Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 851

Saw that small telephones healthily, these police have snatched the cell phone in his hand hurriedly, not the too small healthy telephone has fired off. On the small healthy face has shown the smiling face. I will not be grasped, moreover that two women, a while I must ride on your bodies.” Small healthy secret saying, on his face has piled up with the smiling face. After these police will strengthen slightly they bring, directly has delivered the police vehicle. Healthy elder brother!” The manager in scenic spot company keeps is shedding the nasal mucus and tears. Your boy also suffices miserably, the father has drawn five times to stop today, your this probably is the class that keeps.” Saying of small healthy sympathy. Healthy elder brother! These I who these police said a moment ago have done, what to do can this? If were sentenced, that shot me ten times to suffice.” The manager in scenic spot company has not gone to manage own saliva and nasal mucus, even his nasal mucus flowed the mouth. Small healthy does not dare to look at the manager in scenic spot company, because he felt that the opposite party was too disgusting: You felt relieved that how healthy elder brother I can make you endure hardships.” Behind the police vehicle is sends under custody, at this time they were closed, in that sends under custody in the car(riage), the surroundings all are that car(riage) of iron net. Small healthy has closed the eye directly, probably after five minutes. Bang! Vehicle fierce in a flash, the small healthy head knocked directly on the glass, but on his face presented the excited look. Pit-a-pat! A series of sounds of gunfire passed from outside. After two minutes, the sound of gunfire stopped, sending under custody the gate of car(riage) to be opened. Young master, we came late.” Late is not late, just right.” Small healthy got out directly. Healthy elder brother, I.” The manager in scenic spot company noticed that some people rescue, excited saying.

You is a my brother, I had said that will not make you endure hardships, certainly will go to do.” Small healthy took up manager of a (spear|gun) in scenic spot company to fire several (spear|gun)s directly, the manager in scenic spot company died with injustice unredressed, he has a dream cannot think slightly healthy to his to open fire. Young master, we walk, did not walk without enough time, the corpse of master we also snatched.” Em, now walks, tonight must leave Jiang Hai City.” Slightly healthily nodded, this is the A plan, this plan is his father living time prepares, is worried one day to have an accident. Once they have an accident, immediately implements the A plan, then these people will save them, runs away directly. These people are the little healthy his father meticulous care person ready dead. To have such one day, they are most are not willing to use the A plan, once because implements the A plan, represented them to travel. Bang! Bang! Bang! At this moment a series of sounds of gunfire transmit from the surroundings! On the small healthy head presented a child bullet hole! Teacher predicts with great accuracy, this boy also really must run away, but had been a pity the teacher does not know where they will begin, therefore these brothers died in vain.” The big cow received the (spear|gun). Is specially the Operations Office person. As soon as they receive the Xia Tian call, immediately moves, at the same night sends for pursuing, moreover wharf there person completely had also been killed at this time, Li Ying downstairs these prepared to catch him and Lanlan's person all are killed. The harvesting motion ended perfectly. But these were responsible for sending under custody the young healthy police dead three, other people also all were the severe wounds. This time Xia Tian has fallen asleep at home, Jiang Hai City after is pure lands, especially before he goes to the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, here matter must process clean that night police also to send out. Starts the force to hit black. The dark forces of these surviving wiped out overnight completely.

Only then that Elder Brother Bao is the survival, moreover Xia Tian has not felt embarrassed him, but sends for warning him, later did not allow to do any misdemeanor, Elder Brother Bao hears the warning of Xia Tian to lead the little brother to start directly the right business. Moreover he was careful compared with anybody. The first custom that he sets is, his brother cannot bully the person, cannot begin with anybody. Next morning, when he receives that news, directly kneels on the ground, thanks Xia Tian that the mouth keeps, these dark forces that because he knows had been cut off completely, only then his is living. Xia Tian got up to make a combination to exercise in the morning. Big windmill squeek long extension, here scenery really attractive, the day is attractive, attractive, one group of joyful little friends. Hey, Sister Rou.” Xia Tian, had an accident.” The Sister Rou sound is bringing sobbing. How? Sister Rou, who bullied you, I have killed him now.” Tiantian disappears.” Sister Rou, do not worry, at home I, before the darkness, I come back the Tiantian belt.” After Xia Tian has hung up the telephone, facial color ice-cold, he has not gone to ask that who Zeng Ruo does, because he knew, he planned to let off a Wu horse, no matter what, they had helped Zeng Ruo. However now Xia Tian has discovered that benevolently is harming itself to the enemy. Now person unexpectedly of Wu has dared to start to Tiantian, that Xia Tian may not forgive the opposite party. When hears the Sister Rou sob the sound, Xia Tian feels is very grieved, own woman unexpectedly will cry, moreover cries because of his fault, this lets his anger instantaneous full house, he inquired that position of Wu, this time he has not handed over Xu to drive, but made Xu give him to shout a driver casually. The vehicle is going fast, Xia Tian has closed one's eyes, very express train on high-speed. Xia Tian has closed one's eyes.

Wu! Master, Tiantian snatched.” Good! Snatches well, after having Tiantian, I can become the Patriarch position.” Morning that Wu Zhen excited saying, his son dies, therefore he almost lost to the control power of family, but now Wu faced with a very major problem. Is Wu does not have the fourth generation. The person of Wu probably suffered the curse to be the same, has not had a child. This regarding Wu, simply is the total destruction, therefore Wu Grandfather distributes the verbal command, any person, so long as can give birth to the fourth generation, then the Patriarch position turned over to him. Just started, various person types of Wu went all out, in order to the first bosom child, but one year passed by, did not have any message. However Wu Zhen in having no intention to remember the son of oneself that dying not to have the test tube descendant, thinks here time, his excited was serious, immediately sends Wu Yu to look for Zeng Ruo to want the child. However he has not thought that Wu Yu unexpectedly failed, moreover had been hit, the person who he sends was also hit. However he regarding matter and not caring of revenging, what he wants is Tiantian, therefore he sends for while once more Zeng Ruo goes to work, Tiantian forcefully snatched. Bang! The ground of Wu rocked fiercely. What happened?” Wu Zhen stands up hurriedly toward outside walks.