Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 853

When these people fire into Xia Tian, the [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian right hand throws directly! Puff! Puff! Puff! A series of blood color break-ups get up! The bodies of these people all fell down, more than 30 people of bodies all fell down instantaneously: You are not the people of Wu, I can forgive you not dead, but you help a tyrant do evil, therefore I have abandoned your Martial Arts.” These people of ground are tumbling, their hand muscles were all selected by Xia Tian. Sees such scene, these are just about to the Wu subordinate, has anchored all the body. I give you three seconds of opportunity, in three seconds leave Wu, I let off your one time, after three seconds, stays here, with the Wu same crime.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. His vision took a fast look around in the surrounding these people, when the Xia Tian vision sees them. Immediately most people run to outside! Cracking a joke. Such the person of violence, Yin Fu can kill, how they contend! One! When Xia Tian looks up one, more than 100 people run instantaneously to outside, they just live hand to mouth to eat in Wu Jia, does not need to breakneck, even if Xia Tian does not kill them, has abandoned their Martial Arts, they later are also disabled person one, but escapes now, goes to look for a nice work not to have the issue outside by their strengths. The tree macaque is but actually loose. Two! When Xia Tian looks up two, the person of this running away are more, more than 200 people run instantaneously to outside, these people run unusual is quick, probably is afraid Xia Tian to renege on a promise to be the same. Three! The people who cannot run are running to outside, servant who finally leaves behind only then less than 30. Enormous and powerful Wu all ran away in fear by the Xia Tian three figures.

Your Wu scenery have also sufficed, should be extinguished.” Xia Tian gaining ground slowly, walks toward front directly, saw that Xia Tian and the others walked to oneself, these people all are retreat that keeps. When Xia Tian arrives at distance these person very near positions, Xia Tian of Wu fires into Xia Tian directly, his position is Xia Tian blind spot, he must sneak attack Xia Tian. Saw that must sneak attack successfully. But a big hand directly held his neck, then his pounding maliciously above ground. Violence! That person was only struck by Xia Tian, massacres directly. Sees such scene, these people swallow the saliva. Baby, you such rides roughshod kills people in our Wu, perhaps is not good!” At this moment the sound conveys from the backyard together, afterward the ash-gray form walks together directly from behind, he walks is not quick, but he every step probably went out of ten meters distance. Expert! Sees the opposite party time, Xia Tian knew, he is Expert. Wu Jia lao ancestor. Hit was small, came out old, good!” Xia Tian looked to Wu Jia lao ancestor time shows a faint smile. 30 years, 30 years of nobody has dared to come Wu Jia to act unruly.” Wu Jia lao ancestor light saying, he as if fell into during a recollection: Previous that the person who comes Wu Jia to cause trouble is the 30 years ago people, at that time he and you were equally young and impetuous, finally I have killed with his concerned all people, 763 people, person who so long as had the relations with him all died.” Wu the words said very tranquil, but content actually scared, has killed 763 people. This is not one slightly slaughters. Old fogy, said you damn also.” Xia Tian said. 30 years, it seems like these 30 years I really am too low-key, the low-key letting person has forgotten my Wu Tufu this title.” Wu Lao Zu spoke of here time, coldly looked to Xia Tian: It seems like I must slaughter once more.” Wu Jia lao ancestor's words are very simple, after he prepared to kill Xia Tian, has killed again with the Xia Tian concerned all people.

Old ancestor, he has killed Yin Fu that Xia Tian.” The Wu second generation person said in a low voice. Yin Fu , in my eyes is just a baby, killed him not to have no extraordinary.” Wu Jia lao ancestor light saying, his these 30 years is infatuated with the research martial arts, outside matter to few that knows. How he has been studying breaks through that ridge, what a pity he had not succeeded, the entire 30 years, he has still not stepped into Earth Grade. Really flamboyant, you are grasp the kitchen knife to chop the electric wire, spark belt lightning.” Xia Tian said. However in the people eyes, may unable to listen to his words to have the meaning of commendation. You court death!” Wu Jia lao ancestor facial color one cold, this person attaches importance to face, but front the kid unexpectedly dares so to speak to him. I am extinguish your family, is not courts death, the calamity is inferior to the wife and children, the Wu females and below ten children can live, other people must die.” Xia Tian looked that said to Wu Lao Zu. Extremely arrogant! Xia Tian results in the words to be very extremely arrogant. He gets Wu to extinguish the Wu whole families single-handedly. Wu Jia lao ancestor time has not spoken, his imposing manner rises suddenly instantaneously, afterward the aura of his whole person became disorderly, was only the flash, he arrived at the Xia Tian front. Bang! Wu Jia lao ancestor fights with the fists. Flickers the body technique! Wu Jia lao ancestor's fist hit to empty! Bang! An explosive sound transmits from his. What?” Wu Jia lao ancestor stares slightly, afterward fires into Xia Tian hurriedly, he noticed a moment ago person unexpectedly of Wu exploded.

Snort! The old fogies, you do not think are one very fierce? I first made you have a look at person dying of your family.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step fast shuttle in crowd. The blood explodes refers to! In Finger of Consonance cruelest method! Deals with the Profound Grade following person to! So long as on the finger gathers Inner Strength, then selects on the body of opposite party, the body of opposite party immediately explodes! Bang! Bang! Bang! Xia Tian the body of finger fast point person below these Profound Grade. After he selects, one second, that person of body will explode. Hateful! Fights me!” Wu Jia lao ancestor's complexion changes instantaneously, Wu is the descendants was deficient, now Xia Tian kills a person every time, his heart in drop blood, but he cannot overtake Xia Tian. Xia Tian Movement Technique was too exquisite. He overtakes Xia Tian each time immediately time, Xia Tian can escape successfully, will kill one person. Short five minutes! In juniors of Wu on only the remaining 30 people, majority is two generations of juniors. You dare to kill my descendant, I must extinguish your whole families!” Wu Jia lao ancestor angry shouting, his solemn Profound Grade greatly complete Expert, unexpectedly was working as the surface by Xia Tian, has killed that many descendants, this is must make him die without a heir. I prepared a good play to make you look!” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward he has drawn the [gold/metal] blade fine lace in hand directly.