Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 856

Maoshan Faction! Old ancestor issues the order, various Qiansanmen belt five people goes to Jiang Hai City, in August 15 begin.” Yang face protector light saying, he is Maoshan one of the two big protector, protector positive. In Maoshan. Besides the old ancestor, is the status that two big protector is highest. Usually, the Maoshan old ancestors and two big protector closes up cultivation, now Yang Hufa went out. Yes!” The gate hosts in Qiansanmen should say. Three belts 30 pursue the soul master, 30 fight the corpse, the Maoshan disciples 1000 irrigates to extinguish Witchcraft Sect Yu Nie along with me.” Yang face protector light saying. Yes!” Three people should say. „The people of other gates bring the Hushan god beast to be careful North Korean Expert sneak attack.” Yang face protector has issued order once more. Yes!” The gates of other gates main said together. „The generation of this ganef are too many, not only there is Witchcraft Sect Yu Nie, grave robber, the people of archeological teams and other small lot small factions, these people, although the strength is not much, but their large number of elderly persons, everybody carefully, do not have any accident, otherwise no one has the means to confess with the old ancestor.” Protector saying of coldly positive. This time is to protect buddhist law leads personally, thus it can be seen, the Maoshan old ancestors to this time matter are regarding as important how. Witchcraft Sect buried treasure.

That is the enormous wealth, number endless buried treasure and treasure. Maoshan sends, although Expert is numerous, but these years these treasures and materials were used to train these Expert, now Maoshan sent the resources soon to dry up, Maoshan these years have not sent little for seeking for the resources, the resources that but looked for were few. this Witchcraft Sect buried treasure opens regarding Maoshan sends is an once in a thousand years opportunity, so long as they obtain these buried treasures, perhaps the Maoshan old ancestor's strength once more will be increased, once the strength promotion of Maoshan old ancestor, then the resources are not a problem. The Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, the Maoshan Faction wins. Although they go to clear Witchcraft Sect Yu Nie in name, but in fact, their true goals or buried treasures. After Xia Tian and the others had alit from the airplane, has hired GL8, happen to can ride their five. Several are also looks at that marvelous sight?” On the driver road was used to chat with passenger. What marvelous sight?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Naturally was in the legend that marvelous sight of night of moon/month circle, I listened to the person saying that the night of moon/month circle, Tianchi will penetrate the mist under shining of moonlight, saw the genuine Tianchi water monster, recently the tourists in Tianchi were the past ten times.” The drivers answered. Such matter? That was really attractive.” Xia Tian nodded. „The Changbai Mountains usual tourists are many, everybody heard that the night of moon/month circle has such marvelous sight, that simply like insane, words that now goes, in neighbor was the place that could not find, moreover that inside thing sold specially was expensive.” Saying of driver good intention: „Before you come up, is best to bring a food and aquatic goes, but otherwise inside thing big expense.” „, Thanked to remind.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.

The vehicle started for probably five hours, they arrive in Changbai Mountains, after Changbai Mountains, Xia Tian their five people follow the main road the people together, now is not the motion time, the distance 15 two days, has not needed to worry in August, moreover now or daytime. Now if they walk toward Changbai Mountains, that definitely will be blocked. The surrounding security guard are many. To here, actually Xia Tian knew here many people. Sea of people. Walks, everybody has a look at the scenery.” Xia Tian looked that said to the people. Arrives at Changbai Mountains time, Xia Tian discovered that here really very beautiful, Changbai Mountains half are the China territory, half are the territory of North Korea, in the ancient times, here all was the China territory, for afterward the friendly international relationships, China delimited half of Changbai Mountains to North Korea. North Korea also gave here to add on the political myth, declared that for President Kim Il-sung the birthplace and has fought place. Boss, Changbai Mountains, have the different beautiful scenes throughout the year . Moreover the different double-hour have the different sceneries.” Han Zifeng simply acted as the status of tour guide. „, How does here mountain form?” Xia Tian looks to surroundings continuous mountain peak. Dormant volcano! Changbai Mountains is a dormant volcano.” Han Zifeng answered. I heard before Changbai Mountains have the Tianchi water monster, is that real?” Xia Tian asked again, hears the question that Xia Tian asked that stole the day is to also look up to Han Zifeng, because of this matter, they have heard, but genuine and fake actually nobody knows.

Matter real, the picture that but online spreads is false, is here person is used to attract the tourist to use.” Han Zifeng answered. „? Really has the water monster of needle!” Xia Tian stares slightly, he also thinks that before is deceives people, but he has not thought that unexpectedly has water monster type of thing to exist, after all this type of thing said is too close to the legend. Letting the person is unable to believe. Naturally had, Tianchi year to year wound around by the bad fog, moreover here cloudy day rains frequently, be can only see Tianchi in July to September in the fixed several time, therefore here is very more suitable the special biological the survival.” Han Zifeng is the Witchcraft Sect person, he grows up since childhood here, knew about here very: Actually here water monster has several is our Witchcraft Sect the Hushan god beast of god beast and Maoshan, but our Witchcraft Sect god beast , since the war, on the disappearing trace, here also had certainly other monsters, I entered Earth Grade Expert to be torn into shreds by the monster with own eyes instantaneously.” Is so fierce, in that Tianchi to have year to year the fight?” Xia Tian hears Earth Grade Expert to be torn into shreds is startled slightly. No, in Tianchi monster oneself each other will not subjugate, they probably in abiding by some rule are the same, is peaceful, oneself in their territory survival, will not cross the border, even if will be crosses the border will also solicit the agreement of local water monster, but their water monsters, can cross the border in the water level of same altitude, but they actually do not dare to go to a deeper water level, in our Witchcraft Sect will have the record, under Tianchi water will be deeper, in monster on will be fiercer, after our Witchcraft Sect old ancestor was also to dive in the past shortly after on frightening ran coming back.” Han Zifeng patient answered. Is so fierce.” Xia Tian has remembered in Shennongjia that voice, that almost directly the sound that wants him to assign. Em, our Witchcraft Sect Hushan god beast does not dare to penetrate, moreover after they come back, will not say that anything of related Tianchi, including will not say with our Witchcraft Sect old ancestor.” Han Zifeng said. Hushan god beast.” Xia Tian remembers that head that he has killed suddenly.