Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 843

Looks at Xia Tian one breath one bottle, that photographer saw finally is not right, because Xia Tian drinks was too quick, although on his mouth although has been thinking highly of Wang Zong, but looked that this must get drunk Wang Zong obviously. Wang Zong listens to him such to shout, responded. He was heard the opposite party more to praise him a moment ago, he more embarrassed did not drink, but he finally understood now, which the opposite party this was thinking highly of him, was provoking obviously he. Hateful, your unexpectedly is playing me.” Wang Zong looks angrily to Xia Tian. I play you to do, you are not a woman.” Xia Tian puzzled saying. I thought you really live is impatient, that Lanlan, I thought how you base in this circle.” Wang Zong expression ice-cold looks at Xia Tian and Lanlan, he thinks one excited appearance, thought a moment ago laughable. The opposite party has been playing jokes upon him, his unexpectedly has not looked. If not that photographer says, he definitely has done several, when the time comes drinks many, perhaps what was insulted. Your unexpectedly dares to offend Wang Zong, I told you, I one will telephone, I asked the friend to let you in this circle difficult.” That Shasha pats table angry saying, Wang Zong is her super client, now was offended by Lanlan, she naturally must performance well one before Wang Zong. I must force out you!” Wang Zong is also face angry saying. Quite fierce!” Xia Tian that admiration expression. Hateful, you also dare to play jokes upon me.” Wang Zong looks angrily Xia Tian they said: I told you, do not think that your some people went to work in Zeng's Group on extraordinary, I also knew the Xia Group advertising agent, so long as I notified him, I ensure the day of your this any divisional manager did not feel better.” Is so fierce, is Wang Zong is fierce, I am not good, although I also know a star, these person of fame that but she knows with you have no way to compare.” Xia Tian very modest saying.

That is natural, you know is any 34 stars, I have not paid attention to these people.” Wang Zong gains ground saying that throws out the chest, in his eyes only then two stars are worth him flattering. He flings casually to these 34 star advertisements, these people wish one could to give him to kneel down. These 34 female stars washed cleanly he. Really fierce, happen to my friend one, when the time comes Wang Zong must give a face, directs her!” Xia Tian continues to think highly of Wang Zong. Wang Zong already unconscious on also said that he once more falls into proud Realm now, he thinks that he is that stud bull B advertising agent, any plane model, the what youngest daughter star, he said that rests rests. I thought that your boy is good, the matter I forgave you, your friend came, if I looked pleasing to the eyes, I flung to her several adlets make her also imposing the power and prestige.” Wang Zong very proud saying. In others eyes may the hot advertisement, in his hand have bare handedly much, although is some adlets, but does not have the young star and model regarding these, can have an advertisement and business develops is the greatest happiness. I have patted the star does not know to have many, Lanlan, you will not have cultivated the behavior.” That photographer disappointed shaking the head of. I in this circle also five years, I also knew many star jorums, even if were they sees Wang Zong also to be polite, has not thought that your small girl unexpectedly such was unappreciative.” Very Shasha disdains looked at a Lanlan. „Did you have not to have?” Li Ying angry looks to Shasha their several people. What thing are you? unexpectedly dares to shout and wrangle with me!” Shasha one hear of Li Ying sound is a little loud, immediately was angry. I make a living by my skills, with the person of your this type of selling meat not, my Qian to come cleanness.” Li Ying looks at Shasha to say.

You said that who sells the meat?” Shasha stands, right hand direct Li Ying angry scolding. What you have a look in your Wang Zong pocket to hold is anything, probably is your underpants.” Li Ying refers to that half underpants that in Wang Zongdou has leaked saying. Shasha looks hurriedly to the king total pocket, when he saw Wang Zongdou that half underpants the complexion changes, but she responded immediately, she was unwarrantable, otherwise after her, how to see the person: That is not my.” „It is not your, that was I have possibly misunderstood, I thought that you happen to have not put on, thinks that was your.” Li Ying shows a faint smile. How you know that I have not put on! I put on.” Shasha was still quibbling. Oneself stand up to come to see, on your buttocks is the water, passed.” Li Ying said. Nearby Lanlan is a face admiration looks to Li Ying. Do not stand, otherwise revealed the secret.” That photographer reminded hurriedly. Shasha understands the meaning of photographer, so long as she now does not stand, others cannot see, therefore she simply has depended to inside, sat directly: I not with the poverty that your have not seen the world ** the silk lowers oneself to the same level, my Tiantian can see the star, even has also made a movie with the star, you? If you see three star definitely excited serious.” Envies the person who your see the oversized world, I am not good.” Appearance of Xia Tian that worship. At this time Xia Tian installs probably is the pauper who a countryside comes, has not seen the world, now suddenly sees these rich men, he can only worship. Although Lanlan understands Xia Tian installs intentionally, but she to the present does not understand that Xia Tian is any meaning.

Snort, depends on your such people, organically to have met how possibly with any magnificent scene, you did not say a moment ago you have a friend is a star, she, I must have a look at Jiang Hai City which star not to know but actually my.” Shasha very extremely arrogant saying: I do not believe that which star dares not to give Wang Zong the face.” Her following these words are patting Wang Zong the flatter. Wang Zong was such patted by her also thought that the whole body is comfortable. Snort, even if were these two stars sees me unable to pretend not to see.” Wang Zong proud saying, in his eyes two stars are very extraordinary, these stars are in the average person eyes forever do not trace the person in boundary. Therefore he has very strong superiority feeling. He has thought one is a cut above other people. Is so fierce!” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration. You were really dislike.” Shasha loathing looked at Xia Tian. Disliked my person to be many, you were what.” Xia Tian cheerful saying. Xia Tian!” At this moment, the entrance presented a female, sees this female time, the person and service person who in hotel eaten meal have all been scared, on Wang Zong their faces also has written all over inconceivable.