Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 854

Xia Tian when ran a moment ago, he has not been idling, [gold/metal] Dao another end fell into stone wall, but in his hand is taking Gold Thread, at this time Wu these Profound Grade above people had been covered in inside completely. When Xia Tian draws Gold Thread. On Wu Jia lao ancestor face one startled: Be careful, runs to me!” But, already late. Puff! Puff! Puff! 30 numbers of people high flew, Wu exterminates an entire family! One day ago, the person of Wu is the incomparable wildness, where they arrive are the nostril face upwards, nobody dares to offend them, because offends their people to die, but in Wu besides Wu Jia lao ancestor, the whole families is killed now. Moreover is dies not entire corpse! The Profound Grade following person all blood explodes. Above Profound Grade, number of people all high flies. I had said extinguishes your whole families, will extinguish your whole families!” Xia Tian has lifted the head slowly, looked that said to Wu Lao Zu. On Wu Jia lao ancestor's face is angry, Wu who these many years he painstakingly plans such ended, he finally understands now those words were any meaning, came out to mix sooner or later must.’ Now Wu all adult males are all killed. Moreover uniform death not entire corpse. I will certainly defeat the bone to raise the ash you!” Wu Jia lao ancestor whole face hate looks at Xia Tian to say. I had heard a very interesting matter, after it is said an anger of person achieves the apex, cuts open an opening his body, then rinses dehydration seal, this person will shed skin, does not know that this matter really or false, I want to try!” Xia Tian looked that said to Wu Lao Zu. Little bastard, you extinguish my whole families, I must make unusual be miserable, moreover I who you die must kill off with your concerned all people.” Wu Jia lao ancestor looked said angrily to Xia Tian. Puff! The blood light dodges!

You already not that opportunity!” Xia Tian stands in Wu Jia lao ancestor said. Wu Jia lao ancestor stares slightly, he looked to his chest, the mercury! Was the mercury flowed in his body. Meanwhile he felt that his body is very itchy, is very painful, he wants to push aside his skin. You escape slowly!” The body of Xia Tian vanished in same place, after three minutes, in his hand hugged a child to appear in Wu Jia lao ancestor's front, this child was little Tiantian. At this time Tiantian rests is very fragrant! Wu Jia lao ancestor has all taken off own skin, he now is a blood person. Since the ancient times, to become Wang defeats invader, because in the past I was softhearted, has brought many crises to oneself, now I understood, sometimes I must under the cruel methods, if I did not extinguish your whole families, my person will have the danger.” Xia Tian looked that said to Wu Lao Zu, he understands, if not he suffices. Now the pitiful condition of Wu possibly is his fate. With its regretted that might as well the direct processing is clean. You die like a dog!” Hitting that Wu Jia lao ancestor is keeping same place shakes, his whole person fell into crazy Realm, painful, itchy, lives to might as well die! The Xia Tian right hand wields, one group of flame appear in his hands, then directly pat on Wu Jia lao ancestor's body. Wu Jia lao ancestor by burning while still alive. Wu exterminates an entire family! Xia Tian not hesitant, lit the entire Wu directly! Fire sweeps across Wu. Wu Jia establishes for more than 30 years, but was burnt at this moment actually down by the fire. Drives, went home!” Xia Tian was saying to the driver.

The drivers have not spoken, can give the driver who Xia Tian drives, naturally is Xu is selective, otherwise others see now the fire of Wu, definitely will scare. Wu is a Expert synonym. However now Wu all extinguishes! Xia Tian returns to Jiang Hai City time, the quick black day, after he has given Zeng Ruo, Tiantian went home. He got up to the father has burnt a joss stick! Extermination! This matter he is also first doing! Although he knows , if not exterminate an entire family, oneself no end of trouble for the future, but he thought that is at heart uncomfortable, that night, a Xia Tian night has not rested. Next morning! Qi Huan came! „It is at heart uncomfortable?” Qi Huan looked that asked to Xia Tian. Is a little uncomfortable!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Exterminates an entire family this matter I also to do, is truly uncomfortable, but I am different from you, I am Assassins, but you to protect, you think, if you have lost to Wu Jia lao ancestor, what fate your family member and friend now are? Perhaps is more miserable than the person of Wu.” Qi Huan said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Three days, you must embark, these Oh do not go, sits in meditation at home, can remove your Baleful Qi, this Baleful Qi will affect the mind of person, the words that you exit now, may see the person who is not feeling well will kill people.” Qi Huan light saying. He was a seasoned person. He has seen many such people, just started to kill people time, fear and fear, if he has killed several people continuously, he receives does not stop, he will be at a stimulated condition. So long as some people dare to annoy him, he will kill people.

Where Xia Tian these three days have not gone, treat at home, moreover he hand mechanism machine. Three days later! Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong early on outside. Qi Huan and Fire Cloud evil god also stands in out of the door of Xia Tian. ! The gate of Xia Tian was opened, what coming out is two people, one is Xia Tian, another is the whole body is binding Black Gown, is leading the person of mask. Qi Huan, Fire Cloud evil god! Jiang Hai City gave you, when I not necessarily can come back, these days Jiang Hai City that but I left cannot have any matter absolutely, I was worried the person who Maoshan sent can sneak attack, when the time comes you killed to me.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Kid, I am not your subordinate.” Fire Cloud evil god discontented saying. „The Fire Cloud evil god, your no choice, you with me, your strength will promote, moreover you can also enter the Heavenly Connection cavern, you not with me, the opportunity that you have not broken through for a lifetime, moreover you also know that what I treat the enemy am.” Reason that Xia Tian today asks the Fire Cloud evil god to come, to thoroughly let the Fire Cloud evil god stands the team. Before Fire Cloud evil god, reason that helps Xia Tian , because with Xia Tian is the relations of cooperation. However the present is the special period, the words Fire Cloud evil god of cooperation may be able not to get rid very much. „Are you threatening me?” Fire Cloud evil god coldly looks at Xia Tian. Right!” Xia Tian not slight concealing. You did not fear that I have killed you now? Even if Yin Nie is fierce, his impossible present to appear.” In the look of Fire Cloud evil god revealed murderous aura, he revealed the meaning of oneself murderous aura is telling Xia Tian, I momentarily possibly got rid to kill you. Bang! At this moment, the Fire Cloud evil god noticed that side Xia Tian that black-clothed person moved, a fist hits to him.