Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 833

Depends on under your hand these babies, insufficiently hits radically.” Glance that Chen Lei disdains a Jianghai University player. This competition does not have the audience, because this is not a normal competition. But the gambling makes! If Chen Lei has won, then Tang Yan must comply to marry him, if Tang Yan has won, then Chen Lei has not allowed to disturb Tang Yan. Is this gambling makes. You leave are too wild, competition had not ended, who loses who wins is uncertain.” Fang Li also receives the image of the past funny having compelled, today he must spell, for eldest sister head spelled excitedly. He does not allow eldest sister to marry front this hateful fellow absolutely. He must protect the dignity of eldest sister head. Other Jianghai University members are also a face angrily look at Chen Lei. Good, since you are so stubborn, we under see the true facts while you are at it, too anti- do not hit.” Chen Lei said that turned back oneself field region. Xue Chuan had not spoken, but is the big mouth is panting for breath. Eldest sister head, changes on me!” Fang Li very earnest saying. „It is not good, your stamina consumption was too big.” Tang Yan shook the head. Eldest sister head, I asked you, don't let me regret the line? Even if I die of exhaustion in the Basketball field, I do not hope that has not harmed eldest sister you because of diligently.” Fang Li holds arm very serious saying of Tang Yan. Eldest sister head, lets on him!” Xue Chuan saying slowly. Xue Chuan today's words are few, everybody has even neglected this Captain, but he finally starts talking now. Tang Yan looked at Fang Li, looked at Xue Chuan to sigh: Yeah, you carefully.” Relax, the eldest sister head, I am all right.” Fang Li strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Good, keep it up!” The third section finally started. Chen Lei after that side the member inflates, has not exhorted too many tactics, because today they how, regardless to hit to win, they perfection war-god, inventor of NBA record. Therefore today they can let loose hitting. Jianghai University here, imposing manner foot. Each of them holds the determination that must win, they cannot lose. keep it up!” Jianghai University here shouts loudly. The third section the competition finally started. Jianghai University serves, the ball has passed to Captain Xue Chuan directly, the Xue Chuan dribbling goes forward, several other people with the Xue Chuan step. Defends him!” Chen Lei shouts loudly. His member fires into Xue Chuan directly. !

Pass. Xue Chuan corrupt, direct pass, some people have not looked at that person afterward. ! When opposite party god, Jianghai University feedback. Xue Chuan catches a ball the later direct jump shot! Hateful, do not want to throw into.” That person comes up directly block. ! The ball is quite high, good high dropping ball, this ball was too high, cannot defend. Snort! How such ball possibly enters.” Saying that the opposite party disdains. Frame! At this moment the explosive sound transmits from their rear areas together. Slam Dunk! Is Slam Dunk! A moment ago Xue Chuan that was not shooting, but passed, the Fang Li direct airborne relay, buckled into the basket the ball. 70:55. The score disparity turns 15. Moreover is the grand opening, big Slam Dunk! Fang Li, your boy is attractive!” Xue Chuan shouts. Ha Ha! I am so graceful, how possibly unable to buckle!” Fang Li laughs was saying. Returns to base!” Xue Chuan shouts loudly. Five people return to base fast. This time turned into the opposite party to attack, Jianghai University defended. Snort! Everybody keep it up, extinguished Jianghai University.” The opposite party shouts loudly. Bang! At this moment, together form fast traversing. Stole! Is Fang Li. Also is Fang Li, after he steals, dribbles directly to the basket of opposite party flushes away.

Frame! Slam Dunk! Also is big Slam Dunk! 70:57. Fang Li fully greatly erupted, his body is the sweat, but he succeeds recovered two points once more. Fang Li, attractive.” Xue Chuan shouts. He such very intensive hits, stamina is completely insufficient.” Tang Yan frowns to say. This boy, good, the talent is very good!” A Chen Lei brow wrinkle, was waving to the field in person afterward, his member understood his intention. The opposite party serves once more! This Fang Li was clamped against. Two people guard Fang Li together. Fang Li unceasing moving, but position is stubbornly. Hateful, the foot clamps to guard softly!” Fang Li cursed angrily one! This time must score point!” Opposite party Captain shouts loudly, then they go forward fast, dribbling sprint. Bang! Stole! unexpectedly has stolen, but this time is not Fang Li, but is Xue Chuan, the Jianghai University person was all insane, they do not have scruples the consumption of stamina and body completely, is breaknecking completely. Frame! Also is very intensive Slam Dunk! Although Slam Dunk the posture is graceful, moreover rising imposing manner, but the consumption of Slam Dunk to body is also very big. 70:59. The third section just started Jianghai University to recover six points. Honk! Suspension! The opposite party called a suspension! Whistling!” Fang Li big mouth is panting for breath. You are all right.” Asking that Tang Yan worries about. Eldest sister head, relax, our can instead surpass their.” Fang Li said. Reluctantly, your bodies should not be the meat do after all.” Tang Yan brow tight wrinkle. Brothers, how should do do not need me saying that gives me toward dying to run, has the vacancy to pass, the attack must score point, the defense has staked to me, I must haul in the score.” Xue Chuan shouts loudly.

Opposite party there has changed three members. However the war-god of that perfection has not gone on stage. The third section competition intense. The competition ended is 80 : 79, misses a point. On person faces of Jianghai University has filled excitedly, although their tired must collapse, but the score pursued finally, their moods were very good, Fang Li a few words could not say, because he thinks that the speech was also consuming stamina. Therefore he remains silent. The fourth section the competition started. The opposite party this time sent that perfection war-god, saw the perfection war-god time, Jianghai University here felt that pressed Lishan to be big. Brothers, should not be afraid! He is also individual.” Xue Chuan shouts. Opposite party dribbling attack, is perfection war-god dribbles. After crossing half-court, Fang Li steals directly. ! Relaxed rocking, crossed Fang Li directly, Fang Li turns head hurriedly, two steals. ! Also, the perfection war-god had been relaxed, but Fang Li actually by company twice. Xue Chuan is also comes up the defense. ! Also. Moreover this perfection war-god took off directly. ! Scored point. Three-pointer! 83:79. The competition was held quickly for five minutes. The score turned into 105 : 81. The person stamina consumption of Jianghai University are too many . Moreover the perfection war-god skill in ball games is good, during they as if fell into despaired. It seems like I come is not late.” At this moment behind the field walks a man, sees this man time, Jianghai University all people at present all are one bright.