket for basketball, ultra long-distance range throws a ball! „Is this person?” „Can this also enter? Pats drama series?” My eye definitely had problem.” The surrounding these person of whole faces are inconceivable, today's competition made them see most let their inconceivable one. This.” That female chin of blue team must fall to the ground. Yang Buhai saw that Xia Tian must walk, directly to flying to be the same, fast running to Xia Tian, others only saw wind in the past, had not seen the person completely, saw only Yang Buhai to grasp the thigh of Xia Tian: Your this day kills, how such is cruel enough to abandon me and belly child.”