Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 869

Boss.” Han Zifeng and stole the day their two teams also to come back. Actually now is what situation?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Han Zifeng. Boss, we leaves this first, some people have alarmed the deep pond water monster, now does not walk one to be able without enough time.” Han Zifeng said hurriedly. Good, received exchange oneself clothes, then first leaves this.” Xia Tian nodded. They have changed quickly their clothes, after changing the clothes, Xia Tian takes the lead to walk toward outside directly: Child peak, this what's the matter? What is the deep pond water monster?” Now this situation some people provoke the deep pond water monster, generally, wants to alarm the deep pond water monster is impossible, the previous deep pond water monster comes out is the 50 years ago matters, it is said that Maoshan and Witchcraft Sect all lose the serious, deep pond water monster live in the water monster under pool, in Tianchi, when the water monster in deep water is the strength excel, lives in the water monster of deep water, we on calling them for deep pond water monster, the deep pond water monster cry periphery water monster all will tow to come out, on these water monster can now in all directions. Scurries about.” Han Zifeng answered. Actually was that who has annoyed the deep pond water monster?” Xia Tian asked again. This I am not clear, but wants to annoy the deep pond water monster itself not to have is so simple, after all after you launched, you have not possibly seen the deep pond water monster by the shallow pond killing, but from this sudden situation, some people took the thing of deep pond water monster a moment ago.” Before Han Zifeng, has read the ancient book, the deep pond water monster can the violent anger reason, only then, some that people took its thing, the previous deep pond water monster violent anger is because the Maoshan old ancestors took the submarine treasure. Originally is this, was right, nearby this can evacuate?” Xia Tian has not raised the matter of deep pond water monster again, because he has thought a thing, is that small insect, he just took that small insect time, that cave started to shake, after he carried off the small insect, the cave collapsed, the voice of deep pond water monster has also conveyed, therefore had the possibility deep pond water monster is because that small insect erupted. Thinks of here, he thinks that small insect possibly was the treasure. Must leave, the people of Maoshan Branch must leave, only if the Maoshan old ancestors in that otherwise their people can live several not to be uncertain.” Han Zifeng answered. Good, we walk, saw that the person shouted, the Maoshan Faction starts to kill people.” Xia Tian nodded. Your also bad really Ah! steals the day to show a faint smile.

Xia Tian and the others went ahead, they do not dare to stay. At this time Maoshan Branch! A bit faster walks, any thing do not take, quickly returns to the headquarters, here Tianchi will certainly have the big turbulence.” Being responsible for of branch is Expert of gate main rank, after he receives the order, directly made one to leave. At this time the people of Maoshan Branch all send out, enormous and powerful more than 500 people. In Changbai Mountains. Fellow tourists paid attention, asking everybody to evacuate rapidly, to the safe place, the sound that you heard a moment ago is not the Tianchi water monster, but was the sound of volcanic eruption.” The sound of broadcast reaches in the ears of all people. Why? We have spent, why you said that asks us to leave, we walk.” Is, but also deceived us saying that was the volcanic eruption, Changbai Mountains here was the dormant volcano, before you we came, hasn't checked the material is?” We do not walk, we must think the Tianchi water monster.” These tourists have made discontented sound, they do not believe that any volcanic eruption, will not walk, can see the Tianchi water monster with great difficulty, how they possibly go ahead. Maoshan started to kill people, they started to sweep greatly, saw that the person killed!” After Xia Tian they see the crowd, starts to shout loudly, then continues to forward.

Hateful, these people in Maoshan have gone too far, we spelled!” Is, the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure is not their family, why the people in Maoshan must pursue us, spelled.” I do not believe these people in Maoshan all am superhuman do not fear death.” The increasing number of people started angrily . Moreover the person of here odd dealer were many, person many first on strong courage, moreover everybody also understands, if they chose to run away, then Maoshan on successful pursued them, tomorrow was in August 15, now was pursued, the buried treasure did not have any to relate with them. Everybody do not fear that we are North Korean Expert, everybody counter-attacks with us together, to person lessons of these Maoshan.” North Korean Expert overwhelms with numerical strength, solely here has more than 200 North Korean Expert . Moreover the uniform Profound Grade strength, more than 200 Profound Grade Expert, this places the China words, enough turned into a super influence. But this merely is North Korea this time comes here few people. Thus it can be seen North Korea for this time Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, actually has spent the big thoughts. Heard that has North Korean Expert to lead, these people have burst all of a sudden with joy, built up 500-600 people of teams instantaneously . Moreover the following person looked that lively also all followed. People in Maoshan escaping on a large scale, but they discovered that the only road was blocked. Boils to me, otherwise father extinguished you!” Gate main angry saying of leading, he worried now, therefore he wants to threaten this group of people with the words, in this group of people are mob, so long as he frightens, that all drew back. But he discovered that his these words, the person of opposite party probably became angrier.

Has spelled, everybody has spelled with them, words that we do not put together, they will not let off our.” The crowd burst with joy all of a sudden, then they flushed away to the people in Maoshan together. The gate of that Maoshan main frightening to be shocked by such imposing manner, his original manuscript thinks own these many people frightened the opposite party, the opposite party have definitely dispersed, but opposite party unexpectedly erupted directly. Shows the special skill to me, they are just one crowd of mob, so long as were attacked to disperse.” That famous family main shouts loudly, at the same time he has emitted the ghost directly. His ghost has seven, moreover is big, air/Qi of very Berserk above evil spirit. The flash, to was ripped by his ghost in the forefront person crushes, at the same time his behind Maoshan disciple also instantaneously emits the ghost. Over a thousand ghosts send out together, that scene, is very terrorist. Moreover the ghost more than one, the surrounding air changed cold. These ghosts plunged the enormous and powerful crowd instantaneously, has saying that people in Maoshan more than one, fought that imposing manner to be fearful. Child peak, small red, you send today.” Xia Tian excited looks at these ghosts.