Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 870

The Maoshan Faction fights in groups that is quite good. The people have not waited for the past, a ghost of important goods has overrun, a dense piece, usually several ghosts move, cannot see, but these many ghosts together rush ahead now. All can see. Imposing manner! Both armies battle, main is the imposing manner. The imposing manner that at this time Maoshan sends absolutely is 100%, but the opposite party imposing manner was 70%, now saw this dense piece of ghost, the imposing manner of opposite party falls all of a sudden 50%. The fight that Maoshan sends is this, the words that the association attacks, strove to excel the ordinary attack on were too more, was only the flash, they occupied the initiative. However these North Koreans are also skilled people, moreover they also fight with the Maoshan Faction have returned, therefore like behind these people, did not see that these many ghosts turned into the headless fly all of a sudden. Does not know how should deal. Everybody defends, the might of ghost is not big, but you, if forgets to defend, that died.” North Korean Expert shouts loudly. These North Korean Expert strengths are also very terrifying. They not only do not fear these ghosts, but also has fired into these ghosts directly. Hears North Korean Expert words, although these people a little do not adapt, but started to revolt, they also understand, if not revolt, that was really the dead end. These North Korean Expert have few people to shield, moreover few people have fired into the person in Maoshan directly, they know, person body not formidable of Maoshan, so long as near body attack, can rout the person in Maoshan. Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, behind Maoshan presented the huge sound, afterward 50 corpses walked from behind, these 50 corpses kept off before the body of Maoshan Expert directly. The people in Maoshan also know that their body intensity is not good, they may not have prepared how. Boss, here topography is narrow, the people in Maoshan attack majority of can the long range leave the attack, therefore they have very big superiority.” Han Zifeng said. Cannot let winning of Maoshan, otherwise the imposing manner of allied armies was lower, meets on us, so long as has defeated the person in Maoshan, after this allied armies, saw that the people in Maoshan will not fear, they will have an misconception, thinks that the people in Maoshan are also mediocre, when the time comes the person are getting more and more, can contend with Maoshan truly, we only needed to benefit as the third party in a dispute are OK.” Xia Tian said that looks to Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong: You directly absorbed have used a little energy, met our three to help your cell phone ghost, you received the first ghost in behind, from now on will find a place to absorb.” Good!” Zhong Chuhong's excited nod of Han Zifeng. But here over a thousand ghosts, moreover there is a ghost of that gate main rank. Walks, we mix to kill.” Xia Tian said that they flush away to front directly. The Xia Tian speed is fast, his both hands silver needle, fast direction of fire these ghosts, then throw the ghost to Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong, here fight now is chaotic, basic notes Xia Tian on nobody they. Steals day and the Great General is also very fierce, after they attack the ghost, throws the ghost to Xia Tian, just started Xia Tian also to grasp, afterward he discovered that the Great General and stole the day the speed simply is too quick, he did not have the opportunity to get rid personally. The present procedure is, after Great General and steals the day has stressed the ghost, throws to Xia Tian directly, after Xia Tian strikes faints, throws to Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong. Well!” At this moment Xia Tian suddenly discovered. Technique unexpectedly of Great General is seizing dragon who he innovates . Moreover the Great General studies, unexpectedly also only uses the left hand, five fingers are divided into three, moreover stresses one, Xia Tian had already discovered that the Great General likes studying him. But he has not thought that Great General unexpectedly seized dragon to learn continually, seized dragon is not the technique likely on the line, moreover needed the body coordinated with the assistance of Inner Strength, what was main was the finger of Xia Tian uses Finger of Consonance Inner Strength, therefore might such big. The Great General is but different, his strength was very big, moreover each time he studies Xia Tian to study looks like very much.

shit, the corpse meets the martial arts, no one can block.” Xia Tian says with emotion. At this time the process stole day and the effort of Great General, the pressure of allied armies already getting smaller. In Maoshan armies. „It is not good, in opposite team hid Expert.” A that gate main brow wrinkle: All people to me use the thing that can use, must repel the opposite party.” The gate of Maoshan main discovered finally situation is not right, hurried that their this walking, the thing of body belt are not many, only brought some things of self-defense, they have not thought that some unexpectedly people dare to challenge them face to face. In their hearts, even if sees these people, they wanted a speech, can run away in fear the opposite party. But they have not thought that these people who today bumps into probably are went crazy to be the same, not only has not run away in fear, instead provoking. Grinning with ear to ear that Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong smile now. Their today's harvests, whose that may really not have, many does not make sense, the ghosts of more than 500 Maoshan disciple meticulous cares, unexpectedly became their tonics. Great General, you actually gave me to break corpse big of opposite party, then opposite that Earth Grade Expert will kill to me.” Xia Tian looked that said to the Great General, the present war is unstable, because the opposite party has the corpse brigade, moreover there is that Earth Grade Expert. Earth Grade Expert that Maoshan sends is very terrifying, if not kill him, he can kill people continuously, he gets rid to kill several people each time. The Great General hears the Xia Tian words, moved directly, his speed is fast, overran from the crowd cathetus directly, any obstructs the road, no matter, all hits to fly, although he is the corpse, but he knows between two points the straight line to be shortest this truth. Therefore he such rushing of stiffly. Who, crushed to death me.”

shit, sharply is dying, killed me.” Insane? Now toward retreat, some unexpectedly also people forward clashes.” Surroundings these were hit the person who flies and pushes by the Great General, is the unusual disaffection, but the Great General will not respond them, has fired into the opposite corpse group directly, these North Korean Expert at this time with corpse group war. Suddenly the person's shadow has fired into their side together. Bang! Bang! As several fight with the fists, corpse in a straight line was hit to fly, these North Korean Expert dodge hurriedly, they may be afraid are injured accidentally. Bang! Great General, does not hide completely does not dodge, whatever the attacks of these natives of Maoshan hit on his body. Seizes dragon! At this moment the left hand of Great General exhibited has seized the stance of dragon, then Xia Tian and front these people all saw inconceivable one.