Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 855

Steals the day, robs the Saint and demon robs the Saint three people to stand in the one side! Previous time fought them also to participate. They have experienced the Fire Cloud evil god fierce. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly must get rid to the Fire Cloud evil god, the Fire Cloud evil god is an uncertainty factor, because he was too fierce. Even if ordinary Earth Grade Expert also completely is not his match. Although he and Xia Tian have the relations of cooperation. However he do not get rid, especially opposes with Maoshan. Maoshan is a big faction, the big name, even if Fire Cloud evil god such figure, also does not want to oppose with the people in Maoshan, once the people in Maoshan sneak attack Jiang Hai City time. The Fire Cloud evil god will certainly not get rid. Therefore Xia Tian called here the Fire Cloud evil god. His nickname is the Fire Cloud evil god, the evil god, will work will be how possibly loyal with Xia Tian. The Fire Cloud evil god noticed that black-clothed person attacks to oneself, his vision one cold, then a right hand fist hit directly to black-clothed person. Bang! They simultaneously hit on the chest of opposite party! Puff! A blood spouts from the mouth of Fire Cloud evil god, he drew back three talents to stop his body reluctantly, but black-clothed person stood in same place, not by any wound: What?” The Fire Cloud evil god sized up this black-clothed person, before he has thought this black-clothed person was just the Xia Tian personal servant, but he has not thought that this black-clothed person strength unexpectedly was so terrorist. Xia Tian knows that the Fire Cloud evil empathize with the Great General to the fist, thinks the Fire Cloud evil god is proud, he is very self-confident to his strength, therefore he does not believe one to the opposite party, what a pity he made a mistake. Xia Tian behind a person Great General of this wear black clothed. The strength of Great General, that is including the strength that the Xia Tian left hand could not contend with.

„The Fire Cloud evil god, you also knows that my manner, you followed me, I will definitely not treat unjustly you.” Xia Tian looked that said to the Fire Cloud evil god. The brow tight wrinkle of Fire Cloud evil god, Xia Tian said right, he to the brothers and friends, that is looks, moreover Xia Tian hides shortcomings, if who were bullied, that Xia Tian may be breaknecks. This point he did not question but actually, but he is Earth Grade Expert, moreover is Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage, becomes famous for a long time big figure. Let him submit Xia Tian, this is unable to accept in him. He knows that Xia Tian has Yin Nie to support, moreover Western Hidden Xia Tianlong son, but he also has Yin Nie with Xia Tianlong is figure of time, Xia Tian in his eyes is just Junior. He submits to Junior. This matter is a little unable to accept. Snort, I will not submit to you.” Saying of Fire Cloud evil god coldly. Bang! The Great General fights with the fists. Fire Cloud evil god hurried luck both arms resist, his body was shaken 45 meters far again, afterward he starts to counter-attack, he looked, the strength of Great General was big, therefore he cannot spell hardly. He must use his skill, defeats the Great General. Fire Cloud evil god both hands make an effort to pat the ground, formidable air current takes away as many things as possible to the Great General directly! Inner Strength manifestation! Bang! Formidable strength hitting stiffly on Great General. However an Great General unexpectedly matter does not have, even does not have retreat, sees such scene, Fire Cloud evil god secretly thought: What monster this is, was hit by my Inner Strength manifestation directly, a unexpectedly matter does not have, his Earth Grade late stage? Is Earth Grade greatly complete?” Is Earth Grade greatly is complete, was hit by me directly , the impossible a wee bit matter to have?” Actually front the Fire Cloud evil god does not dare to imagine this fellow is. Bang!

The Great General comes to him once more again, the Fire Cloud evil god has exhausted oneself whole body posture in martial arts. But the Great General completely does not hide does not dodge! Bang! The Great General is a fist raises the Fire Cloud evil god flies. Is now.” Xia Tian at present one bright. Flickers the body technique! His whole person disappears in same place, presents again time, he happen to stands in the Fire Cloud evil god, three silver needles pricked in the mind of Fire Cloud evil god directly, afterward he has pulled out the silver needle. The body of Fire Cloud evil god stares. The Great General flushes away to him once more. Stop!” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly, hears the Xia Tian words, the Great General has stopped the footsteps. What have you made to me?” The Fire Cloud evil god has doubts looks to Xia Tian. Town soul three, I use the silver needle to pour into your knowledge sea the strength of soul, in other words now I, so long as being moved head, you will live to might as well die slightly, so long as I want to make you die, you momentarily will know the sea explosion.” Xia Tian looked that said to the Fire Cloud evil god. How possibly to have such weird Kungfu?” The Fire Cloud evil god is a little unable to believe. At this moment, Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Ah! The Fire Cloud evil god felt that own head must blast out was the same, the body keeps is tumbling on the ground. After two seconds, Xia Tian stopped! Whistling! Fire Cloud evil god big mouth is panting for breath, that flash, he realized a moment ago really that Xia Tian said the feeling that lived to might as well die.

So long as you are willing to be obedient, I will not treat unjustly your.” What Xia Tian use is uses both kindness and severity, from now on the Fire Cloud evil god does not dare to act unreasonably, because his life already in the hand of Xia Tian. So long as Xia Tian thinks that divided the minute to extinguish him. to become Wang defeats the invader, now you said that anything was anything.” Fire Cloud evil god helpless saying, he cannot go to breakneck with Xia Tian. Now his in life Xia Tian, he also can only submit again. Although he, because the face does not want to submit to Xia Tian, but the face compares anything not to consider as finished with the life. Good, steals the day, Han Zifeng, Zhong Chuhong follows me, other people alert.” Xia Tian nodded, reason that he belt steals the day to go is because steals the thing is steals the day the old profession, moreover steals the day world first god to steal. May not encounter any situation in the buried treasure, put on him to be many First Layer safeguard. Several people follow in the Xia Tian side. Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, in Changbai Mountains! Just started to hear this news time, Xia Tian was puzzled, because Changbai Mountains there year to year some people travelled, if there is Witchcraft Sect and a Maoshan is thereby, how possibly nobody discovered. Moreover how the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure will not have been mined to the present. However Changbai Mountains is a mysterious place, there has a place to call Tianchi, some people can pat the water monster in Tianchi frequently. Therefore there was also covered in a veil of mystery. One line of five people, Xia Tian, Great General, steals the day, Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong, their five walk toward the airport directly. They embarked, we also walk!” Zhuge Wanglang opening both eyes slowly. Sir, why don't we go with them together?” Hongwu puzzled asking. Your this first under Heaven blade guest might give full play very much.” Zhuge Wanglang mysterious smiles.