Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 836

Regarding both sides, these 15 seconds are very important. Because they have the reason that cannot lose. Chen Lei has a dream wants to take Tang Yan, therefore he must win, the perfection war-god does not want to lose to Xia Tian, he wants to wrestle finally. Jianghai University here, does not allow to lose. They do not think that eldest sister marries that hateful fellow. Xia Tian is guarding the wife, he how possibly wife losing. Eldest sister head, on me!” Fang Li felt one have rested. Xue Chuan has also stood. Finally 15 seconds, they must all rush. Em!” Tang Yan nodded, she does not want to marry Chen Lei, this final 15 seconds, she must let the whole staff on, making the strongest strength take these three points, even if cannot take three points, the overtime is also good. So long as has been overtime, Xia Tian certainly can win. Therefore they must attain least two points in this final 15 seconds. Brothers, with me on!” Xia Tian was waving to four people, they walk toward the field directly. This time Chen Lei facial color is stern. What means no matter with, cannot lose, cannot lose absolutely, understood what is heard?” Chen Lei shouts loudly. Understood what is heard!” All people responded together. War-god, asked.” Chen Lei looked that said to the perfection war-god. The perfection war-god nodded. Finally 15 seconds. These 15 seconds regarding them, are the life and death 15 seconds, who held, who is the final winner, who lost, tonight cannot sleep, moreover definitely will regret. The both sides members all go on stage. Optimum condition. All personnel adjust the best condition. This is a super war. These 15 seconds, are the most intense collisions, both sides all personnel stand completely. The Jianghai University five people stand uniformly the opposite party half-court defends, assaults, their this was must assault. Opposite party does not plan storm, but defends this ball.

The perfection war-god watched Xia Tian. Time in this moment as if static, all people have all turned very quiet. These 15 seconds as if turned into a century to be so long. Serve! The opposite party served. 15! The time starts the reciprocal! After opposite party catches a ball, the Jianghai University person follows hurriedly, the opposite party passes fast. 14! Bang! Fang Li stole the ball. Bang! The opposite party stole the ball. The fight is very intense, the small half the game, has stood ten people, both sides ran insanely. 13! The opposite party passes once more! Bang! After Xue Chuan sees an opportunity, steals fast, rocks, the ball came back, he wants to pass to Xia Tian, but Xia Tian looks at now stubbornly by the perfection war-god, in the flash of Xue Chuan god. Bang! The opposite party steals once more. The ball returned to the hand of opposite party. 12! Probably was had been very long every second, the people of both sides did not have scruples stamina completely, all running positions thorough were chaotic. Hateful, we cannot lose!” Fang Li scrambles for the ball once more, afterward he dribbles past the defense fast, since Xia Tian lived by the civil air defense, he wants suddenly, two points , he so long as attained for two points to be OK. The tie is overtime they certainly to win. Therefore he must come safest Slam Dunk.

Bang! At this moment three people encircled directly him, direct big block him knocked down. Ten seconds! The playing time remaining ten seconds, the situation was only getting more and more intense, the Tang Yan control is the sweat, he is also afraid, now the remaining ten seconds, the opposite party completely in the defense of breaknecking, the Jianghai University person the probability that wanted to layup was too only low. Is this, is this!” Chen Lei's excited saying, ten seconds, so long as endured for ten seconds to suffice again, they have won, Tang Yan must marry him. Now his mood is very crisp. On this day finally must come. He has even forgotten the breath. These substitute personnel also all anxious standing of Jianghai University there. Both sides in fast pass and stealing. Nine seconds! Deeping frown of Xia Tian, the perfection war-god gave up on him completely. Hateful, father breaknecked!” Fang Li gives a loud shout, in fast crashing in crowd, his right hand big windmill directly stiffly gave the ball in midair according to the ground. Bang! Five seconds. Captain!” Fang Li gives a loud shout, the ball threw to Xue Chuan directly, the person of opposite party ran hurriedly to Xue Chuan. ! Xue Chuan catches a ball threw ball instantaneously directly to rear area. The return wire, wanted the return wire, if the return wire, they thoroughly did not have the opportunity. Bang! When the ball the return wire, a big hand ball pulling back of stiffly, the perfect coordination, whose position their three no one has looked at immediately directly, they rely on the feeling to pass completely. Fang Li knows Captain definitely in blind spot, therefore his has not lifted to throw the ball. Xue Chuan believes Xia Tian, which he has not looked at Xia Tian from the start, throws directly to own the ball, but in Fang Li to the flash that Xue Chuan passed a ball, Xia Tian started to run backward, he probably was knows that Xue Chuan will throw a ball to be the same backward. Three seconds. The perfection war-god complexion changes, flushes away to Xia Tian hurriedly. Late!” Xia Tian throws directly the ball, Basketball injected in the basket by an elegant arc directly.

! The ball entered! Three points! ! The sound of conclusion resounded. 120 : 121. Jianghai University has won, Xia Tian they won. Ah! All Jianghai University people all excitedly jumped, Tang Yan has not controlled own mood. At this moment they were soon excited. Lost!” Chen Lei falls on the ground directly, lost, their unexpectedly lost, the final life and death 15 seconds, they lost. His these members all are dejected. Ah! Ah! Ah! Fang Li loud shouting, has won, they have finally won, he needs to vent now, constrained for a long time them finally to win, they have defeated the perfection war-god. Perfection war-god that came from NBA. Has won, we won!” Xue Chuan excited saying, they have preserved the eldest sister head finally. At this moment, they simply excited must die, these people under field all ran over, they lifted Xia Tian, then throws airborne, catches, throws again. Elder Brother Tian! Elder Brother Tian!” All people are all cheering. Tang Yan felt that unprecedented relaxedness, this feeling was crisply has exploded simply, finally that ten seconds of time, she has even thought after losing what to do, she will not marry that fellow absolutely. She rather dies. Therefore her heart has hung on the throat. Each second she felt that probably is one year is the same, that ten seconds are one suffer regarding her, she felt that this time as if obtained New Student to be the same. When they put down Xia Tian. The perfection war-god walks to Xia Tian, his facial color is very ugly, although he is very black, but can see his coldly vision.