Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 867

Does the misdemeanor? Heard Xia Tian to say does the misdemeanor, everybody specially excited. Child peak, you and small red, you go to that side crossroad, the seasoned person hit, do not kill, expels on the line, must make them know that you are the Maoshan Faction, yes?” Xia Tian looked that said to Han Zifeng. Yes, with doesn't need to make Maoshan to send the symbol of branch?” Han Zifeng asked. Naturally must leave some traces.” Xia Tian said that looks to stealing day: „Front you go to that crossroad, the old rule, you understand.” This I like!” Steals the day excitedly smiles. Good, I follow the Great General together, you, have the danger to issue the warning carefully, after one hour, comes back to gather.” Xia Tian looked that said to their three. Em!” They nodded. Go ahead! Three groups of people all separated. Xia Tian makes the Great General follow in his following about 500 meters, should not be close, avoid this also exposed status. Walks the four directions, the road far away, water long, confused, a village another village.” The Xia Tian stride is walking forward, walks while sang, after on mainland, quick saw the person's shadow, Xia Tian very aggressive standing there: tai, this tree is I plants, this group is I opens, if wants this road, to leave behind the safe passage money.” The opposite came ten people, a temporary team that these ten people should afterward compose. Had many people early came, after these days, everybody understood, solely depended on several people are is impossible to find the buried treasure, even if had found, could not obtain.

Therefore they combined like this small team. Their these small teams have been investigating in the surroundings, can look find the buried treasure the first trail, they also harbor the fantasy to the buried treasure, thinks that here affirmation and more than one buried treasure, has certainly the small buried treasure. Originally they in little is seeking, but they bumped into one to take by force suddenly, what this taking by force was a person, a person must take by force their ten people. This was simply insane. Moreover excuse that this takes by force was also the earth falling dregs. „Was your boy insane? unexpectedly dares a person to take by force us.” These people as if when looking at idiot same looks at Xia Tian, when they see the Xia Tian clothes, stares. Because on the Xia Tian clothes writes Maoshan these two large characters. Person who Maoshan sends. They may know fierce of person of Maoshan Faction, moreover nearby this is the Maoshan sect, they do not believe the person who Maoshan sends will come out single-handedly, they think that periphery some people ambush certainly. Everybody was careful that some surroundings people ambush certainly.” These vigilant looks at the surroundings. Xia Tian left hand fork waist, the right hand gives a loud shout: Father is Maoshan Expert, if you do not hand over treasure and wealth, I have killed you.” These people looked in the surroundings, but had not discovered that has the ambush. Here has not ambushed, he certainly is an idiot!” Snort, a person also dares to take by force us, everybody on, kills him together.” That ten people said that has fired into Xia Tian directly.

Does not make a payment, I have killed you.” Xia Tian facial color one cold, appears in the front of these people instantaneously, afterward foot has kicked them directly, after these people were kicked exited, knows that bumped into Expert. Team that their this form temporarily, instantaneous scatters in a panic. All disappearing trace. Ran away, the team that their this types form temporarily is this, once bumps into the danger time, that runs away, running away that from the start does not turn head, encounters the danger to be also loyal, they were the head have the issue. After Xia Tian kicks them, has not pursued. After these people ran away, in a while once more gathered, although they know one did not have the spirit a moment ago very much escaped, but they did not say this issue. Everybody is good, can run away facing such Expert, it seems like that the people of our squad compare to have the development.” One of them's complacent saying. I was know a moment ago everybody can run away, therefore I first walked.” The person who first flees said. They each other have a tacit understanding. Was right, the people in Maoshan started to attack us, we must try to find a solution, what this bumping into was one, next time will bump into possibly were more.” One of them said. Truly so, we first draw back, I estimated that now here everywhere was the people in Maoshan, if were not our several strengths is good, is already sneak attacked by the person who these Maoshan sent successfully.” This, we draw back first, the person who Maoshan sends definitely incessantly attacked us, when the time comes some of our multi- set people, cope the person who these Maoshan sent.” Good, such decided.” After several people discussed that temporarily retreated to behind. Their several had studied a moment ago, this did not calculate to fear, but was strategic retreat.

After Xia Tian has expelled one wave, started to continue to go forward, among this he saw several groups of people, was given to expel by him, his sending was very simple, comes up to do directly but actually, to an opposite party oppression strength. Among this also bumps into several fiercely, but also by Xia Tian expelling. Well!” Was searching for Xia Tian unexpectedly to discover one team of people, this team of person enough more than 40 people, moreover this team of people not on road, but in a cave, if were not Xia Tian happen to hears the sound, he was unable to discover existence of this team of people. Xia Tian has dived quietly. „Does archaeologist, Witchcraft Sect, North Korean, such monster combination, they do here?” Xia Tian carefully looked, this hole is natural, but in actually made a connection by them. Hurry up, on super hot feeling meter showed that inside has the thermal energy.” Saying of North Korean coldly. shit, did not say that North Korea is very poor, how also to have playing of such high tech should, can discover including the stone following thing.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings say with emotion. Sir, we were accelerating, but this stone wall was too thick, the words that wants to make a connection with, at least also require the half-day time.” The front archaeologist awes looks at these North Koreans. Gives me again a bit faster, will give your money not to be short of you.” The North Koreans said. Originally this inside North Korean was spends to bribe these archaeologists, helping them carry on the archaeology and excavation here, this stone wall only then the archaeologist had the means excavation, otherwise, solely depended on these North Korean Expert, dug for ten days also to dig for half a month does not pass. Xia Tian felt that the time was also up, here should have the treasure, but he does not want to wait for these people to dig. Inside person is listening, you had been given to surround by me, quickly comes out to surrender, otherwise I must kill.”