Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 841

Blood red! The ring turned into the blood red all over the body. Xia Tian tries to pick the ring, how regardless of he makes an effort, the ring is entirely still, the ring probably was entered in his bone to be the same. Only if he cuts off his finger, otherwise the ring was impossible to take. Ok, no matter he, regarding poster such person, I were wants to revolt in any case is impossible.” Xia Tian knows, if the poster wants to kill him, that is Yin Nie perhaps cannot block. He quiet worked as this black market 12 health/guard to be good. In so many advantage, go not to go shopping in any case completely, but takes, does not need to give money. After tidying up, Xia Tian has changed one new clothes, then walked toward Li Ying residence. Paternal grandmother, my in any case is also big Boss, it seems like I must test a driver license, this goes out unable always to depend.” Xia Tian depressed saying, but he chose by walking. Quick, Xia Tian arrived at downstairs of Li Ying. Today Li Ying puts on special was attractive, has worn a blue long skirt, was joined to high-heeled shoes, looked that has dressed up at home for several hours, his side with a female, female 1. 73 meters, are very thin, probably more than 90 jin (0.5 kg) appearances. The females have worn cowboy shorts, an upper body Ardee white short sleeve, the long hair already and waist, slightly yellow. This is my roommate Lanlan!” Li Ying introduced. He called Xia Tian, was my friend.” Li Ying introduced for them. Hello!” They shake hand to express the friendship simply. Xia Tian originally long is sunlight is charming, today has also put on beforehand Zeng Ruo for these upscale clothes that he buys, seems the whole person appears specially charming, Li Ying roommate Lanlan is even embarrassed to look at Xia Tian.

Moreover did not speak, probably was a little shy appearance. You want to eat anything, I treat.” Li Ying strikes one's chest saying that but he now the divisional managers, a monthly salary basic salary 20000 + deducted a percentage. She had a dream before cannot think one can have a work of such high salary, but she has achieved now, but she also knows that all these are the Xia Tian help, otherwise she wants to become the Zeng's Group interns specially is difficult. You want to eat any me to eat anything.” Xia Tian cracks into a chuckle. Sees the Xia Tian mischievous appearance, Li Ying helpless shaking the head, how she saw that is unable in Xia Group Boss Xia Tian and that legend links, moreover he also knows that Xia Tian absolutely is not a second generation of rich. He this year on just Freshman. However he got rid to contribute 30 billion dollars. Good, our women like eating the hot pot, we eat the hot pot!” Li Ying said. Some people said that Xia Tian eats hot pot to be sick, such hot day also eats the hot pot, definitely more eats is hotter, but suits truly eats season Xia Tian of hot pot, in the winter the shell temperature and internal organs temperature of person are different, especially walked outside too for a long time, the internal organs can change cold. At this time if did not drink to select the hot-water heat warm stomach, may be scalded by the heat of hot pot very much directly, even if has not scalded, the time one long was not good to the stomach. Em!” Xia Tian nodded. Lanlan, you wants to eat anything to say.” Saying of Li Ying atmosphere. My anything is good.” Lanlan very shy, said a anything is good. Li Ying knows that Lanlan possibly is shy, first time saw a charming male student, a virtuous young woman point that many must install, in the past Li Ying saw Xia Tian time was also this, she is still thinking now, if she had not bumped into Xia Tian at that time. What can her life be? Perhaps she will have a drink with these female is the same, was dragged down, may commit suicide.

Three people looked for a quite big hot pot shop, then they have chosen one by the position of window. Looks at your appearance, several days later must open is busy.” Li Ying looked that asked to Xia Tian. Em, four days later must exit a time!” Xia Tian said. You so are how busy, as soon as you exiting cell phone is almost cannot make a connection, SMS always does not return.” Li Ying very discontented saying. SMS, SMS sees each time several hundred . Moreover the cell phone is always bad.” After Xia Tian exiting war ended each time, the cell phone did not lose, has gone bad, cell phone one bad, inside SMS nature on preservation. What you are do? Then is busy!” Li Ying roommate Lanlan started talking finally, she felt that sat too shyly was not good there, otherwise after waiting for Xia Tian to walk, she has not spoken several words. I am the Jianghai University student.” Xia Tian answered. No wonder looked that you are so young, the student so is how busy.” Lanlan nodded to say. Makes futile effort, what you make?” Xia Tian very optional saying. Plane model.” Lanlan said. Xia Tian nodded. At this moment, Xia Tian by them sat one table of people, this table is two male female. Lanlan, you also in Ah! that table of men of looked that said to Lanlan, this male hair is very long, moreover his body at the back of a list counter- camera, looked that specialized gives people the photograph. Another man saw Lanlan time stares slightly, in the look revealed the greedy look, another female disdained looked at a Lanlan. Em, you also come to eat the hot pot.” Lanlan nodded to that cameraman.

I give you to introduce, this is Shasha, you have heard, quite famous the plane model in the field, this is Wang Zong, is a manager in big advertisement company.” The cameramen introduced for Lanlan. „The Shasha elder sisters are good, Wang Zong is good!” Lanlan 11 greeting. Well!” Wang Zong nodded: Lanlan's stature is also good, happen to we recently had an advertisement to use the model, you can look for me.” Thanks Wang Zong.” Lanlan's grateful saying. Shasha glanced Lanlan one eyes, she cannot take a liking to Lanlan. Because she in this line is very famous, but Lanlan can be counted at most is just the basic small role, this person usually only rations her to serve tea to pour water . Moreover the old person in their this professions bullies the new person. After which person enters the line, will be bullied several rounds, if you had found a backer, the day can also feel better. This is also the view of rank. You carefully, that Wang Zong is not the good thing, he looks at your look always all kinds.” The Li Ying low voice reminder said. Em, I know.” Lanlan nodded. This line of latent rules she has not heard how possibly, but wants in this line of mixing, that must act bashful, only if you want to go to work as really ****, otherwise must polish the eye, otherwise momentarily on possible to say. Lanlan, accompanies Wang Zong to drink one cup.”