Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 847

! A clear palm of the hand sound reaches in the ears of all people, was throwing Xing Jun to Xia Tian directly in same place, his whole face inconceivable looked to Xia Tian, he felt that his face was very painful. What a moment ago hit is Xing Jun, but hit the person was Xia Tian. „Do you dare to hit me?” Xing Jun whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, he has not thought that this pauper unexpectedly dares to hit itself. ! A clear palm of the hand sound. Your this is not the idle talk.” Xia Tian this palm of the hand was transferring a circle that Xing Jun hit directly same place. The other two were also deceived to the lane by such situation. Xing Jun unexpectedly was hit, moreover pauper who most was looked down upon by that them hitting, this also too exaggerated, by a boy of their insult, now unexpectedly is hit a moment ago also Xing Jun. Brat, your live is impatient? Dares to hit Xing Jun.” Moreover has stood directly, threatening looks to Xia Tian. Xia Tian looked up to that two people. That two people were thought so by Xia Tian, frighten retreat two steps, they as if saw a wild animal a moment ago, that look is just the same as the wild animal, they probably observing closely were the same by a wild animal. The person who the surroundings eat meal all ran away in fear. The service personnel also hide by far. I most hate some people treat the woman with such mean method.” Xia Tian moved toward Xing Jun directly. Bang! A Xia Tian foot has kicked Xing Jun directly. Xing Jun body directly pounding maliciously above table. Afterward Xia Tian walks toward the other two, his vision looked at to that scenic spot company manager, this manager looked that Xia Tian walked to oneself, gawked slightly: „Do you want to do?” The manager in scenic spot company has a long hair, obviously is a man, actually must have the long hair, the long hair to the position of shoulder. I help you cut hair!” In front of manager who Xia Tian goes to that scenic spot company. I do not use!” The manager facial expression of scenic spot company flustered looks to Xia Tian.

Rips! Ah! A pitiful yell shouted from his mouth. Meanwhile, in the hand of Xia Tian presented a hair. grown man, has this hair to be too ugly, I help you pull out up it.” Xia Tian makes an effort! Rips! Also is one big hair had been pulled by him. Ah! Also is a pitiful yell sends out from that person of mouth, that person wants to revolt. ! A clear palm of the hand sound reaches in the ears of all people, Xia Tian this palm of the hand directly manager scenic spot company being perplexed. Rips! Ah! Xia Tian one directly greatly the hair has pulled. He every time pulls the hair to tear off one in a big way, moreover his technique is very good, although can tear off one each time in a big way the hair, but on scenic spot company the head of manager has not left behind any wound. The quick five minutes passed by. On scenic spot company the face of manager is the nasal mucus and tears. Why he does not know, oneself so are obviously painful, but why cannot faint. Ha Ha, the brat, you died.” At this moment the third person said greatly with a smile, because the coffee shop entrance presented eight stripped guys, in their hands uniform is taking the thin-bladed knife. Bang! Is smiling Zhengxing that exerts in him, his body directly is trampled to fly, Xia Tian this foot trampled on his abdomen. Well, all right!” That person stands up to discover on one is not sore, immediately disdaining of whole face: Your boy is also not much!”

Right?” On the Xia Tian face shows a faint smile. At this moment, that person felt suddenly own leg one soft, afterward a heat flow flowed from the pants crotch, saw such scene, the surrounding person all resigned very big unprecedented. Thinks that everybody saw. He urinated. His unexpectedly urine pants. That Xing Jun of ground could not attend to itself on the ache, moved moving to side hurriedly, however his body was too painful, has not moved far, but at this moment, that person of leg one soft, sat directly backward, his happen to was Xing Jun, Xing Jun had not responded the time, he smelled a show taste. Xing Jun felt that on own face treads wet. That person on this sitting stiffly on Xing elder brother face. The surrounding person all looked silly, they saw that person urination pants a moment ago, finally his unexpectedly such sat on Xing Jun face. The matter had not ended. Puff! All people all heard a familiar sound, in this sound normal condition will only appear in the washroom. However this sound appears in the cafe. ! That person drew! He sits on Xing Jun's face now, this. Bang! Bang! Bang! Fart sounds reached in the ears of all people. Vomit! Some people have spat, at the same time, other people all ran the cafe, because in the present cafe is the stink, the following chef also ran. The Xia Tian three people also naturally ran. Whistling!” Lanlan and Li Ying all are big mouths is panting for breath.

Really disgusting, your city people will play.” A Xia Tian face shuts out looks to inside that three people. At this time that three people in room, lying of whole face nasal mucus and water on the ground, another two people, sit on the face of another person, flies in circles in pulling. That eight guys also all ran. The scene in room they could not look. Probably after one minute, that person crawled from Xing Jun's face, his little crawling to entrance: Hacks to death him to me, I want him dead.” That man thought that his face loses completely today. He only wants to kill people now. He wants to kill the opposite party, can solve hate of his heart, he turned head to look at Xing Jun, he was angry, this was his shame for a lifetime, because Xing Jun had been smoked to faint by him. Kills, has killed him to me.” That person of angry shouting. That eight guys noticed that the man crawls to them, one was to retreat that the whole face shut out several steps. Sees the action of that eight guy, that man was angry, the hate of whole face: You draw back anything, gives on me, whose TM dares to shut out the father again, the father kills him.” That several people hear the words of man, all has stopped own footsteps, at this time the ground is lying down the status of the man is not ordinary, but his father the Boss of this group of people. Their this chapters do not dare to draw back, all wicked looks to Xia Tian. They know, if on, they cannot be miserable, therefore they have fired into Xia Tian directly. Saw that these eight people all took the thin-bladed knife to fire into Xia Tian, Lanlan's face frighten white. Eight broadswords chopped the Xia Tian front shortly. Lanlan started to regret, regretted that brought Xia Tian.