Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 846

Although Xing Jun is mumbles, but in the car(riage) is quite peaceful, therefore everybody can hear his words. He also knows that Xia Tian possibly can hear. Reason that he said that to let Xia Tian, cannot treat earlier, oneself leave . Moreover the performance of Xia Tian also makes him look down upon, Xia Tian cannot jump over, his exceed is angry, feels the Xia Tian facial skin true thickness. Lanlan's complexion is not good, her apology looks at Xia Tian, she knows that because, Xia Tian was insulted by the opposite party. But Lanlan sees a smiling face of Xia Tian face, moreover smiles very real, probably completely has not heard Xing Jun words to be ordinary. Lanlan first time sees the person like Xia Tian, the point of pleasant to hear said is optimistic, the point that not of pleasant to hear said is mindless. „, In the car(riage) so is cool.” Xia Tian excited saying. Has the air conditioning!” Xing Jun also thoroughly soon collapsed, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so unsophisticated. He does not do clearly, how Lanlan said that is also a plane model, how can work as the friend with such earth person. Before long, they stopped in a cafe entrance, this is a coffee dining room, is that type can drink the coffee also to have food place, they in have two men together. „The armed forces are few, you did not tell us to say three beauty, this.” One of them saw Xia Tian time stares slightly. Xing Jun complexion is not good, had not explained that but sits down directly. Sees Xing Jun complexion, that two men have looked at each other one, nod of silently, they naturally understand that Xing Jun idea, what now Xing Jun brings is two female male, with is different, moreover unexpectedly that before said brought was a young handsome fellow. That showed that this man is a variable, but reason that Xing Jun meets the complexion not to be good, because of this man. Where brothers take a higher position.” A man stands up to Xia Tian asks. Comes up to ask that the person makes anything, provocative intent is full.

I am a student.” Xia Tian very optional saying. „, Originally is a student, the elementary student, the darkness, outside was very dangerous, quickly went home.” Saying that one of them disdains. „The armed forces are few, we walked first.” Lanlan could not bear finally, she just started felt that was unfair to Xia Tian very much, now are also many two people to taunt Xia Tian, this kept her from enduring. Although her first time sees Xia Tian, but first seeing, Xia Tian can bravely step forward, moreover Xia Tian or Li Ying friend. Lanlan! The one who sits before you are the manager in scenic spot company, if you such walk, perhaps.” Xing Jun sits there looks at Lanlan, since Lanlan came, he will not make Lanlan such easily walk. Lanlan looked at a manager in that scenic spot company, a brow wrinkle, he knows that Xing Jun does not deceive her absolutely, front person absolutely is the manager in scenic spot company. If she such walks now, that does not give the scenic spot company face, when the time comes he absolutely cannot sign to win the company, he such long effort all was in vain. But these people clarify are looking for Xia Tian to be troublesome, if she does not walk, that Xia Tian must continue to be insulted. Walks does not walk? Walks, the work lost, her effort lost. Does not walk, she turned into the ungrateful person, moreover after her, did not have the face to see Li Ying. Work or loyalty? Before she enters this line, had certain preparation. Knows that this profession what, her original manuscript thinks one have been psychologically prepared, but she knows now that she has made a mistake, when faced with this choice, she knows this profession has not imagined is so simple. If this she chooses not the good direction, his following road will be wrong.

We walk!” Lanlan clenched teeth to say directly. Sees Lanlan said that Xing Jun also slightly stares, he has not thought that Lanlan unexpectedly such has the individuality, person but who he most likes such having individuality. Wait / Etc.!” Xing Jun shouts suddenly. „The armed forces are few, I cannot seek friendships you, I could not look that the friend of mine was a scapegoat here.” Lanlan has set firm resolve to walk. Lanlan, how I will treat unjustly you, this is the contract of scenic spot company, has drunk this glass of liquor, you can sign the contract.” Xing Jun has placed on the contracts and that glass of liquor the table. Is so simple?” Lanlan looked at one, that is only the beer . Moreover the cup is not big. Right, so is simple.” Xing Jun nodded. Good, my Hah! Lanlan takes up the wine class directly. Wait / Etc.!” This time is Xia Tian shouts. All people all looked to him, from arriving at him has made the person most look down upon now, but his unexpectedly dares to say wait / etc. now. Your three, have drunk this glass of liquor, I can make you stand exiting.” Xia Tian looks to saying of that three people of coldly, he had not spoken a moment ago, and other Lanlan below decided. Because this is the time that needs under Lanlan to decide, if she chooses to degenerate, that Xia Tian naturally cannot inquire about, will not respond her, now what Lanlan chooses is the loyalty. He naturally must stand. He he, are you threatening us?” Xing Jun coldly smiles. You know why I am?” Sits there third person coldly looked that asked to Xia Tian.

I said again, your three, drink this glass of liquor, I can make you stand to walk.” Xia Tian also said. Courts death!” That person saw that Xia Tian disregarded him directly, vision one cold, afterward he put out the cell phone: Knife, leads a person to come to me.” Heard that person to call to call the person, the managers in Xing Jun and scenic spot company showed a faint smile: Boy, your brain entered water, unexpectedly dares such to speak to us.” Lanlan strange looks to Xia Tian, but is one glass of liquor, why Xia Tian such is angry. Xia Tian arrives at Lanlan's front directly: In this glass of liquor has du and mi medicine.” What?” Lanlan hears the Xia Tian words, complexion one white, if not Xia Tian, she will drink this glass of liquor a moment ago absolutely, once she will drink this glass of liquor to take a road of no return. Becoming others' toys. And is getting more and more miserable. Brat, do not speak at a venture!” Xing Jun looks at Xia Tian angrily. „Do I speak at a venture?” Xia Tian took up the cell phone to dial 110 directly: Here some people use du and mi chemical damage person.” Sees Xia Tian to report to the police, Xing Jun complexion changes, he fires into Xia Tian hurriedly, wants to snatch the wine class in Xia Tian hand, if the police one, the matter have troubled, this glass of liquor take an chemical examination, their plans revealed the secret. This is must sentence. Raises one's wine cup gives back to me.” Xing Jun throws directly to Xia Tian.