Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 857

Your previous killing is a Hushan god beast that Maoshan sends, what you kill is a Hushan god beast of babies and infants time, moreover is a jungle beast.” Han Zifeng answered. „, You said that actually these Hushan god beasts are any things.” Xia Tian is very curious regarding these Hushan god beasts. The previous that war, he changed the body, but also was almost killed. Hushan god beast is divided into three types generally, the land , sea and air, that you kill is a diamond, if neutralizes you to fight in the jungle, his strength will promote one time, probably is these sea beasts, they the strength in water are quite fierce.” Han Zifeng answered. Why are they the person?” Xia Tian thought more and more Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan sent mystically. They are not person and the synthesis of god beast, how as for is I of synthesis not to know that needs to spend very big resources to be able probably to cultivate a Hushan god beast, our Witchcraft Sect had two heads at that time.” Han Zifeng in the past was also only in Witchcraft Sect a kid, the thing that therefore he knew was very limited. Interesting, was really more and more interesting.” Xia Tian likes looking forward to the thing of this position: Said your Witchcraft Sect origin, this perhaps to our later roads helpful.” Xia Tian understands, they know are more, the following road is better. This matter is not the secret, in our Witchcraft Sect ancient book has the record, hands down Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan Faction stems from the Warring States time, that pair of brothers, they in having no intention to have discovered a big buried treasure, in this buried treasure has countless wealth and resources, cultivation method, afterward their cultivation had, opened the ultimate buried treasure, inside has put the most precious object, but the treasure is in any ancient book has not recorded, therefore they decide to enjoy this treasure together, since their little cultivation, have been to live in peace with each other, but the one day of that treasure to lose, They flew into a rage, have carried on a war, but their cultivation way was exactly the same, therefore no one is able how anyone.” Han Zifeng said here time slightly: Surroundings have the person in Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan.” All right! Continued!” Xia Tian very optional saying.

Afterward the two think that is the opposite party steals, therefore they established Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan Faction, wants to develop the new ability to destroy completely the opposite party, historically has the record, Maoshan sent mutually to be extinguished with Witchcraft Sect over five times, but can stage a comeback finally.” Han Zifeng spoke of here time lowered sound: „, reason that I suspect the reason that can stage a comeback because of the buried treasure.” Interesting!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile asks again: „Is position that Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan send from ancient to present here?” No, here is 500 years ago moves, it is said Tianchi submarine on great treasure, because of these treasure, Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan gate can be prosperous.” Han Zifeng said over and over again, circled in Tianchi. However this suspected that Xia Tian is willing to believe that because in Tianchi is mystical. Moreover Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan Faction here constructs the school, definitely is because here has the treasure and cultivation that environment they need, otherwise these many years passed by, any big school will also consume. Your Witchcraft Sect strongest time strong?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask. Old ancestor, about protector, 30 Erdong hole hosts, 760 Shan Shanzhu.” Han Zifeng answered. „The strength of what rank is?” Xia Tian asked again. „The mountain hosts of 760 mountains are greatly complete Profound Grade late stage to Profound Grade erratically, 30 Erdong hole main uniform Earth Grade, so long as about protector with the old ancestor's strength I am not clear.” Han Zifeng answered.

Quite fierce, Maoshan and Witchcraft Sect added to be able to contend with Hidden Sect!” Xia Tian says with emotion, the Hidden Sect strength is very fierce, but in Hidden Sect any sect Mendan will take not to have Maoshan and Witchcraft Sect is fierce. „Different, even if hits also to divide the environment, I have seen in the ancient book, Hidden Sect is very fierce, moreover in them as if has some strength, therefore our Witchcraft Sect person's people with Maoshan does not dare to pass, naturally, they, if comes to attack Witchcraft Sect or Maoshan, same is brings death.” Han Zifeng explained: Whose main battlefield, who can win.” Originally is this.” Xia Tian had a mind at heart, simultaneously he decided that in goes in looks for the ancient book to have a look first, all writes down ancient book inside thing with own photographic memory ability, goes back to digest slowly. Em, although now Maoshan alone big, but Maoshan to cope with our Witchcraft Sect, is almost the resources exhausts, they want to obtain the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure compared with anybody, is used to promote the Maoshan old ancestor's strength, so long as the Maoshan old ancestors can break through once more, he can definitely reenter in Tianchi, obtains many cultivation resources.” Although Han Zifeng knows is the superficial things, but often the thing of these surface actually most can explain tries. Xia Tian guessed, reason that Maoshan and Witchcraft Sect choose here to treat as the entrance , because in Tianchi has the great treasure, but in Tianchi also has the water monster to run amuck, therefore they do not dare to visit easily, the strength arrives at certain Realm, can launch to obtain that part the great treasure, is used to promote the strength, when the strength is increased once more, he can continue to dive some. Moreover these Hushan god beasts absolutely are not simple. Definitely was they use some method to cultivate the Hushan god beast. Especially the god beast in water, to transport great treasure. Moreover the strength of person , regardless of being fierce, once launches, can display perhaps links five Chengdu.

The monsters in these water were but different, they can display 100% strengths in the water. It seems like this time Witchcraft Sect buried treasure has brought in many people.” The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around one in the surroundings. Em, but fiercest is Maoshan sends with the North Korean, next is the person who our Witchcraft Sect survives also has other small lot gate small factions.” Han Zifeng answered, the present Maoshan sent is nobody can contend. Even if the North Korean is fierce, they cannot contend with the entire Maoshan Faction directly. Moreover the North Korean has been coveting cultivation method that Maoshan sends, therefore the North Korean has thought many means coped with Maoshan, what a pity finally failed. This time Witchcraft Sect buried treasure opens regarding the North Korean, is an opportunity. So long as they obtained the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, that naturally had cultivation method, Witchcraft Sect the phase difference of cultivation method and Maoshan are not quite many. Boss, we stared.” The Han Zifeng complexion changes.