Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 832

That 13 people threatened a moment ago, but their unexpectedly completely lies on the ground now, their faces and grounds sat an intimate contact, front teeth all knocked to fly. „Are you doing, gives me to get up.” Wu Yu shouts loudly. Heard the master to shout, they were enduring severe pain on the mouth, has stood hurriedly. Gives on me!” Wu Yu shouts once more. Bang! As the Xia Tian voice just fell these people to fall down once more. Puff! The tooth of this 13 person all flew, the mouthful is the blood, they do not get up, one time is the coincidence, second time absolutely is not, if Xia Tian said time a moment ago but actually they have poured, that can only say that was too skillful, but second time absolutely not. This simply is a devil. A speech lets the person but actually, can they person but actually, this also hit? Fights against the devil? This is not courts death. Gets up, your you give me to get up actually.” Wu Yu's angry shouting, how whatever they shouted that lies in that several people of ground, kills. Xia Tian has lifted the head slowly: To you!” What arrived at me?” Wu Yu has doubts looks to Xia Tian. Kneel! Puff passes. Xia Tian just said that Wu Yu whole person knelt on the ground. Damn. Really fantasy. On the faces of surroundings these people have written all over inconceivable, they know, such good B that the speech can also say, opened mouth saying that made the person kneel, the place knelt, this with patting drama series was the same, no, patted drama series not to have such strange. How will I kneel down?” Wu Yu wants to stand up, but he suddenly discovered that his knee probably inlaid in the ground was the same, did not move.

Goes to be busy your!” Xia Tian to the person who the surrounding these securities and watch the fun. Heard Xia Tian to speak, they all do not dare to watch the fun, otherwise a Xia Tian speech, their lying ground was also miserable. This gives your warning, if annoys me again, I extinguish your family.” Xia Tian coldly looks at Wu Yu saying that afterward he looked at one to lie in these people of ground: Do not feign death, gets up, 8 : 00 pm, carry off him, if lift morning, you will regret.” These people really all got up, although their mouthful is the blood, seems very scary, but knocked to fly besides the front tooth, not other any injuring. You.” Wu Yu saw these people a moment ago unexpectedly is an attire, has almost not irritated, but he has not dared to provoke Xia Tian now, he already thorough has feared Xia Tian. By the match who can kill people in a moment, he was really too frightened. Sister Rou, I have the matter in the afternoon, first walked.” Xia Tian looked that said to Zeng Ruo. Em! Goes!” Zeng Ruo nodded. Zeng Ruo went upstairs directly, Xia Tian was looks for Tang Yan, left for about a half hour in Xia Tian, Wu Yu really could not bear: A bit faster lifts me to walk.” Master, that person said that must make you kneel to eight points.” Wu's subordinate reminder said. moda foka, I am your masters, is he? A bit faster lifts me to walk.” Wu Yu's angry saying. „!” These people heard a master such saying, lifted Wu Yu directly. Ka! When they just lifted Wu Yu, heard a sound. Ah! Lying trough, are you doing, my leg broke.” Wu Yu shouts loudly. Master, we have not made an effort.” Quick! Carries off me quickly, I must go to the hospital, I need to treat.” Wu Yu's pain whole face tears. They lift once more to Wu Yu.

Ka! Also is that familiar sound. Ah! My arm also broke.” Wu Yu felt own whole person must disperse has put up, was the leg broke a moment ago, now the arm also broke, saw that such situation may scare surroundings that several people. Master, isn't this regret that person says?” The subordinate of that several Wu said. I regretted, early knows that did not make you touch me, now broke, a bit faster lifted me to go to the hospital.” Saying of Wu Yu whole face tears. He early knows that is this result, said that anything will not let under touch his. Ka! Ka! After Wu person under lifts him, his bone continues to break! A bit faster runs! The quicker the better!” Wu Yu shouts, he can feel that his bone is breaking one after another, the bone will be cut off he to feel the intense pain each time. That rending pain. Today's Tang Yan is anxious, what because he is bringing his team today to the war is a star team, reason that said that is the reason of star team is, in the team of opposite party had a person was once in the person who in NBA played a ball game. This person once in NBA was also a legend, he has created a mysterious record. His is 2. 03 meters, he has set the record 35 meters 13 legendary record. He is the King in field. Perfection King. Today they must battle is this perfection legend. Xue Chuan and Fang Li look that front this past star felt very tremendous pressure, they are the talents that deserves, but is facing Expert of this King rank, they also very anxious. After opposite party first goes on stage, oneself chop crazily for more than 30 points, drops the Jianghai University team at the high score.

The first section the competition ended, both sides are 45 : 20. Disparity enough 25. Then the perfection King rested. Xue Chuan and Fang Li their stamina overdraw very in a big way, with this Expert to the war, they are horsepower full, but also feels to have more desire than energy, the second period of competition starts, the stamina consumption of Xue Chuan and Fang Li too took six points greatly again continually. Afterward Fang Li erupted, has crashed 11. 51 : 31! However Fang Li could not insist, fate rest! Xue Chuan leads the team to attack in the field, but second had ended, the score has not pulled back many. 70 : 53. The second section ended. Two pasts, first lagged behind the huge score by the perfection King, this makes Jianghai University have very tremendous pressure, their complexions are unusual is not good, they understand the significance of this competition. If they lost, eldest sister must comply with proposing of opposite party instructor. The opposite party looks is a dandy, is not the good thing, do they possibly make eldest sister marry this person? „, Gives up! You lost, 17 disparity, our King last will also go on stage, when the time comes the score will be getting bigger and bigger.” Chen Lei, the competition had not ended, you leave wildly too early, if you lost, later again should not be tired of me and my family member.” Tang Yan coldly looked that said to the opposite party.