Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 842

The person of that photograph to Lanlan made a look, the meaning probably in reminding Lanlan, this was the super client, seized the good opportunity after you had the advantage. A Lanlan's brow wrinkle, she comes out to eat meal with Li Ying now, but has run into this Wang Zong by chance, but opposite party unexpectedly wanted the past to propose a toast directly, this made her look like probably is having a drink was the same. Lanlan!” The person of that photograph noticed that Lanlan has not moved, is somewhat disgruntled. Snort, being concerned about face!” That female cold snort who called Shasha. Wang Zong who had held up the cup has also put down the cup, on the face is the disgruntled facial expression. In their opinion, Lanlan this to performance of being concerned about face, wants to mix in this circle like the person simply is impossible, only if she has hard backer, for example such and such adoptive father anything. But that cameraman very familiar Lanlan, Lanlan was just one just the basic small girl, can receive one exactly is specially excited that. Now the plane model everywhere is, if you do not have your personal connection circle, who will use you? Therefore regarding their these plane models, only then several outlets \; first, to accompany to rest, second is to sign a broker in point of fixity, but has signed, there is a possibility anything unable to receive. The broker must look at benefit, if when the time comes the broker thought that you have the potential, they will arrange you also to have big figure with the major leadership to eat meal to drink together, flatters the opposite party. Finally is also same. Why others to opportunity that you make money, when why your adoptive father? Needs to pay the price. Wang Zong, you should not be angry.” The person of that photograph consoles to say hurriedly. Snort!” Wang Zongleng snort, was very discontented.

Lanlan, I gives you again an opportunity, quickly comes to apologize to Wang Zong, do you also want to make me give you to arrange the broker, if you did not apologize, perhaps I could not help you.” That cameraman coldly looks at Lanlan saying that this is threatening Lanlan. Small girl, you offended my super client, now I want you immediately to come to Wang Zong to apologize, otherwise I let you in this circle to mix.” That Shasha very extremely arrogant saying. She is very famous in this circle, so long as she spoke, everybody somewhat will give a face. Once she spoke, where regardless of Lanlan arrives is bullied. Pours the liquor!” Wang Zong said directly. A cameraman's in front of spatial cup to Wang Zong has filled to the brim the liquor. Wang Zong is taking a wine class, then moved toward Lanlan's position directly: Has drunk it, today's matter, if not drink, I definitely make you unable to mix in this circle.” Hears Wang Zong the words, a Lanlan's brow wrinkle. I am the manager in advertisement company, in nearby several cities the person in advertisement company I knew that which me you go to guarantee you cannot receive the advertisement, your broker advertisement cannot be receiving.” Wang Zong said directly. Threat, threat! He used the threat to threaten this move directly. Do not say that is a you small plane model, even if were these big stars sees me also to be polite, whom I made drink, who dared not to drink?” Wang Zong coldly looked that said to Lanlan. He must break Lanlan's psychological defense line, in this line, what woman his has not seen, this type just started to think of the tight person he to see a lot, but finally is not obedient listens his. Lanlan's hand reached the wine class, she does not want to drink this glass of liquor, because she knows her, once has drunk this glass of liquor, that was forever will be without limits, had the first cup to have the second cup, moreover this time was Wang Zong, might next time be Zhang Zong, Li Zong wait / etc..

Which does not drink does not show due respect for the feelings. When Lanlan lifts the wine class. Wait / Etc.!” Li Ying started talking. Em?” Three people have doubts looks to Li Ying. I am the Zeng's Group divisional manager, she is my friend, can this glass of liquor not drink?” Li Ying looked that said to that Wang Zong. Hears Zeng's Group time, that Wang Zong stares slightly, afterward has sized up Li Ying carefully: Zeng's Group? extraordinary? Your Zeng's Group is fierce, has not related with our circles.” Wang Zong spoke of here time, turned the head to look to Lanlan: You do not drink Hah! That Wang Zong, looks at your appearance, you in this should be very good, said that whom makes unable to mix, whom can make unable to mix.” A Xia Tian face worship looked that said to that Wang Zong. That is natural!” Wang Zong proud saying. I worship your big figure, any to turn into a dragon, Jet Li, Sammo Hung, what is you holds is.” Look worship of Xia Tian is not good. That Wang Zong hears the Xia Tian words, slightly is a little awkward, but sees the vision of Xia Tian that worship, he also embarrassed said that is not: Actually they are also our circles hold.” Wang Zong said unusual is tactful, he has not said is not, has not said is. Was too fierce, I soon worshipped dead simply you.” Xia Tian expression more and more empty boasting. His appearance thorough lane hoodwinked to Lanlan.

Lanlan thinks that Xia Tian is this table of only men, will stand to maintain her, but she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly went to climb to relate with the opposite party, on the face all was the disappointed look, just started her the impression to Xia Tian quite to be good, because the Xia Tian appearance was charming, and comparison sunlight. However now Xia Tian in her eyes on the appearance of merit coward. However nearby Li Ying does not think that Xia Tian is a coward, because she understands Xia Tian very much. Xia Group Boss, how possibly is a coward. She is waiting for the Xia Tian following performance. Come, Wang Zong, can see your like this big figure, I am most honored, I respect your one cup.” Xia Tian takes that glass of liquor in Lanlan hand to drink directly, heard Xia Tian to say. Wang Zong does not know that should say any was good. Only can drink, after all now Xia Tian that worships him, he does not drink does not make sense. Wang Zong is really magnanimous, looks at not the person of assignment, this, I have done, you at will.” Xia Tian takes up the ground one bottle of liquor to drink directly. Xia Tian said that the person of king always not assignment, Wang Zong also specially attaches importance to face, he felt himself , if not drink this bottle of liquor, that was really the assignment, therefore he simply closed the eye also to drink this bottle. Heavy drinker, Wang Zong you are the heavy drinker, big figure like you, the alcohol capacity simply was good, I have done, you at will.” Xia Tian said that is takes up the ground one bottle of liquor to kill directly. Wang Zong, cannot drink, this boy is playing you.” That cameraman saw the meaning of Xia Tian, stands up to say directly.