Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 839

Saw that some people sit, when that position, surroundings all people all looked at the vision to that person. Brings the person complexion that person comes to change instantaneously! He is not intends.” His words just said. ! Vanished. That two people disappeared baseless, probably was into thin air was the same. What?” Xia Tian opened the X-Ray Vision eye instantaneously, his vision looks to the surroundings, when his vision takes a fast look around the surroundings ground, on his face presented surprised that is hard to conceal. Death position! The right was the death position. Whoever sat there is a fate, the death! That two people had not packed off by mechanism, but died. This death way, making Xia Tian think the heart startled, if did not open the X-Ray Vision eye, Xia Tian has not thought that in this world unexpectedly also had such terrifying murder method. Expert of what rank is this?” Xia Tian felt that own heart mentioned on the throat. He does not dare to gain ground, because he discovered that has an eye to stare at him, the frightened, unprecedented fear, he thinks before Yin Nie such person is most top Expert, but this sudden black market is probably more fearful. He believes that so long as dare to have any change, the fate will perhaps not compare that two people good a moment ago. Felt that what thing by stared? Hurried of whole body shen?” Tang looked asked outstandingly to Xia Tian. Em!” Xia Tian nodded.

Cannot look, your unexpectedly also has the fear time, that person when two buildings, is an old man, nobody knows that he lived how old, but I afterward had looked up the ancient book, Song had this black market, that old man was at Song name is a poster! At that time black market proliferated the world, but afterward almost all was extinguished by Chinggis Khan, reason that Chinggis Khan in the past the striving for hegemony world, swept away Asia and Europe because of the black market reason, black market crossed the Asian and European two weeks at that time, therefore Chinggis Khan to destroy completely black market, along the black market branch chart, strove for hegemony.” Tang said outstandingly in a low voice. This is not the secret, because this is the unofficial history, the unofficial history majority of pulls the calf. Sometimes however the unofficial history can know compared with the history, because the history is compiled by the victor. „Does each city have poster?” Xia Tian asked that if each city had the poster, that simply was too terrifying, this person Xia Tian could not find out the brains completely, does not know that actually they were any abilities. black market reason that only then a poster, I hears him comes Jiang Hai City is because Jiang Hai City was too recently chaotic, he worried that Jiang Hai City black market is passive.” Tang answered. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. If black market each city such Expert, that Xia Tian really suspected that China was in the crisis. Treads! The clear sound of footsteps transmits from the building together, this sound of footsteps was too clear. The sound is getting more and more near, Xia Tian has not gained ground, because he discovered that sound of footsteps walks to their here. ! Sat down! That person sat in right position directly, was Xia Tian their this tables. You called Xia Tian was right?” Old man saying of slowly. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. „The black market altogether 12 health/guard, present black market happen to have a vacancy, I planned that makes you come the local 12 people.” Old man saying of slowly.

Nearby Tang does not dare to lift outstandingly, she knows that who sits in that person of their side is, is the poster, she does not dare to look at the poster, is worried to annoy the fatal disaster. What advantage has?” Xia Tian asked. Hears the Xia Tian words, Tang has kicked his foot outstandingly. Now others make him work as any 12 health/guard, he complied to be good, unexpectedly may also I ask to have any advantage, this was not courts death! black market proliferates half world, the status of 12 health/guard are next to my this poster and about protector, after you become 12 health/guard, regardless of you have any need, can go to local black market to take, naturally is not forever will be unlimited, oneself balanced the discretion to be good.” Poster light saying. Tang hears the words of poster outstandingly, wanted to be surprised simply. Such high status, this compares a mayor to be good simply B. If she Xia Tian, already complied. What do I need to make?” Xia Tian asked. You later will know.” The posters put out a black ring, ring above had a black sword, the ring abstain on small compared with white tiger: Since your left hand has worn white tiger to abstain, that wears it on the right hand, remembers, regardless of what happened, do not pick, moreover you can sit in black market any position.” Em!” Xia Tian nodded, simultaneously his innermost feelings also had doubts, actually this poster is any status, unexpectedly can expand the influence to half world, moreover his unexpectedly recognized white tiger to abstain. This simply was too terrifying. Now he absolutely does not have the right of rejection . Moreover the condition that the opposite party pledges was really too excellent. So long as he went to have the black market city, can anything that went to black market to demand itself to need. Acts bashful as for that who he said that is actually very good to understand that has performed the big merit for black market, if your anything has not done, but also Tiantian that takes the treasure, that opposite party definitely cannot let. Vanished!

Poster unexpectedly this in their eyes vanished. Xia Tian wore that ring on the right hand finger. Ah! A pricking transmits, ring inside had the needle, the needle jabbed into his blood vessel directly, then the black sword on ring turned into the blood red. Recognizes the lord! This thing unexpectedly can also recognize lord, was really too terrifying.” Xia Tian looks surprisedly that ring on own right hand: It seems like this poster comes Jiang Hai City to not to protect black market, but looks specially my, even if I do not come today, he will also find the way to look my.” Whistling!” Tang outstanding big mouth is panting for breath: My anything does not know that my anything does not remember.” Volume! It is not serious, so long as you did not speak irresponsibly everywhere, they naturally cannot feel embarrassed you.” Xia Tian saw that Tang looks deathly pale outstandingly, knows that she frightened a moment ago heavily. Em! My present is not healthy, is a little uncomfortable, you sit here, I walked first.” The Tang outstanding complexion is very ugly. I deliver you!” Xia Tian said. Does not need, to wait for you to have the time I to ask you to eat meal several days later, today I a little am truly uncomfortable.” Tang said. You pay attention to the security.” Xia Tian said. Relax, the person who exits from black market, nobody dares to move.” Tang shows a faint smile outstandingly, the poster sat side her a moment ago, this made her have big pressure, will therefore feel that the whole person collapsed. Xia Tian has inspected Tang's outstanding situation simply, discovered that he is just excessively tired, slept is good. Ding-dong dāng! Three clock sounds transmit, the auction started.