Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 849

Slightly healthily has a dream cannot think that the check result of doctor is this. This keeps him from accepting, he does not believe is own reason, he is big, how possible feces and urine incontinence, he to believe that this certainly is the ghost who Xia Tian does, but doctor unexpectedly cannot inspect. Hateful, any trick of doing, why cannot inspect.” On the small healthy face has written all over anger. However like this he also has recognized, but also has the manager in that scenic spot company by Xia Tian the hair one after another tears off hardly, he does not believe that on that person cannot examine to injure. His we also inspected, he has had the alopecia, infantile paralysis, later by ordinary flow nasal mucus, mouth-watering.” The doctor answered. What? What did you say? Your this inferior physician, can you inspect?” Small healthy acts crazy directly, he has not thought that final check result unexpectedly is this, how this makes him accept. Originally already the wound of he and scenic spot company manager can sentence Xia Tian dozens years absolutely, when the time comes he can find person tidying up Xia Tian of the maliciously in the prison. Every day suffers Xia Tian, like this he can vent anger. But after now check result comes out, unexpectedly is this. If you do not satisfy our check results, you can go to other hospital to continue to inspect, we happen to are not willing to receive you, you come this less than a half hour, has drawn three times, you have a look also to have that doctor to be willing besides me to come.” This doctor on the face is also bringing 45 masks at this time. How is it that that last person inspects? His face was slapped several . Moreover the belly was also trampled a foot, he is impossible to be all right!” Small healthy asked hurriedly, he was also been so embarrassed by a doctor saying, after all at this time in this room stank to high heaven. If this doctor did not manage him, he may collapse dead very much. Last person has also inspected, his face not any hit trace, body not trampled trace, he now outside you.” The doctor said. Hears the words of doctor, slightly healthily remained silent.

He has a dream cannot think that check result unexpectedly is this, this also made people unable to accept, they had been hit, finally did not have any wound. Cannot inspect the doctors. This is how possible.” Small does not know healthily completely should say anything. At this moment. Frame! The gate was trampled. Son, who bullied my son.” The gate of hospital ward was trampled directly. This person is small healthy father, but he just came , the brow is a wrinkle: Whose TM ate to fly in circles, was so smelly.” Father!” Small healthy cries while to say. Son, who bullied you.” On a neck has the chain, on the arm has the block, the body had a tattoos board inch guy to walk from the entrance, after he came, discovered that the stink passed from own son. Father, Uncle Li has caught him.” Slightly healthily complained tearfully. That guy more approaches his son, cannot bear want to feel nauseated on exceed, finally can only cover the mouth and nose with the hand, then looks to the doctor: What's the matter? How did my son turn into this?” Sir, your son now is the feces and urine incontinence, we cannot govern now.” Doctor cautious and solemn must say.

Your TM said anything, my son is how possible the feces and urine incontinence.” The guys work on the doctor to result in collar angry saying directly, but this grasps, immediately smelled that odor, has almost not spat, he took up another hand to cover his mouth and nose hurriedly. Sir, this is real.” The doctor answered hurriedly. Governs, governs to me quickly, the father is rich, governs to me.” The guys shout loudly. This we could not govern, that feces and urine incontinence that the old person who this probably quickly died resulted, we could not govern.” The doctor answered hurriedly. Your TM said that who was dying, in the father family such an only child, quickly governed to me.” Guy angry shouting. Rumbling! Also is a series of fart sounds. The guys soon had been irritated at this time, looks own son's condition, he soon collapsed. After and small healthy communication, he finally clearly what happened. Listened to this entire process, he knows that the opposite party definitely was not an average person, perhaps was the veteran who understood a medical skill, he had also bumped into this fellow before, but was abandoned finally also by him. Looks that slightly is in good health there to endure hardships, he also can only consult with the doctor, small has hit mood-stabilizing medication healthily. Uncle!” Xing Jun noticed that little healthy father comes out to greet hurriedly. Snort, I heard that the matter is you annoys, why that does not have on your matter.” Little healthy father cold snort discontented saying.

Uncle, I do not know that what's the matter, that boy too evil.” Xing Jun currently also has cannot say painstakingly, he face quickly washed the broken skin a moment ago, thinks that small sits on his face healthily urinates, he felt that quick was disgusting. You go back to rest, did not need to look here, the following matter I solved, but this matter I did not hope to occur the second time.” The little healthy father said that direct turn around leaves. Xing Jun has frightened at this time. In this time police station. What? Has not injured!” Inconceivable of Uncle Li whole face, he went to at that time time, these people may be very miserable, how possibly unable to examine to injure. Has not injured, slightly strengthened there situation to live metastable, I made the doctor call the mood-stabilizing medication him, another was quite miserable, dripping that a mouth-watering, class, usually the nasal mucus kept in a moment, although a moment ago has hit the mood-stabilizing medication, but the nasal mucus and saliva could not stop.” The person of telephone head is small the healthy father. „It is not also one hit very miserable?” Uncle Li asked hurriedly. That is most normal, his body does not have any injured trace, moreover does not have any is uncomfortable, that person definitely has the strangeness, haven't you gone to adjust the video recording?” The little healthy father asked. Has moved, but camera unexpectedly of that coffee shop has gone bad, moreover is accident time bad, therefore does not have any evidence.” Uncle Li also very depressed. It seems like this fellow is not simple, walked the moon's orbit unable to solve him, I have the person to go to your now, having a look at him to have the means to rescue slightly healthy, after he rescued was slightly healthy, I have abandoned him, then threw into him the sea.” Little healthy father wicked saying. Good, this boy died.” Uncle Li said that has hung up telephone directly. „Were you are saying me?” At this moment seems the devil common voice of behind transmits from Uncle Li together, Uncle Li felt instantaneously own pore from top to bottom all opened.