Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 852
Wu Zhen also immerses during that type is joyful, he can become the head of the clan of Wu finally, thinks of here him specially excitedly. Had Tiantian, he had the fourth-generation person. So long as there is a fourth-generation person, then he is the hero of Wu, although Tiantian is only the test-tube baby, but in his body class blood but Wu, therefore others are not resigned to them not to have any means. This position nobody can snatch with him. Even if others also uses this means that they also already late. In he immerses during is excited, outside transmitted a bang, the ground slightly shivered. What happened?” Wu Zhen runs hurriedly to outside. Master is not good, the front door of Wu was broken out.” What? Breaks out? Your vertigo, the front door of Wu was so thick is broken how possibly out.” Wu Zhen very discontented looks at that servant. The front door of Wu is that type of three meters five meters high width three meters big iron gate, on the front door has the door, everybody usually passes and out door that is to walk, moreover outside also has the garage, therefore the front door does not open generally, because opens an unusual hard sledding. That type of big iron gate opens uses energy, to be broken how possibly out, even if cuts with the power saw, must cut for more than ten minutes. Wu is a respected family, in their family is very rich, solely can look from outside garage, garage inside has over a hundred car(riage)s . Moreover the majority is luxury car. Bang! At this moment, a huge explosive sound transmits from outside! The person of Wu all looked to the explosion position, the thick smoke has curled up, saw that thick smoke the time from the left side, the faces of Wu all people instantaneously became pale, because there was the garage of Wu. That explosive sound represented in the Wu garage over a hundred luxury car to be blasted, that was the value tens of millions, over a billion luxury car, unexpectedly such was exploded crushes.

Suddenly, the person of Wu all runs to outside. When they run up to the entrance. Bang! Two leaves of giant iron gates flew from outside. Broken out big iron gate. Big iron gate unexpectedly of Wu had been broken out, moreover the big iron gate had been thrown directly. These people escape hurriedly. Bang! The big iron gate hit in a hall, the glass of hall was hit crushes, moreover glass inside thing instantaneously was also installed broken, this is the tea hall of Wu, the tea set that in this suspends is best. Usually this is used to entertain the honored guest, whoever comes, by this tea hall deep shock, because here tea set and tea leaves are you had heard, but has not seen, on the surrounding wall has also chocked up the calligraphy and painting. These calligraphies and paintings are the work of famous expert. However now the tea hall in this legend changed beyond all recognition. In room all were damaged. Any person, unexpectedly dares to come Wu Jia to act unruly!” The second-generation person of Wu all took the lead the past. The first generation of Wu only then a person, is the Wu Jia lao ancestor in legend, the second generation has ten people, third generations has 40 people, the fourth generation does not have temporarily.

Family following male servant and servant more than 400 people. In the entire Wu mansion altogether has 531 people. These 531 people are the entirety of Wu, at this time heard that Wu was pounded, Wu family outside to returning to catch up. The second-generation person of Wu bears the brunt, when they arrive at the entrance discovered that the opposite party has a person. A person kicks Wu! Extinguishes your person of Wu.” Entrance saying of that male coldly. Your big tone, my Wu did not say that extinguishes extinguishes, moreover our Wu has any enmity with you, your unexpectedly has exploded the garage of our family, has divided the front doors of Wu.” Wu Zhen looks angrily to Xia Tian. I once let one boy who called Wu Yu had the words to you, if you annoyed me again, I extinguished your family, now you annoy me, therefore I kept my promise.” Xia Tian vision coldly looks at front these ten old fogies, they biggest 60, smallest 40 years old. Hears Wu Yu this name, all people all looked to Wu Zhen, because Wu Yu was the Wu Zhen following person. Wu Zhen hears Wu Yu this name time, knew to go bad, this time matter he definitely could not be inseparable from, this person came up to explode the garage of their family to divide the front door of their family, has destroyed the tea hall of their family. This is a massive loss . Moreover the front door was divided, their faces of Wu lost completely. Even if they have now killed front this hateful boy, the person of Wu definitely also will look for his trouble. Perhaps this Patriarch position cannot sit. Do not speak at a venture, Wu Yu how long did not have a Wu.” Wu Zhen said hurriedly that he wanted the matter belt in the past, otherwise this account will certainly calculate his body. Xia Tian has not spoken, around vision coldly seeing these people.

Actually are you who?” Two generations of figure of Wu asked. I called Xia Tian!” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Xia Tian! Are you Xia Tian? Has killed Yin Fu that Xia Tian, has won that Xia Tian of Earth Grade Expert clear water sword Saint?” On the faces of flash all people have written all over inconceivable, because Xia Tian this name recently was really too resounding. They think that does not know difficultly. Since Xia Tian has killed Yin Fu , his reputation on large scale promotion, because Yin Fu is one becomes famous for a long time Expert, some people of legend Earth Grade Expert clear water sword Saints also had lost afterward to him, although everybody does not believe that they think after the clear water sword Saint has certainly fought many people, was picked up a bargain by Xia Tian. But no matter what, Xia Tian present reputation is very resounding. Actually did our Wu offend your what?” Another Wu two generations of asked. Your people go to Jiang Hai City to cause trouble, was hit later unexpectedly to start to snatch Tiantian by me, harms my Sister Rou to cry, this moved my bottom line.” Xia Tian coldly looks to these people of Wu. Tiantian? Sister Rou?” All people all are unusual doubts, immediately a moment ago what they remembered Xia Tian to say was Jiang Hai City: What you said is Zeng Ruo and her child?” Right!” Xia Tian said. Wu Zhen heard everybody almost to give to pull out the bottom of matter quickly, he shouted hurriedly: „The Wu juniors obey orders, who regardless of he is, since he dares to hit, our Wu is not a vegetarian, on, kills him to me together.” The servant strengths of Wu were unusual, flash all people all have fired also into Xia Tian. Wu Zhenke does not dare to make them continue to talk, because they said again words that the person of Wu all knows this time matter because of him, but got up. The right hand of Xia Tian holds up the [gold/metal] blade high.