Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 826

Just entered the company hall, the female moved toward Li Ying: „Did Yingying, you think? Person who the manager is our department most has real power, how long that development master definitely could not treat, if you a bit faster did not elect, after waiting developed the master to be made, can your day feel better?” Em, I am not familiar with anything to stand in line, I only want to work well.” Li Ying frowns to say. Snort, glistening, you may, if wants, you if not elect, whoever stays behind finally, your day will not feel better.” That female cold snort, she has tempted with the promise of gain good, does not start to intimidate. Elects your younger sister to elect, you take wages Tiantian are being come to the company to think what this is?” Xia Tian really could not bear, opens the mouth to scold directly. That female was such scolded by Xia Tian, directly scolding hoodwinked, has gawked the half of the day, the doubts looked to Xia Tian: You.” Excuse me, the elder sister, he is my friend!” Li Ying comes up hurriedly the explanation. Li Ying, I thought that you do not want to do.” That the elder sister complexion changes, afterward turns the head to move toward the offices in two buildings directly. Your Ah! Li Ying helpless shaking the head. Walks, has a look.” Xia Tian light saying. I worried that they will ask you to trouble!” After Li Ying is worried to come up, these people will look for the trouble of Xia Tian, after all Xia Tian scolded that the elder sister a moment ago, that the elder sister himself is the manager favorite. I do not come up, they will look for your trouble!” Xia Tian walked directly, sees the Xia Tian appearance, Li Ying is very helpless.

They arrive at two buildings time, the manager happen to walked from the office, moreover her side also with that the elder sister, looked that the complexion of manager knows that the elder sister definitely complained, moreover that adds inflammatory details. That manager now in the eye is the anger, probably momentarily must kill people same. Li Ying, I thought that you do not want to do, who makes you lead the stranger to come to the company?” The manager first takes the Li Ying operation, actually they develop the department usually are very idle, moreover nobody manages you to do, so long as the achievement standard on the line, they will usually lead the person to come to the company, moreover does not need to explain anything, if some people asked that was the customer is OK. I.” Li Ying cannot lie, was at a loss for words all of a sudden. Snort, moreover person unexpectedly that you bring also dares to scold me, you are any things, you can pack the thing to get the hell out.” Manager cold snort angry saying, surroundings these person of anybody have not started talking, on the face instead presented the look of ridicule, person who because in their department has not stood in line on Li Ying one now, everybody thinks that her mind are many, wants to achieve success one way or another, now sees her by the first operation, everybody naturally took pleasure in others'misfortunes. Early morning calling what is.” At this moment, another female walked from behind, this female be younger than the manager, the manager seems 35-36 appearances, this female are most is less than 28, moreover her long is also more attractive than the manager, puts on has the makings. Do not mind others'business!” The manager noticed that the time complexion of that female changes. Your ghost woman, knows to curse at people, what do you besides cursing at people also meet? You were obsolete, oneself wrote a resignation letter.” That female develops the master. „Did you quarrel enough?” Xia Tian shouts one: Your one month has wages to come to the company is quarrels right? Who quarrelled to win who on cow B? You think that you are snatching Tu Dragon Dao, won has been able the verbal command world?” Xia Tian this shouted, but also really that two people shaking, them has not done clearly, does Xia Tian is do, spoke to have a manner of gang of superior, this had two possibilities, the first type, Xia Tian knew that the Zeng's Group senior official, the second type, Xia Tian was the neurosis.

Xia Tian vision coldly looks to the surrounding these people, these people go to the company majority of time possibly is not this, but the time one long was gradually influenced. He also understands, reason that the big company stands in line for the unification, who has won, who here decides, everybody unified, later had on the pricetag of face-to-face talk condition with the company, is not good we collectively to change job, in our hands has the resources in any case. But they have forgotten a point, the Zeng's Group resources are useless in other place, everybody heard that you are the Zeng's Group manager, will be polite to you, once you have been separated from Zeng's Group, goes to other company, others from the start were not possibly seeing you. You who? What runs our Zeng's Group to shout? You do not know that our Zeng's Group is the Xia Group biggest company? Has Xia Group heard? Has contributed 30 billion dollars big company, you can enter here have been convinced, unexpectedly that your ancestors cultivated also dares to shout and wrangle here.” That manager frowns to look to Xia Tian. Li Ying, is he your friend?” The development master looked that asked to Li Ying. Em!” Li Ying nodded. Your friend speech very clashes, but I like.” That development master shows a faint smile. What do you smile to smile? Haven't I said you? Does the company develop Zhen Xuanchuan place to you? Does here have the emperor? You develop to whom look, was competent? It is not competent speaks!” Xia Tian direct scolded, scolded that development master stares. She just started to smile, moreover she felt that she has not offended this person, but this person saw everybody to scold probably. What thing you are, depends on you also to match shouts and wrangles here? I do not do you to be what kind, you dismiss me.” That manager really could not bear, when she has received this type of air/Qi, one was scolded by a bewildered person.

Resembles him is Boss of company is the same, scolds her words also to consider for the general situation results. Surroundings these people also all are very discontented looks to Xia Tian, they do not do clearly, actually this fellow from which jumps. However also several people felt that Xia Tian looks familiar probably very much. The Xia Tian most major characteristics are make the person unable to remember the appearance, especially these with he not familiar person, even if has seen him, one week will forget from now on , moreover nobody can pat the face of Xia Tian. Otherwise they can think that this man was not just in the past that fought with the fists the Wen Zhaohua aggressive man. Good, I satisfy your desire, you can pack the thing to leave, did not need to write the resignation letter.” Xia Tian said. Snort! Did you also really regard yourself here Boss? Do you have to dismiss my qualifications?” Very the manager disdains looks at Xia Tian to say. He has!” At this moment the entrance presented one person, is Zeng Ruo.