Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 840

The auction started. What management auction is black-clothed person, but looks from the semblance, should be a female. Xia Tian sat in the right, like this he can see goods that the auction auctioned. „The status of this black market 12 health/guard are quite crisp, comes up unexpectedly to have this treatment.” Xia Tian is here only one dares to sit in the right person now, all everybody who here had a moment ago saw, although they have not heard the poster to say anything. Cannot see the Xia Tian appearance. Xia Tian wears the mask now. However they know that now sits in that person, is very familiar with the poster. Do not stir up! Treads! Has black-clothed person to move toward each table, they have given a people auction handbook, today's auction only sells three types of goods. Afterward black-clothed person gave Xia Tian to carry pot tea. Thump! Xia Tian one cup has drunk but actually to oneself. Well, is very tasty.” Xia Tian looked at a teacup and teapot, he discovered with amazement that the teacup and teapot are the antiques. Moreover the flavor of this type of tea leaves is wonderful. The first auction goods came up. Xia Tian opens the auction handbook! Is a stone, beyond the day the meteorite, there are two fists to be so big. dāng! Xia Tian has sounded the bronze small cauldron on table directly. Xia Tian got rid. Xia Tian has not asked the price, knocked directly. Saw Xia Tian to knock, surroundings these person of any have not increased price, Xia Tian now anything's person, with the person who the poster talks, how they dare to snatch the Xia Tian thing, therefore this goods relaxed was patted by Xia Tian. black-clothed person has delivered to the Xia Tian front the meteorite directly.

Makes a payment?” Xia Tian asked. Sir, you do not need to make a payment.” The opposite party said. shit, my unexpectedly eats meal by the face.” Xia Tian surprised saying, he also thought most minimum, he must pay 1.8 million, but he has not thought that unexpectedly does not ask for money, he brushed the face to be OK. Sir, you have anything to tell that said freely.” black-clothed person respectful inquired respectfully. What tea leaves is this?” Xia Tian points at the tea leaves in teapot to ask. Day chrysanthemum tea, lives over 500 meters cold peak, the living condition is very harsh, is the real thing tea leaves, a packet can drink one time, packet 50,000.” black-clothed person answered. My Fuck! is so expensive.” Xia Tian looked at the teapot, he drank that a moment ago, 10,000 did not have. I made one you to prepare some to Sir.” black-clothed person to Xia Tian specially polite, because he saw the ring on Xia Tian right hand. How this feels all right!” Xia Tian awkward saying. Anything has not related.” black-clothed person answered. Good, I am impolite.” Xia Tian very happy saying. Ding-dong works as! The second auction goods came up. Xia Tian read an auction handbook. Purple gold! Is Purple gold! It is said in one ton yellow enters can bring forth one gram Purple gold, moreover needs the special technique, the success ratio is extremely low, is the most precious object in refiner, so long as in a weapon puts little, the weapon will have very big change. The hard intensity doubles. dāng! Xia Tian sounded! Although he also felt own this is insincere, but he really could not bear, this is the good thing, how he possibly does not pat, just got so far as a meteorite, he is making a Purple gold to go back, can give the Xia Family armed forces to refine the weapon. When the time comes the people of Xia Family armed forces can formally start to study blood blade gate blade skill. Still is nobody increases price!

Xia Tian has deterred them completely. He has not tried such crisp auction, a oneself drop hammer, nobody dares to snatch with him. black-clothed person gave Xia Tian to be loose Purple gold. Doesn't need to give money?” Xia Tian inquired. Em!” black-clothed person nodded. Too was really crisp, goes shopping the feeling of not spending to be good. Eats meal by the face completely, Xia Tian acknowledged one are very graceful, he even sometimes felt what he leads is a crime, but also made other man live, but this type totally depends on the situation that the face ate meal now, he was also first bumping into. Xia Tian opens the auction handbook hurriedly, opens the third type of goods, when he sees the third goods. dāng! The auction goods have not come up, he knocked. The surrounding person starts to break up completely. This auction simply was too bored, simply was black market in giving the Xia Tian gift, before Xia Tian saw the third type of goods, he deliberately considered that a face does not snatch to everybody, when he saw that goods. Not slight hesitation. That is day spring water, puts in one drop to be able the treasure that accelerates to depute. The auctioneers directly have delivered to Xia Tian the goods, a large package tea leaves! Thanks!” Xia Tian now is happy. He took the thing that obtained from black market to walk directly. Nobody blocks him, he walks is very crisp. He came here one time, the one cent not to spend, took away these many good things. Meanwhile, the world altogether 11 people have opened both eyes, because on their rings had emitted the blood light a moment ago. This showed that the 12 th person appeared. After Xia Tian goes home, direct operation. These types of things have succeeded in obtaining, he makes the fine steel that some refiners have used, although in his hand these are the good things, but if with these thing refiners, that can only bring forth a weapon directly.

But Xia Family armed forces large number of elderly persons. Therefore he must work as the main body with the fine steel, then adds on other higher materials. The entire night, Xia Tian has not closed the eyes. Next morning, Xia Tian felt that own stamina is about to have overdrawn, but he successful refinement large quantities of swords, he had also experimented, this type of sword is sharp . Moreover the flintiness is also very terrifying. Cuts on the giant stone, the sword cannot present the slight damage . Moreover the giant stone will also present the gap. Whistling! Finally can sleep well.” Xia Tian lay on the bed directly has slept greatly. Big windmill squeek long extension, here scenery really attractive, the day is attractive, attractive, one group of joyful little friends. Hey, who?” Is I, Li Ying, you do not promise today and me eat meal together.” „, Isn't the evening?” Now is the evening.” In the evening? It seems like I was rest to hoodwink.” You place that comes me to live in?” Ok, don't you live in Jianghai University?” There is not convenient, I rented one to gather the kitchen near the company, the two-bedroom apartment, the opposite party was a girl, the person is also also good.” „, Waits for me, I one on the past.” Xia Tian shook the head, the refiner is very each time big to the Spiritual Force consumption, but the advantage is, each time after the refiner, Spiritual Force will increase. Em?” When Xia Tian washes the face, he suddenly discovered that ring unexpectedly of right hand changed color.