Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 831

Long time they separate. The surrounding these people all are look to Zeng Ruo that envies. Now in the entire restuarant has been surrounded by rose, they probably fell into colored sea. The smoke and fire burnt through! Turns on the light, I want to take a look at you well!” Zeng Ruo loving looks at Xia Tian. Em! Turns on the light!” Xia Tian said. Humph! After the light was opened, periphery Zeng Ruo is sees clearly many the flower, she came in a moment ago felt that periphery is very strange, but where he could not have said strangely, she finally understands now. Three seconds that she closed one's eyes a moment ago, the person who surroundings these ate meal scattered the flower petal the entire ground, then all lifted the cloths of these masks. In 1 million flowering shrubs! Most romantic moment! I also think that you are one do not understand the romantic person.” Zeng Ruo first time felt one likely is a concubine. I truly do not understand, but I can go to study.” Xia Tian hugs into Zeng Ruo the bosom. Bites dīng! The Zeng Ruo cell phone has made a sound, heard Zeng Ruo cell phone unexpectedly to make a sound, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Chief Zeng, that person came back, moreover he also leads the person to come.”

Good, my this goes back.” Zeng Ruo has hung up the telephone directly, looks to Xia Tian: Has busily.” Em, walks!” Xia Tian nodded. By the Xia Tian hearing, naturally heard the words of telephone that head, was that fellow a moment ago. Sister Rou, who are these fellows?” Xia Tian asked that person who has hit others, he to the present does not know that who the opposite party was. Wu! Although they are not the Jiang Hai City families, but is not far from Jiang Hai City, big enterprise has lots of assets! Moreover the senior head of the clan of Wu is Expert, therefore nobody dares to provoke their Wu, that person that you hit was called Wu Yu.” Zeng Ruo answered. „A solution, after I do not want to you, brings troublesome.” Xia Tian said. In Zeng's Group. Snort! Your Zeng's Group is any thing, if not our Wu, your Zeng's Group already went bankrupt, now clamors with us.” Wu Yu stands in the Zeng's Group hall angry shouting. Sir, we have informed Chief Zeng, she will come immediately back.” Sir? You know that who I am? Called my master, what having a look at you were what thing? Do not think that his Zeng Ruo has climbed up Xia Group that big tree on extraordinary, our Wu has not paid attention to her in the same old way.” Wu Yu incomparably rampant saying. Master, depends on her Zeng Ruo also to match with you places on a par? In the past her Zeng Ruo had knelt for three days out Wu three nights, with dog same fawning and obsequiousing.” That person of Wu thinks highly to say. Not, even if her Zeng Ruo now the skill were also a little what kind of? How many big figure internationally has she seen? What does she understand the life of upper class person is? But is one in the person who Jiang Hai City thinks.” Wu Yu genuinely looks down upon Zeng Ruo, in his eyes Zeng Ruo forever is that needs by the person who betraying own marriage can survive. Although these year of Zeng Ruo owing their Wu, but he looks down upon Zeng Ruo. In the past Zeng Family five always all compelled Zeng Ruo with Zeng Family all people, combined threats with inducements, even knelt down wait / etc., to let Zeng Ruo asked Wu, Zeng Ruo but has knelt outside Wu for three days three nights, finally Wu Jia agreed that with getting the card did not live together, and made the test-tube baby to be used to continue benefits between two.

Xia Tian and Zeng Ruo already arrived, but Xia Tian has not let Zeng Ruo in the past, but sees a play there. When comes on the road Xia Tian listened to Zeng Ruo to say the matter, in the past Wu has subsidized them 10 million, reason that afterward Zeng's Group had not done greatly is because was diverted by Wu, Wu took away 2-3 benefits surely from Zeng's Group. Zeng Ruo under- Wu already paid off. Master, Zeng Ruo in that side.” Some person people of Wu saw Zeng Ruo. Em?” Wu Yu has doubts looks to Zeng Ruo, when he sees Xia Tian, the anger of whole face. All right, does not need to visit me, my static looked that you install to meet B.” Xia Tian very appreciation looked to that Wu Yu. Snort!” Wu Yu leng snort. You install real good, I may worship you.” Xia Tian said. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to scold me in act high and mighty.” Wu Yu looks at Xia Tian angrily, he who Xia Tian hit a moment ago is so miserable, now he has not revenged, Xia Tian unexpectedly also dares to insult him. You have a look at you, this has not misunderstood, when I scolded you, I was am praising you, praising you to install good!” Saying of Xia Tian appreciation: I envy your this meeting act high and mighty person, moreover installs so is good, probably is Realm that legend people B unites.” Good! Since you court death, I help you, do not think that you can select Martial Arts on extraordinary, our Expert of Wu are very many, even if your Jiang Hai City fiercest Fan Zhuifeng is not our family ancestor's match.” Wu Yu very proud saying. He can also select Martial Arts, but are not many, he thinks that Expert strengths of Xia Tian in these Yellow Grade intermediate stages with their family is similar. Therefore he has not paid attention to Xia Tian. Moreover he carries out the Fan Zhuifeng reputation to frighten Xia Tian intentionally, because Fan Zhuifeng is most famous in Jiang Hai City, so long as is the people of practicing martial art should hear. „! Quite fierce.” Xia Tian has shipped out very appearance of exaggeration, his expression too empty boasting, making the person seem not like really surprised.

Snort! Your unexpectedly also dares to show this exasperating expression, really courts death!” Wu Yu waved to his behind these people directly. That more than ten individuals all moved toward Xia Tian. I reminded your one, I was very fierce.” Xia Tian serious saying. They are very fierce, on, breaks his all bones to me.” Wu Yu said loudly. He thinks that Xia Tian are most is also Yellow Grade late stage Expert, he this time assembled Expert and three Yellow Grade late stage of ten Yellow Grade intermediate stages Expert from family there, even if Xia Tian were Yellow Grade late stage Expert, he did not fear that he believes these 13 people on together, relaxed can solve Xia Tian. Zeng Ruo stands in the Xia Tian side, has not walked away. The surrounding these securities all have also encircled, prepares to get rid, but was actually stopped by Zeng Ruo. Zeng Ruo very understands the Xia Tian strength, if Xia Tian these people could not solve continually, he was not Xia Tian. Oh! Xia Tian said after a but actually character, that 13 the body of person lay on the ground together, they were flushing a moment ago still to Xia Tian here, but unexpectedly together drops down now. What situation?” Wu Yu has doubts looks to lying in that 13 people of ground.