Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 858

Han Zifeng felt one person by Maoshan stared. Since previous time war, the Witchcraft Sect person genuinely is afraid the person in Maoshan, this fear has formed a brand mark, looks like the mouse fears the cat to be the same, therefore Han Zifeng saw the person in Maoshan each time, has not waited to start, has been afraid. Han Zifeng feared that the people in Maoshan have carved in the bone, it seems like I must help his one.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. His vision took a fast look around in the surroundings, really discovered under was not paying attention to them in several people, actually their several were too free, five people put on a wee bit have not been travel likely, especially Great General, although did not wear the mask, changed directly wears the mask, the big hat added on the big sunglasses, the whole person was all blocked. Their this line of five people looked that is not travels. Therefore they such already will stare. Steals the day, did you see?” Xia Tian looked that to stealing the day asked. Saw!” Steals the day mystically smiles. Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong do not understand what Xia Tian and stole the day to say was any meaning. Child peak, can your Witchcraft Sect buried treasure have the Hushan god beast protection?” Xia Tian changed the topic directly. Definitely not, the Hushan god beast situated in the biology between human and monster, they are impossible to treat in the buried treasure, but they should also near Changbai Mountains, because they little leave Changbai Mountains, has the vigilant psychology to outside.” Han Zifeng said. At this moment, steals the day to look that shows a faint smile to Xia Tian: Handled.” Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong all are the doubts looked that and steals the day to Xia Tian, does not understand that actually they have done anything.

Had a fellow to steal the things of these people a moment ago specially, the objects who he starts are the person who participates in the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, his eye is very clever, these person of he can look, then quietly steals away the things of these people.” Xia Tian light saying: But he has a dream cannot think, the person who he started a moment ago is the first under Heaven god steals, steals the day, therefore, these things that he stole is stolen a moment ago the day to give along.” Volume.” Han Zifeng feels immediately very speechless. He started to sympathize to have that person, whom stole not to be good, stole the first under Heaven god to steal, this was shows off meager skills before an expert simply. Was right now good, the thing not only has not stolen, instead gave to steal the day to make the bridal clothes, these things that he stole all run up to now steal the day in the hand, this simply was in vain laborious. Walks, goes to above to have a look, comes with great difficulty one time, actually must have a look here what.” Xia Tian said directly that he does not hope everybody's spirit has tied tight. Boss, currently do you really have the mood of traveling?” Han Zifeng was soon anxious. You, were too anxious, I told you a few words, so long as I were also living, I will not make your any person die.” Xia Tian very serious looked that said to Han Zifeng. In his vision has written all over firmly. Looks at the Xia Tian look, Han Zifeng nodded, his mood all of a sudden open. Although he has known the Xia Tian manner, but he always felt one have not entered the Xia Tian core circle, he most is also a Xia Tian little brother, when sees the Xia Tian vision, he understood. Xia Tian does not divide the distance to the person, whom also does not divide first with his, but looks at the opposite party actually to make anything. He first felt one among the relations with Xia Tian do not have Xu they to kiss, then his at heart weak trend, actually Xia Tian treats everyone to be the same, reason that he makes Xu they govern the company, because of Xu they that ability.

Moreover matter that this also works hard. Xia Tian liking makes everybody perform its own functions, usually multi- cultivation cultivation, has the matter time can also put out a hand, naturally, that type saw the enemy to come on the person of running, Xia Tian not to want absolutely. Cannot share hardships together, what discussed that enjoys the world. Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong let loose the heart, the instantaneous feeling entire world was bright. They also know one have considered thoroughly, has Xia Tian here, even if the people in these person of Maoshan does not dare to begin easily, even if began, Xia Tian also definitely has the means to block their attacks. Moreover there is that wrapped in a shroud of obscurity black-clothed person. The black-clothed person strength they may be watch, Fire Cloud evil god such Expert of hits it. Then its strength naturally was needless to say. Therefore they can glance over the scenery of Changbai Mountains now heartily. Boss, you such young all day everywhere kills, are you tired?” Han Zifeng has remembered this issue suddenly, Xia Tian this year 18, but he almost will have the war frequently. Moreover a success of war surpasses. Such matter should not occur in Xia Tian this ages, but Xia Tian actually all experienced.

Fights Xia Family over a hundred Profound Grade Expert, Hong Kong fights, fights Island Country, kills Yin Fu , the defeat clear water sword Saint, these proud successes, in this ages, so long as stains one, that can boast for a lifetime. But Xia Tian this merely is Xia Tian achieves in several months. When I see your this group of brothers and sisters, I do not know that anything was tired.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Han Zifeng does not know that Xia Tian these words are cracking a joke, is from the heart, but he has taken seriously, he knows Xia Tian not him, when the bystander looked, but will be he will have looked too lowly. He always feels Xia Tian side Expert like clouds, he doesnot can anything. Has not had the feeling. However attendance of Xia Tian to each of them is equal, going cultivation that reason that Xia Tian such goes all out, struggles, for them, including him, Xia Tian more than once has rescued her life. He is also that by one of the Xia Tian protection people, but his unexpectedly is still haggling over these rank issues, thinks of here, he felt the own special trash, Han Zifeng said to oneself in the innermost feelings: Boss, I will not disappoint absolutely your, you for we dare dead, my Han Zifeng is not a coward.” The people climb mountains along the path of traveling, they are the people of practicing martial art, therefore climbs mountains regarding them, is not the difficult matter. That person with, moreover this time led the helper.” Steals the day to open the mouth to say. Finds an opportunity to kill them, we really do not admire the scenery, but is treasures hunt, whose TM finds fault, gives me to punch.” Xia Tian is not the lord who good to bully, in the metropolis, he can also control some, however outside, these people are the person of practicing martial art, he did not need to care too, moreover Xia Tian did not deal with these people, these people will cope with them.