Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 837

Moreover perfection war-god person who also followed their. Saw the perfection war-god threatens walks, the Jianghai University person all kept off in the Xia Tian front. Does? Keeps off before me does.” Xia Tian both hands make an effort slightly, is divided into the two sides them directly, he walked. The perfection war-god has arrived at the Xia Tian front directly. The competition ended. Everybody does not understand that actually the perfection war-god must do. When everybody thinks must start to fight, the perfection war-god extended the right hand, spoke a China language: Friendship first, competes second, my name was Maidi.” I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian also extended own right hand. Their hands grasped in one. Snort! Chen Lei leng snort, fell the thing to walk directly. You are very fierce!” Maidi also spoke a China language. You are I have seen the strongest match.” Xia Tian said. Maidi nodded, afterward turn around left, he has remembered the Xia Tian name, this name is meaningful regarding him. Was good, everybody sufficed tired, tidied up goes home!” Tang Yan threw to a Xia Tian towel. Xia Tian has scratched scratching simply! I asked you to eat meal!” Tang Yan does not know how should thank Xia Tian. „, Your cousin has made me.” Xia Tian said. My cousin?” Tang Yan doubts looks to Xia Tian. Tang is outstanding, she said that she is your cousin, she also called my brother-in-law.” Xia Tian said. Snort, I do not have her cousin.” Tang Yan very discontented saying: You go to eat with her, but careful, in her eye has the benefit.”

„!” Xia Tian nodded. Xia Tian knows that Tang Yan did not slander Tang to be outstanding absolutely intentionally, therefore he also had a mind. An enormous and powerful Basketball war like this ended. Xia Tian was also the true experience the Basketball Expert strength, the strength of perfection war-god simply is the strong fearfulness, he thinks before by his Movement Technique and ability, can definitely sweep away the entire basketball world. However now NBA Expert comes out, almost made him be unable to take a single step forward, if that his match were five NBA Expert? He does not believe one can win. After having ended the fight, everybody has not proposed to dine together, because they are good today, everyone erupted 120% strengths. Fang Li and Xue Chuan were the eruption of breaknecking 150% strengths. Everyone has overdrawn, they went back not to rest about one week unable the normal activities. Today's competition is very meaningful regarding them! How they experienced true Expert to play a ball game, before they think one were figure of talent rank, but they were look to understand now, they were just the shortsighted people. Meets perfection war-god such Expert, they cannot follow others rhythms completely. Looks on the television, does not have no extraordinary, but fights truly discovered that others can really one dozen five. After Xia Tian left the stadium, asks Tang to be outstanding directly! I in this!” Xia Tian walks toward Tang outstandingly, Tang has changed a sportswear at this time, she is different from other woman, other women like dressing up the feminine qualities, but she will dress up the tomboy to be the same probably intentionally. Xia Tian discovered that if she dresses up again slightly, probably with Tang Yan long looks like really very much. How you result in man.” Xia Tian looked at Tang to ask. To let you differentiates me and my older female cousin, if I wear the same clothes with her, you looked that I should think my older female cousin.” Tang answered. „! Where goes?” Xia Tian asked. You accompany me to develop first, then I get you to go to a good place.” Tang outstanding mysterious smiles.

Performance?” Xia Tian a little hoodwinked, this Tang outstanding unexpectedly also had anything to perform, actually actually he wants to have a look at Tang to be outstanding must perform anything, must perform to hit Basketball. Quick! Tang Xia Tian was arriving at a bar on pulling! Xia Tian by a card stage, Tang gave him to want one glass of liquor outstandingly, has taken off own cowboy coat along with Later Tang Dynasty outstandingly directly, moved toward the stage. Took off the coat Tang outstanding whole person to have the huge change. She with Tang Yan long looks like really very much, stated differently Tang Yan is conservative, Tang is outstanding. ! After Tang comes to power outstandingly, below cheers one piece, Tang outstandingly is not first time comes to this place immediately obviously. Of pleasant to hear! When Xia Tian hears the Tang outstanding singing sound the first feeling really of pleasant to hear. When Tang's outstanding singing sound is very beautiful, hears her singing sound, below immediately a cheers piece, the quick song had finished, the surrounding photograph was insane same applause. Hello, I am Tang am outstanding, today I have a song to give to that side that gentleman.” She used to point at has referred to the Xia Tian position, Xia Tian that drunk discovered that all people looked to him, immediately gawked. The surrounding person all looks with the look that envying envy hates to Xia Tian. Tang Jieke is ten thousand people of fan Ah! But now Tang outstandingly actually must be Xia Tian sings. Everybody will not envy how possibly. Meets you, gives to you.” Tang opens outstandingly directly sings! Tang's outstanding voice is very good, moreover she sang unusual was affectionate, these people under field affected was not quickly good. If she, if sang to me the good, I go home to divorce immediately, marry her to go home.” Do not think the fine deeds, I unmarried, if she sang with me, tomorrow morning we will get the card.”

Envies the envy to hate, why is not I.” These people under stage envied simply, if the look can kill people, Xia Tian had been used 51 (spear|gun)s hitting several hundred ammunition clip bullets. backer these younger sisters are also come out to be a dance partner. After a song had finished. Tang has arrived at the Xia Tian front outstandingly directly, knees down: Is my boyfriend!” Volume!” Xia Tian stares slightly, his first time was used this way confession. Promises her, promises her!” These younger sisters on stage shout together. Xia Tian has not spoken, but takes up Tang outstanding hand Mike, then walks toward the stage: I little sang, but this song was returns a courtesy.” He said a song to the following acoustic master. ! Xia Tian comes up a throat, all shook all people. Jackson's song! Xia Tian just sang the first time, the scene has seethed with excitement, because Xia Tian throat unexpectedly becomes is just the same as Jackson, his singing sound has led the audience all people of instantaneously. Several people who in bar chatted have put out the cell phone fast. Boss, I saw star, future star, was good.” He, if participates in the China good sound, sufficiently Insta-kill all teachers.” Perfect! Too perfect.”