Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 866
Senior Brother, that is a water monster, how they massacre?” They used certainly any mean method to draw onto the shore the water monster, then set up the trap to make the water monster step on, you have not seen the water monster to be in the ashore.” Right, definitely is this, is Senior Brother is fierce, saw through.” That is natural, although does not know that is any water monster, but the water monster from top to bottom is the treasure, after we one will kill them, the water monster turned over to us, after going back, no one permitted to tell Master, I naturally cannot treat unjustly you, otherwise made Master know, your wool could not obtain.” Listens to Senior Brother.” At this time in a mountain corner, a patrol leader in Maoshan is hiding there. They also just arrived here, they see the following situation, was hiding of cautious and solemn, in their opinion, these people just fought over a water monster, all people definitely had the wound. They one so long as got down the sneak attack on the line. The Tianchi water monster, very terrifying existence in their these person of eyes, the person physical quality of Maoshan was not good, they heard before that Expert of Maoshan, was torn into shreds by the Tianchi water monster all of a sudden. Therefore their has shadow at heart. Because the Tianchi water monster is invincible, even if some people can defeat, that definitely was one startled received very serious wound. After one hour! Senior Brother, we begin, or they the meat eating.” Em, all people follow, gets down to me to use the ability that oneself look after the house, can use anything with anything, if who dares to keep the hand, I will make him attractive.” That Senior Brother order said. At this time under mountain!

Body is sore.” Xia Tian can sit reluctantly, this restoration compared with quickly, should be related with the blood of coccyx beast before restored. Your anomaly, does not know how really you accomplish.” Stole the day to look at a that coccyx beast to look at Xia Tian saying that at the weight of coccyx beast, in adding on it the resistance of strength and water in water. That is 4000 jin (0.5 kg) strength, this is not you can move 4000 jin (0.5 kg) to accomplish, but is needs to throw 4000 jin (0.5 kg) thing to be good, that most at least must be able to move over 6000 jin (0.5 kg) strengths to be able the coccyx beast to throw from the water. Xia Tian now is just the Profound Grade late stage strength, but his unexpectedly has achieved, although he has used any big unique skill finally probably, but this big unique skill was also too abnormal. Even if there is side effect , the abnormal letting person feels fearfully. Some people came!” Steals the day not to gain ground, saying slowly. Is the person in Maoshan, kills clean, do not smear their clothes, I also use!” Xia Tian light saying. Good, but my not your type the technique of striking the corona ghost!” Steals the day to say. Did not miss these, killed says again.” Xia Tian wants to teach to steal day, he cannot study, he also does not have the X-Ray Vision eye, is impossible to look for the accurate position, even if were he has used that leaf of Han Zifeng, can see the ghost, he could not find the corona hole position. That leaf of Han Zifeng is Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan sends the unique thing, this type of thing manufactures not to be troublesome, is the need material is a little expensive, but before Han Zifeng comes to here, has prepared. He also apportioned the leaf has stolen day part, Xia Tian has not wanted, because he had the X-Ray Vision eye, the Great General does not need. „Did everybody prepare? Starts to sneak attack!” That Senior Brother shouts loudly. As he shouted that he and behind nine people together flushed. Wait / Etc.!” Steals the day to shout suddenly.

His and so on opposite party shouted directly was shocked: „Do you want to do?” I said that you can specialized point, are you sneak attack, what meaning the sneak attack are understand? Suspicious comes out to attack us, but is not such on a grand scale shouted that directly clashes, can you a little professionalism.” Steals day very discontented saying, he felt that the opposite party this is insulting his IQ. On the mouth shouted the sneak attack, but flushed. This is insulting him simply. Did this call the sneak attack? The sneak attack has such flagrantly sneak attacks? „Does volume, sneak attack is not unexpectedly?” That Senior Brother stares slightly. „Did your this call unexpectedly? From my also more than 50 meters, loudly shouted that I am silly, 50 meters away could not be ready, goes back, comes again!” Steals day angry shouting. „!” That Senior Brother was stolen the day to shout hoodwinks, said that must walk. „It is not right, Senior Brother, why do we want to listen his?” Right, why do we want to listen his?” That Senior Brother also responded, a face angry looks to steal the day: You died to being imminent unexpectedly have also dared to play me, gave me on together, killed him.” Steals day helpless shaking the head. Afterward rushed directly. 20 seconds, the fight ended.

Without the fight of any suspense. Moreover everyone is refuses stubbornly to see the blood, the clothes are very clean. Boss, can eat, the meat of Tianchi water monster ate the later strength also to increase much, I estimated that can also reduce your pain.” Han Zifeng took biggest one of the roasting to give Xia Tian. Xia Tian has eaten directly in gulps, saw Xia Tian eats is so fragrant, Great General walked, took up the meat on rack to start to eat. You look like the person more and more.” Xia Tian looks the appearance that Great General said. The Great General in the coffin does not know how long has lain down, in that secret room also does not have the material object, his these many years have not eaten the thing, he has not starved to death, in other words he does not need to eat food. However he always likes studying Xia Tian, Xia Tian drinks he to drink, Xia Tian eats the thing he also to eat the thing. On the other hand, the Great General feared probably very much meteor tears strength, the meteor tears have been very mysterious, has rescued my life, but after why I use the blood group change the body, it does not help me repair, if after I use changes the body , the meteor tears to help me repair on own initiative, I was invincible.” Xia Tian sits there eats the meat, while is fantasizing. Quick everybody has been satiated with food and wine, the meat also remaining larger part of coccyx beast. Everybody changes the clothes with me, then we handle matters.” Xia Tian stands up saying that finished eating the meat of coccyx beast, his really recovered, moreover strength also in little is increasing. Boss, coccyx beast what to do?” Han Zifeng asked. Putting, is coming back to eat in the evening again.” Xia Tian threw to their one clothes, the Great General will not have traded, moreover his long too tall and strong, here he cannot put on, therefore Xia Tian can only give up. After all people all dressed, Xia Tian waved: Walks, does the misdemeanor.”