Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 868
These people who is searching for the treasure hear outside one to drink suddenly greatly. What person?” Expert of that North Korea gives a loud shout. Inside person leave to me, I am Maoshan Expert.” Outside heard one to drink greatly. Hateful, is the person in Maoshan, we have not gone to look for their troubles, their unexpectedly also dares to walk.” That North Korean Expert angry saying: Walks, goes to have a look.” That North Korean Expert brings 20 North Korean Expert to walk toward outside directly. When they come out, saw Xia Tian is a person. How on a person?” That North Korean Expert doubts looked at Xia Tian: Makes your companion come out, did not need to hide.” Copes with you, but also has a need for others? I sufficed.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Courted death, gives me to abandon him.” That North Korean Expert was waving to that several people. Has fired into Xia Tian from the Xia Tian recent several people directly. Profound Grade Initial Stage, good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he has lifted his right hand, pounds down directly. Bang! Bang! Bang! That person by his one fist one, all was knocked directly down. What?” That North Korean Expert stares. Today you cannot all be inescapable, the people in our Maoshan started to hunt down you in all directions, your cannot be inescapable.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to that several North Korean Expert saying. That North Korean Expert has pushed side one person gently, afterward looks to Xia Tian: Snort, the Maoshan Faction, actually I must have a look at you to have anything but actually to be fierce.” That North Korean Expert goes ahead, the right hand congealing fist, hits directly to Xia Tian. Profound Grade late stage!” Xia Tian has not thought that in a such small team unexpectedly is Profound Grade Expert, moreover unexpectedly also has existence of Profound Grade late stage: Cannot win is too quick, otherwise was false.”

Xia Tian knows once one project on him fast, he will certainly guess correctly one are puts them to walk intentionally. Therefore Xia Tian and that North Korean Expert hitting slowly, although he has been suppressing that North Korean Expert, the appearance that but he pretends with, that North Korean Expert does not dare to have slight relaxation. At this moment, inside archaeology team and Witchcraft Sect person was all taken away by his person. „To run away?” Xia Tian disguises to pursue intentionally. Jin camouflages! Bang! One group of green smoke brave, Xia Tian has not gone to pursue. shit, this is any nonsense Jin camouflages, clearly is Island Country Ninjutsu adds on the hot pepper water.” Xia Tian slowly opens own both eyes. He had not planned from the start pursues. Saw that these people ran away, Xia Tian walks toward the cave directly: They said a moment ago this inside has the treasure, I dig to look.” ! In the Xia Tian right hand golden light flashes dodges. Five minutes. Xia Tian has closely only used for five minutes, front started out large hole. He has anchored the movement in hand, because he saw the life sign that North Korean said was actually any thing, the insect, was insect of a mosaic in stone wall, this insect unexpectedly survived in stone wall. Actually is this what thing?” Xia Tian careful sized up that insect, although said is the insect, however its appearance absolutely was not the insect, but the length was similar to the insect. Xia Tian opens the X-Ray Vision eye, wants carefully studies, finally discovered that this kid is more like the dragon in legend, but is not the insect, but this dragon perhaps also long was too small.

Only then less than finger one-third lengths. Ok, receives first this kid.” Xia Tian looked for a small glass vessel, then cautious and solemn admits in the insect the vessel, when Xia Tian gets up insect that wall shook shaking. Rumbling! The wall shook shaking once more, Xia Tian also thought a moment ago is the misconception, but this time understood, is not the misconception, is the wall is rocking. „It is not good!” The Xia Tian complexion changes, afterward runs directly to outside! Bang! The cave starts to cave, afterward surrounding stone wall also starts to cave. Flickers the body technique! Xia Tian flickers the body technique, fled that range directly, afterward he directly to returning to run following the track, that region thorough collapse that he was at a moment ago, collapse from now on crushed stone has all fallen into Tianchi. ! A giant roar spreads from Tianchi. „It is not good.” Xia Tian hears the time complexion of this roar changes, because this roar was really too big, although the beforehand coccyx beast has also exuded the roar, but the roar and this roar of coccyx beast compared to feel dwarfed simply. Nearby waters start to seethe with excitement. ! Roars spread from Tianchi, these roars were towed probably by a moment ago that [say / way], afterward on the water surface presents a giant vortex, moment that the vortex presents! The ground in entire Changbai Mountains rocks.

These people who at this time in Changbai Mountains travels heard these roars. Water monster, is the Tianchi water monster, the sound is the Tianchi water monster sends certainly out, originally Changbai Mountains have the Tianchi water monster.” A bit faster puts out the camera, perhaps when the Tianchi water monster appeared, I must make the picture of Tianchi water monster.” Good, has not thought that some of my also opportunities see the Tianchi water monster, goes back later to be able well blew with everybody.” These people that in Changbai Mountains travels very excited, they heard these roars, they believe that such big roar is not certainly artificial, because this roar enough has spread over the entire Changbai Mountains. At this time these Witchcraft Sect disciples in Changbai Mountains region, complexion big changes. Some people alarmed deep pond water monster.” In Maoshan, all Maoshan disciples have all burst with joy, the entire Maoshan all moved, suddenly, all Expert of Maoshan all stand near Tianchi, positive protector also comes. Deep pond water monster, some unexpectedly people have alarmed the deep pond water monster!” Protector the vision to look positive to the water surface, the place that although the deep pond water monster sets out is not their here, but their front basin are also rippling the ripple. Protector the Sir, is branch there.” Expert of famous family main rank said. Subpoenaed to the person of branch, immediately leaves the branch, was quick.” Yang Hufa said hurriedly. Yes!” That famous family lord gets down the arrangement. Deep pond water monster, 50 years had not appeared, were actually whose unexpectedly have angered the deep pond water monster.” The vision that protector positive looked that said to distant place. This time Xia Tian fled from there, when he returns to the beforehand position, he discovered that a water monster draws in the corpse of coccyx beast the water directly, before Xia Tian has not caught up, because several water monsters are nibbling the half body of coccyx beast at this time together. Actually what happened?”