Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 844

At first, everybody heard that sound to be very of pleasant to hear, moreover which probably in has listened. When they gain ground, the surprised close mouths, they have a dream have not thought that oneself unexpectedly can see the big star here. Moreover is the megastar. At this time the female of entrance is it can be said that well-known, person internationally also knows her. Because she has presided over the Xia Group presentation ceremony. At that moment she has exceeded all entertainers and stars, her popularity made a sound all of a sudden the world. She is Yang Ziqi! Megastar! I in this!” Xia Tian waved to Yang Ziqi. Lanlan and opposite party that table of people of all are the whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, that star friend who originally he said a moment ago is Yang Ziqi, couldn't this have named? Present Wang Zong felt that own face burning fever, Shasha felt one wish one could to look for a crack to worm one's way into. Sits this, I heard that you do the advertisement to be very laborious, happen to asked you to come out to eat the hot pot.” Saying of Xia Tian very atmosphere. Such sympathizes?” Yang Ziqi did not say like your Ah!. „It is not I invites!” Xia Tian felt one were completely understood by Yang Ziqi. Then looks like you!” Yang Ziqi nodded. Li Ying understands empty boasting that why finally Xia Tian developed a moment ago, he has been disparaging himself, said one are inferior with Wang Zong, did not know that any big star, but that king sum total Shasha also boasted one know big figure. Finally, they have blown for quite a while, a star has not seen.

However Xia Tian called the big star who internationally has become famous casually, Yang Ziqi. Manages the Xia Group super donation that Yang Ziqi. I give you to introduce that here is the king always, according to him, he old was fierce, knew that may the multi- stars, I deliberately consider recommended to you, he said that he to you several advertisements, you got up casually.” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration. „The advertisement that Wang Zong hello, I now meets is small, several million high and low, Wang Zong you are so fierce, can introduce several big points to me?” Yang Ziqi also pretends very excited appearance. Her performance ability and Xia Tian have one to spell. Surroundings these people all put out the cell phone to plan to photograph, finally they discovered that photography function unexpectedly of cell phone is not all easy-to-use. Boss of hotel has also alarmed, makes the security block the corridor hurriedly, does not permit others to come to disturb, he understands that the big star came, this is once in a thousand years opportunity, if these people the big star running away in fear, that have been possible on the tragedy. Chatted, chatted!” On Wang Zong the face has piled up with the smiling face, awkward saying. No, I am very earnest.” Yang Ziqi serious saying. Is, Wang Zong, your personal connection is so broad, I specifically called to know her your, that side Shasha elder sister, it is said the big star saw her to greet first, that photographer gentleman of opposite, he gave the female stars to take the Luo photo, not, was the picture.” Xia Tian 11 introductions. Their three hear Xia Tian to introduce they time, the heart that dying had. Today act high and mighty was installs in a big way. Wang Zonghao, the Shasha elder sisters are good, the photographer gentleman hello, you may not pat me, I am afraid!” Yang Ziqi piteous saying. Was right, Wang Zong, or you give a Lanlan way out, if you have forced out her, her dream did not have, did you say not?” Xia Tian looked that inquired to Wang Zong. Right! Right!” Nod that Wang Zong keeps. Wang Zong you, if did not have other instruction we to eat meal.” Xia Tian looked that said to Wang Zong.

You eat, you eat!” Smiling face that Wang Zong a face curries favor with said. Good! Child Qi, you have let loose eating, should not be impolite with me.” Xia Tian very straightforward saying. Said probably is you invites to result in!” Yang Ziqi looked up to Li Ying: Thanked the elder sister.” Do not be impolite!” Li Ying by a Yang Ziqi saying, is a little been so embarrassed, she who made has not thought that the Yang Ziqi big star saw her unexpectedly to call the elder sister like this, this also made her feel to feel extremely flattered. Nearby Lanlan completely was shocked. She also was a little looking a moment ago down upon Xia Tian, because Xia Tian did not have the spirit of man, but she understood now, these were Xia Tian install, now the face of opposite that three person has lost completely completely. Saw that Xia Tian they must eat the thing, Wang Zong their three hurried payments, then dingy ran away, they have selected these things, finally anything has not eaten. Surroundings these people want to sign, but was blocked by Boss. Boss goes forth to battle personally, now has closed, did not allow the new customer to enter. You chatted your, I rubbed the food, did not speak, finished eating me to walk.” Yang Ziqi looked at people saying that if this saying said from others mouth, perhaps everybody can also accept. However said from the Yang Ziqi mouth, Li Ying and Lanlan were a heavy line of face. The big star comes to eat meal this with them regarding others is the greatest glory, but how can with dining to describe. After a food eats, Li Ying and Lanlan have not said anything, big star Yang Ziqi has lowered the head to eat meal, anything did not say, after having eaten meal, the Yang Ziqi bodyguard and driver meet her directly. Whistling!” Li Ying long expiration. How?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. Too was together big with big star eating meal pressure.” Li Ying said.

Has any pressure, she is also an average person.” Xia Tian said. „Do you know her? She was the present most famous big star, these big stars in Hollywood could not compare her, but she was world-class.” Lanlan looks at Xia Tian surprisedly. I know on the airplane her.” Xia Tian said. „! You relate certainly well, you looked that she also intentionally helps your deaeration that three people.” Lanlan nodded. Also good, I have saved her!” Xia Tian said. Certainly is the hero rescues the beautiful bridge section, she must permit by the body.” Lanlan more and more Eight Trigrams. You also saw, like the man of my such old-style fan device where, regardless of arrives at seems in the darkness the lights, is charming.” Saying of Xia Tian affection. Lanlan and Li Ying is a heavy line of face. Halts, I am take by force.” When Xia Tian they take a walk, behind after a male, tree fled suddenly, in his hand is taking a dagger, head set of silk stockings, facial expression flustered looks at the surroundings. Your in any case is also one takes by force, can be not so anxious, relaxes.” Xia Tian saw that person of flustered appearance that takes by force said. Rubbish, quickly the junction disburses money, otherwise, I have killed you.”