Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 848

Saw Xia Tian must die in own at present, Lanlan did not endure has closed the eye. She was unable to look at next again. Ah!! Ah! Pitiful yells transmit, Lanlan feared, but she discovered immediately the cries of these people are not a person send out. She opens both eyes hurriedly, the present all these keep him from believing. Xia Tian safe and sound standing in her front, but that eight people at this time by neat lying in the Pi stock of entrance that man, and has besieged a city, the Pi stock of that man the surface of their eight person each people and just flew in circles has made a contact of zero distance. This.” Lanlan was closed one's eyes a moment ago, therefore he does not know that actually what happened. ! The sound of police vehicle conveys, these police come truly quick. After the police arrived, gets out directly! What's the matter?” Came two police vehicles. Uncle Li!” Lies in shouting that that man of ground complained tearfully. Small healthy, you how?” That police noticed that lies is kissed by eight guys on the ground *** the man, stares slightly. Uncle Li, is he, was he has injured us, inside also had two people.” Slightly healthily complained tearfully was saying. Lowly, is really the good name.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Hateful, my nephew you also dares to hit, grasps to me.” Uncle Li's angry saying. Hey, is police who I reported that you had a look in their several hands to take the weapon, was they must kill me, I was just the justifiable defense.” Xia Tian looked that said to Uncle Li. You also dare to quibble, grasps to me, takes away inside injured person, this is the evidence, the small age, you want to kill people, I thought that your this whole life must pass in the firmness.” Uncle Li gives a loud shout, several police walk toward the coffee shop directly.

When they get to the entrance smelled an odor, then forgave the Freshman circle to think that in walked. Several police who just went in ran. „Do you do? Witness?” Uncle Li's discontented saying. Manager, we cannot bear inside.” Police said. What's wrong? Deceased people?” Uncle Li thinks that is on the contrary excited: Young fellow, your unexpectedly has also killed people, this time you ended, must shoot dead.” Manager, is not, these witness give 120.” Police awkward saying. Waste, is one crowd of waste, did this small scene, shake you?” Uncle Li said that walks toward the room directly, when he gets to the entrance, the facial color changes: Small healthy, you.” Uncle Li, is he harms me.” Slightly strengthened with pointing at has referred to Xia Tian saying. Em, Uncle Li takes certainly responsibility to you, I have a look advanced.” Uncle Li said that walked directly, when he sees the odor of inside situation and full room, he ran directly. Vomit! Uncle Li started to spit directly. This time scene has made him unable to bear. Hits 120, making them handle inside matter, seizes to me that boy.” Uncle Li fled from here directly. One hear 110 said that must make an arrest, Lanlan wants the explanation hurriedly. However she actually by Li Ying blocking. Lanlan does not understand that Li Ying is any meaning. You will lead her to see Xu tomorrow, Xia Group inside should have to suit her position.” Xia Tian not any startled, but looked that said to Li Ying.

Em! This time does not calculate, when your which day has the time, comes my family, I do to you.” On the face of Li Ying does not have any startled, probably is the same in the farewell, Lanlan looks at their appearances, hoodwinked thoroughly, she did does not understand that these two people were not why tense. Now should be the special period is right. But they simply were too tranquil. Until Xia Tian was detained police vehicle, Li Ying also beckoned with the hand with Xia Tian. Yingying, this what's the matter? You have not visited them are one group? How aren't you worried about your friend?” Lanlan looks very puzzled to Li Ying. Jiang Hai City nobody active has resulted in him.” Li Ying said. „Has nobody active resulted in him?” Lanlan has doubts looks to Li Ying. Em.” Li Ying nodded, afterward continues saying: Now how you do not need to intertwine with the issue that the broker signs, did not need to be worried about the advertisement the issue.” What meaning?” Lanlan was blurrier. He did not say a moment ago, making you go to Xia Group to be the plane model.” Li Ying answered. „Won't Yingying, you have a fever? He said that makes me go to me to go?” Lanlan touches the Li Ying forehead to say with the hand. He said that makes you go, you can definitely!” Li Ying said. Why?” Lanlan asked. Because he is Xia Group Boss.” Li Ying said. What?” On Lanlan's face has written all over inconceivable, Xia Group, the entire China most famous company, contributes is 30 billion dollars, this digit makes the person listen fearfully. However Xia Group Boss is very low-key, therefore nobody knows that who he is. Regardless of but how Lanlan wants unable in that shadow and Xia Tian the heart superposes in together, even if the low-key person, cannot low-key become Xia Tian such, rides the Land Rover car(riage) also to want surprisedly together.

Was that insulted does not talk back. This simply was too inconceivable. She is unable to imagine that person is Xia Group Boss: Yingying, you talked nonsense?” I have not certainly talked nonsense, otherwise you think how my enters Zeng's Group including the student who the graduation has not graduated, and has become the Zeng's Group divisional manager.” Li Ying shows a faint smile. At this time on Lanlan's face has written all over inconceivable. In the local police station, Xia Tian was shrunk a dark basement directly, in this basement should have the lamp normally, but at this time is actually jet black one piece. Brat, here is treating now, waits a while to examine injuries to report that you lowest are indefinite.” Uncle Li coldly looked that said to Xia Tian. I make a bet your anything unable to examine.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. You wait for death!” Uncle Li said that left directly, this underground, only then Xia Tian stayed here. In hospital! Examines injuries, a bit faster examines injuries!” Small healthy angry shouting. The doctor deeps frown. Any wound does not have, what you contract is the feces and urine incontinence.” What? Is impossible, certainly is the opposite party tramples my foot to trample, you look on my abdomen, certainly has the wound.” Small healthy said hurriedly. Sir, you relax, your body anything wound does not have, on your clothes does not have any attacked trace.” The doctor answered. Is impossible, he kicked me obviously.” On the small healthy face has written all over inconceivable, but he thinks hurriedly: Another person? His hair stiffly pulled, was impossible not to have the evidence.”