Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 850

In hospital small healthy and manager in scenic spot company they can only use the mood-stabilizing medication to maintain now. The weird disease that they have was called the sickness of not being able to cure. Many Professor run to go to hospital to diagnose that two people. This time Xing Jun left the hospital, his today's is not very happy, he planned to take Lanlan today directly, finally not only has not taken Lanlan, instead turned into the present this. Thinks that small sat in his face healthily previous at that time, he thought very disgusting. He must ask a woman to disappear now the disappearing fire! Otherwise he was not irritated. In this time police station. The cold sweat of Uncle Li whole face, his opened the police in institute today intentionally, is he is on duty, in other words currently in the police station he, naturally also had the basement is closing that person. That person but who the basement closes, the iron basket is locked, moreover needs to brush the police to prove to the above gate to open. Then this sound. Is the ghost? He does not dare to turn head. However he responded immediately, in the police station possibly to be how fishy, therefore he extracted the pistol of waist to turn head fast, when he looked to arrive the person before him, on the face has written all over inconceivable: How do you come out?” The iron basket and bulletproof gate unexpectedly have not locked in this fellow, this was also too terrifying. I want to come out to be too simple.” Xia Tian very optional saying. I told you, you are afraid of punishment to flee now.” Uncle Li has worn a big hat to Xia Tian directly.

What crime did I commit? Do you have the evidence?” A Xia Tian face smiling face looked that said to Uncle Li. Really is ghost who you do, good, although I do not know what you use is what method, but I have doubts, offends your is that Xing Jun, why is he all right?” Uncle Li already cause and effect ascertaining. To be how possibly all right?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, had not explained. Uncle Li hears the Xia Tian words, deeps frown. Some of I most repugnant people deal with a woman with that dirty trick, therefore their three cannot be inescapable.” Xia Tian did not oppose that pursues normally, but under yao this matter to the woman is he most is intolerable. Especially principal offender Xing Jun. I, no matter you are, you cannot walk now!” Uncle Li takes the (spear|gun) to aim at Xia Tian, the little healthy father must come immediately, when the time comes naturally can solve this fellow. He cannot make Xia Tian run away now. Relax, I will not walk.” Xia Tian arrived at Uncle Li's front, the right hand index finger has selected on his abdomen, this movement with selected that movement at that time on Xing Jun is exactly the same. Moreover he starts to be quick, Uncle Li had not felt why not assumes the post to place. Sees meaning that Xia Tian does not have, Uncle Li has laid down the (spear|gun) in hand, at this time all monitoring in institute had been closed by him. After 20 minutes. Enormous and powerful one group of people, have killed from outside. Person?” After the little healthy father enters in the institute, angry shouting. He in that!” Uncle Li with pointing at has referred to sitting Xia Tian in corner. Boy, I gives you an opportunity, how told me to cure my son's sickness, then I cut your hand, this time matter.” The little healthy father looked that said to Xia Tian.

Your son latter half of life most little can the feces and urine incontinence three times every day.” Xia Tian light saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, the little healthy father was angrier: Brat, you court death, I heard that you can hit very much, today I have brought 50 people, I thought that you can hit several.” I think that the Jiang Hai City present police are very good, will not have existence of any feudal bully, but now looks like, I must clean up.” Xia Tian said that his whole person disappeared in same place, when he passed by side the little healthy father, similarly has selected on the little healthy father's abdomen, then his whole person disappeared in the police station. Person?” The little healthy father has doubts looks to the surroundings. Does not know.” Uncle Li also hoodwinked. Also stood in their front Xia Tian a moment ago unexpectedly such at present vanished in them now, they looked for a meeting, had not found Xia Tian, finally only the beam energy spread went, not the too small healthy father planned that asked Uncle Li to go to the big healthcare, after all their relations were very good. In this time Xia Tian went home. On the body of person has covert acupoint, this acupoint does not exist in the medico, however on the body of person has, this acupoint name is kidney Yang Xue, so long as kidney Yang Xue were attacked, then this person cannot handle the matter in that aspect with the woman, otherwise at the scene will be killed violently . Moreover the doctor cannot inspect absolutely, can only think that was the natural death, this phenomenon called to shrink positive in the ancient times.” Xia Tian lies on the bed light saying. He had not used this technique before, but he has used today, and has used three times. Xing Jun, little healthy father and Uncle Li. From they three achievement knows that they have certainly harmed many people, therefore Xia Tian has used this technique for their three. Xing Jun looked for a woman in the evening directly, wants to release the fire. But when he wants the matter of good men and women, strange occurred, his lower part unexpectedly shrank, but his whole person was also the instantaneous death, this may clothing his woman scaring. Meanwhile, another place. Two the fates of people are just the same as him. These people reported to the police directly, most starts the police to think is the murder, afterward after the doctor inspected, said that was the natural death, therefore the police also can only settle a lawsuit.

In hospital! Slightly healthily receives this news time, his whole person collapsed. Died, all died.” The result that the police give was natural death, but he knows that this absolutely was not the natural death, because these three person causes of death of death were exactly the same, moreover had the relations with him, what was main, technique that this type did not have the evidence, is just the same as him now. Brat, I know that is you do, even if not have the evidence I not to let off you, I will want you dead family.” Small healthy angry shouting, his father unexpectedly also died, this is he most unsupportable matter. ! The gate was opened. One group of policemen walked. They covered the mouth and nose to frown to move toward slightly healthy. „Do you want to do?” Small healthy vigilant looks to these police. You with rising from all directions employment murder case are concerned, but also is intentionally related with 12 offending somebody events, moreover you are concerned with 36 fan jian cases, now we arrest you officially.” In the hand of police has put out warrant of arrest. Hears the words of police, small healthy complexion big change, because these matters he has done. He absolutely does not have ability of revolt, was detained directly, he was detained, happen to saw that the manager in scenic spot company was also detained. Sees all these times, he knows that he ended! Implements the A plan!” His fast putting out cell phone, has then dialed a telephone number.