Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 861

Xia Tian said the liveliness, several people all hit the spirit, the black day crossed, was fighting everywhere. Which influence no matter from, met hits. Did not have what friendship, in addition darkness, therefore nobody has shown mercy, regards the enemy to come oppressively opposite party, now here can become everybody focal point has several people. The first type, that is the person who Maoshan sends, sees this person, any words were needless saying that either ran, either hit, was breaknecking completely, because your breaknecking opposite party did not breakneck. The person who Maoshan sends, sees person to kill, regardless of you are any influence, so long as is not travels, sees one to kill one. The second person, the North Korean, North Korean you do not offend him generally, he does not respond you, but they see the person who Maoshan sends, does not die continuous, has probably the big enmity to be the same. They saw the Witchcraft Sect person to grasp, probably wanted the guide to be the same. The third person, is the Witchcraft Sect person, but now the Witchcraft Sect person the sweetie pie, the people in Maoshan saw the Witchcraft Sect person, with seeing has killed the father personal enemy to be the same, makes, other people see the Witchcraft Sect person, either grasps, either cooperation. Because this time was Witchcraft Sect the day of buried treasure opening, can a person cooperation of Witchcraft Sect, the opportunity on Freshman some, who know that in the buried treasure was any situation, if the buried treasure recognized the Witchcraft Sect person. Therefore now all people are all revolving these three people to fight. Maoshan and North Korean are strongest. Other person strengths differ not in a big way . Moreover the mixing of good and bad people, meets some small roles to be good, once bumps into true Expert, they are also blurry. After Xia Tian and the others had led the way probably two kilometers.

They have anchored, because here present gathered over a hundred people, these people are waiting for in that. Is our Witchcraft Sect person, moreover is Expert.” Han Zifeng said hurriedly. High?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. Profound Grade greatly complete strength, but I should not know the opposite party, because his aura was too strange.” Han Zifeng answered. Xia Tian nod of silently, ten after probably minutes, here gathered more than 130 people, the middle several people have looked at each other one, then has stood: Hello, I am the Witchcraft Sect witch nine, this time I led the Witchcraft Sect most direct line disciple to come back, to open the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, I know that that big buried treasure was not our several people can enjoy . Moreover the person who Maoshan sent does not visit us to attain the buried treasure, therefore we decided.” The witches nine spoke of here time, the surroundings did not have the sound immediately, his satisfied nod, continued saying: We decided that looks for one group of reliable partners, opens the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure together, so long as is not the Maoshan Faction obtains the buried treasure, anybody obtains the buried treasure.” Hears the witch nine words, following person specially excited. Although they had not obtained buried treasure now, but hears the witch nine words, they all felt one must obtain the buried treasure. Witch is the Witchcraft Sect common surname, only then the most direct line disciple can be surnamed Wu, I also think that all direct line disciples all died in the previous war, has not thought that unexpectedly also has a direct line disciple.” Han Zifeng hears witch nine this names time stares slightly. So long as any Witchcraft Sect person hears surnamed Wu, that will be surprised, because in their hearts, only then surnamed Wu will be the genuine direct line disciple. Senior Brother, he is a swindler, he radically is not the witch nine, I know the witch nine.” Zhong Chuhong said suddenly. Swindlers!

Hears this glossary time, the surrounding several people also simultaneously look to Zhong Chuhong. Swindler, some people said that you is a swindler!” The surrounding some people shout immediately. Hears swindler these two characters, middle that said that the witch nine person complexions slightly change, but the day is too black, nobody notes: Snort, any person does not know the life, unexpectedly dares saying that I am a swindler.” I said!” Xia Tian said directly that afterward he brought people stand forth, the crowd to resign a channel directly automatically. Saw that Xia Tian they have five people, moreover dares to walk directly, that witch nine eyebrow Vung Tau is a wrinkle: „Who are you? Why saying that I am fake.” Why did you say you real?” Xia Tian asked. Snort, I naturally, I am the Witchcraft Sect person, moreover I am the direct line disciple, I was naturally surnamed Wu.” That witch 90 points of proud saying, he is one bites to death this view, nobody can show that in any case he is fake. „, I added I am the Witchcraft Sect ancestor passes on the disciple.” Xia Tian said directly. You.” Witches nine angry looks at Xia Tian, afterward the right hand wields instantaneously, the ghost fires into Xia Tian together directly. Bang! A fist!

The ghost is almost cannot see with the naked eye, especially in black day, but Xia Tian unexpectedly only used a fist to knock down that ghost, then his right hand directly grasped on the neck of ghost: Child peak, turned over to you.” Thanks the Boss.” Han Zifeng excited saying, he can look, this ghost after the big ghost of meticulous care, this ghost usually wants to subdue is absolutely not possible, but Xia Tian does not know that now with any method, unexpectedly directly the ghost knocking down, ghost unexpectedly will have fainted, this simply was too inconceivable. Therefore this ghost now already not any revolt ability, whatever he subdues. Anything!” Witch nine whole faces inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, his first time saw that some people cope with the ghost with the fist directly, this also too legend, but has not waited for him to end surprisedly, he discovered that his ghost has broken away from own control: You have quickly put my treasure, otherwise.” Otherwise how?” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks to the witch nine: I like your this not being able to get used to seeing I not being able to kill my appearance.” You.” The witch nine behind that several people have all stood, looks angrily at Xia Tian, meaning that prepares to get rid of greatly at any time. You , if well, that must.” Xia Tian looked that said to that person. On, gives me on together, kills him, I want him dead!” Witch nine angry shouting, his behind these under together attacked to Xia Tian, the surrounding person made way automatically a piece of space. They now are not the witch nine subordinates, therefore does not need nine to work oneself to death for the witch, moreover Xia Tian and the others looked that is not affable. The witch nine behind these people also all are the Witchcraft Sect people, they use the ghost to kill together to Xia Tian, this ghost is mammoth, even has made incomparably gloomy terrifying sound, although the surrounding person cannot see. However they can hear the ghost who that absorbs the person heart and soul to call.