Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 827

All people all looked at the vision to the entrance position. He , if no that qualifications, nobody had that qualifications.” Zeng Ruo walked from the entrance directly. Once. Chief Zeng!” The manager saw Chief Zeng time stares slightly. Chief Zeng!” The surrounding person all stands to say. Was you asked a moment ago he did have to dismiss your qualifications?” Zeng Ruo looked that asked to that manager. Chief Zeng! I.” The manager just wants to say anything. I asked that you are?” Saying of Zeng Ruo coldly. Yes, is he.” The manager wants to explain. You can pack the thing to leave, Zeng's Group will never hire.” Zeng Ruo said directly. Why? You cannot like this, I sign the labor contract, I have not made any huge mistake, you cannot dismiss me.” That manager said directly that she wants to say the matter with the contract, each enters a Zeng's Group person five danger [gold/metal] to add on the labor contract. You should remember that what labor contract last few words are?” Zeng Ruo asked. Remembers that Xia Group Boss has a ticket to overrule the above conditions the rights.” That manager remembers certainly, because these words are very special, seems does not have any to use. That was not good.” Zeng Ruo said. But that did not write, only then Xia Group Boss had directly dismisses my qualifications.” The manager said.

Right, he is Xia Group Boss, you asked that Xia Group Boss does have to dismiss your qualifications, now also with asking?” Zeng Ruo light looked that said to that manager. Heard the Zeng Ruo words, in the office all people are all shocked. That several looked the person who Xia Tian looks familiar also finally thought that this person was not just past fighting with the fists Jiang Hai four young master Wen Zhaohua that hero. That development master is also whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, in that legend Xia Group manager unexpectedly is in front of her the person, already some people guessed that Xia Group Boss was a put on airs. Xia Group Boss regarding anybody is a legend. That type only lives figure in legend, he is also the husband in people's dream, the put on airs. However outside nobody knows that actually Xia Group Boss is, because he was too mystical, other rich and powerful people are the special high-sounding talk, but he actually never comes out before the person, at this time big figure in that legend on living standing in her at present. How this makes her be able not to be excited, moreover figure in this legend and she imagined the disparity too to be also big, put on is the same with the average person, moreover young fearfulness, long also led. The mouth of Li Ying opens big, although she knows that Xia Tian possibly knows Zeng's Group inside person, but she has not thought that the Xia Tian understanding unexpectedly is Zeng Ruo, no wonder after she goes to the company, Zeng Ruo specially looks after to her, what she cannot think is Xia Tian unexpectedly is in that legend Xia Group Boss. No. Is impossible!” On the face of that manager has written all over inconceivable, she is unable to believe that front this person is in the legend Xia Group Chief Xia, is the day badly leaves with that person who in her heart imagines simply. You were dismissed.” Xia Tian looks that manager said that afterward he turns the head to look to that development master, when that development master sees his vision, the whole person had a scare. You transfer the practice session, three months, if not good leaves automatically, the Li Ying liter is the divisional manager, other staff monthly salaries buckle half, transfers the practice session completely, don't you like standing in line? This time stood, I do not hope that in a company had the second team.” The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around on the bodies of surrounding these people: Naturally, you, if thought that cannot resign to leave fairly directly.” Heard?” Zeng Ruo said loudly.

Heard!” The surrounding person responded. Xia Tian, my anything cannot.” Li Ying said hurriedly. Skill, cannot study, if the will of the people rescued decayed is difficult.” Xia Tian spoke of here time looked at a that manager. At this time that manager looks deathly pale, she understands that she dropped the hell from the heaven all of a sudden, where beforehand she arrived at to be hounded, thinks that she was the high salary, she was the Zeng's Group divisional manager. The right is big, which arrives has the face, but this corona vanished now, because she offends the person who should most not offend. Surroundings these person of not any resignation, because the wages cut in half, compared with others family, moreover enters Zeng's Group is ten points has the face matter, once is separated, then their lives will have the great change. They feared. That development master had not said that any words, accepted. Sister Rou, you should come one to sweep clear greatly, a company bigger clothes eating insect are more, regardless of that person has performed any merit for the company, he has the big skill, so long as is the clothes eating insect must clean, Xia Group most does not lack person who is the talented person and has the skill, our resources to the world, whoever he can turn into Expert in that position.” Xia Tian said. Present Xia Group is this, you sees the customer probably to need to wait for or others in other company pays no attention to you radically, but Xia Group is different, where you go to others to regard the distinguished guest you, even if the opposite party is meeting also immediately to come out to greet. In such environment, any person, so long as adapts, can become extraordinary figure. Em!” Zeng Ruo nodded! Walks, Sister Rou, exits to stroll, in the morning considers the rest!” The Xia Tian official business processed, this processing private affair, this time came is not reorganizes Zeng's Group, but was sees Sister Rou.

That the elder sister was the whole body has trembled a moment ago, she was afraid Xia Tian to note her, has also dismissed her, was good has disregarded her because of Xia Tian finally directly whistling! Narrow squeak.” At this moment! Was right, that the elder sister, I thought that you and your managers relate very well, you accompany her.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Bang! The elder sister falls on the ground directly. The rice bowl lost! Her secured job lost. She just relaxed, thinks one escaped, but Xia Tian unexpectedly remembers her to come now. She has thought her disposition suits in this profession mixes, moreover she relates with the manager that well, later can only be the life of promotion, but she does not have to think own unexpectedly ends up to turn out finally so is out. But makes her have that person who that person of this fate was she most was looking down upon a moment ago. Chief Zeng, Chief Zeng, below came a person saying that was your husband's elder brother, the following person could not block him, he was very fierce.” At this moment the person in onstage runs over to say.